Bangs for round face


Choosing the right form of bangs able to hide any flaws imaginary or real, to emphasize the dignity and even create a mood. Bangs for round face should be visually reduce the cheeks and face to give an oval shape.

Anyway owners of a round face should opt only for those hairstyles, where the fringe is present. Hairstyle without bangs visually even more increases the circumference of the face.

There are some rules for determiningthe right kind of bangs, which will help to make a choice and pick up that suit you. And stylists offer a large enough selection of hairstyles with chёlkami that can help give a person an ideal form, makes this task easier. Therefore, spending just a little time to study tips, you easily will pick up for yourself is the best option.

Bangs for round face

Types chёlok for round face

  • One suitable types of bangs for a face shape is bang up to the middle of the forehead, but with such a bang basic hairstyle have to close your ears.
  • Another option, which is now one of the most fashionable, will be a long fringe, with a slight tapering. When placing a bang, you should be particularlycareful when using styling or your bangs just slipnetsya. It is best suited to create the effect of tapering balm and shampoo for silky hair.
  • No less relevant and will bang that gently falls down with the tips, made in the form of "pёryshek".

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Rules for the choice bangs for round face

Fringe at this face shape should not besingle-level, straight or too thick. Best of all, if it is mowed. If you are the owner with long hair combed back and slightly curly beautiful, you bang best beautifully clean or lay on its side, leaving a few loose ends.

The best option for round face will have a choice hairstyle with hair raised up, or layered hairstyle with side parting, closing the ears. Regardless shaped bangs hairstyle parted in the middle, a square, all kinds of quads bean, curly and voluminous hairstyles are best avoided.

If you have short hair, in any case notzachёsyvayte bangs to one side and do not make it too thick. Otherwise, you risk even more round their face shape. It is advisable to opt for a multi-layered air and haircuts with bangs.

Bangs for round face

Top - 8 species chёlok celebrities for round face

  1. One good option is a form of bangs, divided into two sides with slightly curly hair medium length.
  2. If you have long hair bangs should be removed under basic hair, pre-dividing it into two sides by parting slightly in the outgoing direction.
  3. Bangs with jagged edges lying in artistic disorder, will give your image of lightness and romance.
  4. For medium length hair with bangs suitable oblique cut, lightly laid on its side.
  5. It will look good long fringe, divided into two sides. Especially this form of actual bang for long hair or if you have decided to grow it to a certain length.
  6. One of the current options is now below the long bangs forehead, laid with the help of styling and is divided into strands.
  7. Bangs can be neatly put both sides onoblique parting. Then fix the whole hairstyle, giving it the shape of a perfectly smooth. This hairstyle is considered one of the most elegant and beautiful, and will be very relevant for business meetings.
  8. One of the popular options bangs for roundface and remains bang with ragged edges, consisting of several layers of different length. And if you give tips bangs a pointed shape with the gel, the more stylish and trendy image of this year will be very difficult to find.

Bangs for round face

Actual types of hairstyles with chёlkami for round face

  • One of the most relevant and appropriate hairstyles with bangs for round face is a haircut cascade. It will not only emphasize all the advantages of your face, but also lengthen it visually.
  • Haircuts with long hair slightly below the chin are now among the most fashionable at the owners of a round face. They help to perfectly hide the width of the cheekbones and focus on yourself.
  • Braided hair with a slightly curly bangs will give you a unique charm.
  • Pull-down fringe strands with different colors and high tail remains one of the variants of hairstyles, which has become quite popular recently.
  • If you chose the short haircut and thick chёlke, No matter what, then you desirable bangs combed slightly to the left (to the right).

If you have a slightly flattened chin and widecheekbones, your face shape is considered circular. Therefore, when choosing hairstyles always strive to make it helped smooth out excessive roundness of the face, giving it an oval shape visually. The most optimal option when choosing hairstyles for round faces owners will hairstyle with bangs. Lack bangs generally only emphasize the round shape of the face even more.

The best option remains a bangmulti-level, with asymmetrical tips, curly, with sharp tips of the hair or slightly crumbling around. After listening to the recommendations after reviewing all suitable types chёlok, you will be able to choose what is right for you easily. A properly chosen fringe will make you feel even more beautiful and desirable.

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