Asymmetrical haircuts. Best haircuts for short and long hair


If a woman in need of a fresh wind of change,which will contribute to the emergence of something new in her life, she writes to the hairdresser. But there is often a new problem: what to do this with my hair, so it is not only in line with current fashion trends, but also would change the way the better. One of the best outputs may be asymmetrical haircut, located at the peak of popularity in 2014

Who should pay attention to the asymmetrical haircut?

Best short asymmetrical haircut

Perhaps the man who would not have walkedasymmetrical haircut, simply does not exist. Given such a variety of hairstyles provide fashion magazines, find the option for the soul is not difficult. Yet, there are several factors that need to be guided in choosing a future haircut.

First of all, asymmetrical hairstyle canbe graphically and can be careless. What to prefer - a matter of taste, and the desired result. In the first case, the facial features are visually sharper image added rigor. In the second - on the contrary, the look is softened, acquired spirited or romantic notes, depending on the installation.

Asymmetrical haircuts on short hair more oftenall belong to the category of model. They are recommended for girls with oval or rectangular face shape. Particularly impressive look with pronounced cheekbones and a long neck that this hairstyle will emphasize even more.

Asymmetric Strizhkin average volosysposobnypull round face or smooth triangular. They may divert attention from severe chin. In addition, many ways of stacking such visually hairstyles tend to add volume and density of hair.

Best short asymmetrical haircut

Best short asymmetrical haircut

In the case of short hair, do not reach theshoulders, the most stylish option in 2014 g.mozhno called bob hairstyle. Photo asymmetrical haircuts of this type appear in glossy magazines more often. It is an ideal solution for those who are not afraid to stand out.

The longest strands in such stacking is hardlyreach the chin, and usually end up short at the base of the neck. In the classic version in this case and ends, but asymmetric version suggests a few ideas:

  • Bob with an oblique parting. Here, the main mass of hair with one hand concerns the chin and on the other - are often cut off at the level of the ear lobe. It can be supplemented with a bang, turning into the longest strands.
  • Bob with a central parting, different lengths of the side locks and bangs beveled.

The beauty of this hairstyle is primarily in the factit looks good and on the straights, and curly hair. Perfectly hides the lack of density, or, on the contrary, its excess. In this case, the barber Mills ends.

The brighter is pronounced difference in the length of the sidecurls, the more daring, and become a stylish image. The most stylish hairstyle Buda with a difference in the "temple - the chin." If this shearing complemented perfectly stretched shiny hair with a clear cut, given its possessor assured.

asymmetrical Haircuts

Give flavor and a touch of shocking appearance as possible, highlighting few strands of shade for a couple of shades darker or lighter than the original hair color. You can put a contrasting color accent.

A more restrained version of haircuts bob- from templeto the earlobe, or from the zygomatic bone to the chin. With wavy hair is almost humdrum perfect hairstyle that does not require daily torment during installation. Hair comb enough and the presence of strong volume, a little smooth curls with your fingers, which suffered wax. Easy negligence here only plays into the hands.

Asymmetrical haircuts long hair

If the hair reaches his shoulders, shoulder blades or down even lower, they are called long. They also performed asymmetrical haircut. Selection options hairstyle in which case more.

Special extravagant, not afraidexperiments like the idea to change the length and shape of the top of a "cap" of hair. The lower mass remains intact, and its difference from the upper part becomes substantial. Cases when the difference is 20-25 cm. It looks spectacular preservation of geometric lines, which are at different levels, and intersecting each other.

Equally impressive is clean cut topmass in the form of a semicircle, the type of the asymmetric pod. This hairstyle is, of course, requires a daily styling and straightening strands. Otherwise, it may seem like just a bad creation novice hairdresser.

The original idea to throw photosfashion shows, where models with a total severity of hair and clean cut distracting side lock of greater length. Also, stylists use this selection locks color to a shade or two lighter osnovnogo.Interesnee just such a method looks at the curly hair to his shoulders.

asymmetrical Haircuts

The most often performed on long hairragged haircut, in which there is no symmetry. It is especially appreciated by young people for the effect of negligence, the surprised glances and no need to spend a lot of time on installation.

The essence of this hairstyle is cut strandsby Razor, which eliminates the possibility of a smooth edge and creates the effect of scraps curls. Often stylists emphasize, imposing glare contrasting color on the shorter strands.

Less shearing such that any of theHigh hairstyles will necessarily fall short individual ringlets. And besides, thin and sparse hair, it rarely looks advantageous. They recommended a more conventional "cascade": calibration mass of hair by stages, the transition between which most sglazhen.Eto almost the only asymmetrical haircut, performed during braid to her waist. Complements it can mown fringe, which edge is lost in the mass. This method is perfect round face and with the high forehead, as visually conceals hairstyle and upper surpluses and side.

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Tips for hair after a haircut

Any haircut requires a review of carehair and daily styling. Not what hairstyle is able to boast that it is enough to maintain the comb in the morning locks. In the case of asymmetrical haircuts in the course can go as soon as brushing, and a whole hairdresser artillery.

asymmetrical Haircuts

Women with shiny straight from naturehair, do not seek at every opportunity to lose an attractive appearance, definitely lucky. With them no problems arise: smooth with a brush in the morning, sprinkle with moisturizing serum if necessary ... But there are very few lucky.

For those with curly hair, or just pushatsyaunknown world take shape at any time of the day, you need a whole set of devices. It includes: hair dryer, round brush, brushing, hair iron, serum, wax and mousse. Hair care is as follows:

  • A small amount of mousse is pounded in his hands, and is applied to the root zone. The amount should be adjusted to the hair is not purchased a dirty look. Lifting pryadibrashingom, dry them hairdryer.
  • Each lock is pulled through the hot plateironing. The tips must be processed by any of the means already mentioned: wax or serum. They need, like mousse, very slightly, to highlight the strands and straighten them.
  • Secure the final hairstyle recommended varnish any degree of fixation.

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The special charm of asymmetric haircuts thatalmost each can be considered unique by changing the angle of inclination, the number of unevenly cut hair mass and many others. nuances. The best option is born in the discussion with a qualified hair stylist who is already on the basis of the available data offer the most suitable for you versiyu.Strizhka must fit into your image. It was then that it can be safely described as not just a fashionable and perfect.

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