Bezammiachnoy hair dye. Health and beauty of colored curls!


Ammonia, which is part of most paintshair, bad. It thins the hair, disrupts their structure. With the passage of time lose their locks healthy. Many women find an excellent alternative bezammiachnoy paint. It has a milder effect on the hair.

Resistant paints, as a rule, turn dull hair into a mass, become brittle locks. Usually means composed of permanent present hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Last penetrates the top layer of hair, destroys it. This paint penetrates deeper and longer is not washed off. Hydrogen peroxide lightens natural pigment and allows the hair to disguise in a new color. It turns out that both of these components change the original structure and the color of our curls in order that we may get a different tone.

ammonia-free paints are harmless to hair. They are a completely different way. The explanation lies in the composition. Number of corrosive substances in it is minimal, the percentage of peroxide is very low. Staining is not at the expense of penetration inside hair, and due to enveloping. Coloring pigments remain on the surface of the curls. Besides them composed of many colors without ammonia there are nutrients. Many companies are added to vitamins, extracts, oils. Therefore, not only coloration occurs but also hair treatment.

Bezammiachnoy hair dye

We use bezammiachnoy hair dyesIt has its own characteristics. Absence of corrosive substances does not allow to be painted in a lighter tone. Therefore it is best to use these funds for coloring tone on tone or to give the hair a darker shade.

It is believed that the new paint bezammiachnoygeneration can lighten your hair. Remember that this is impossible! Hence the proposed agent, in fact, do not differ in composition from resistant paints. Ammonia therein replaced analogs having a similar effect. They also adversely affect the structure of the hair. The only difference - no noxious fumes.

Another plus is the paint without ammonia andthat after the flushing of the pigment in the hair, there is no clear border. Typically, the color coming off gradually over 4-6 weeks. Regrown roots in this rush is not very much in the eye. Hue changes smoothly from root to tip.

How to choose paint bezammiachnoy?

First, let's define what bezammiachnoy paints come in two flavors. Clarifying the paint, which were discussed above,called permanent substituting ammonia. Semi-permanent bezammiachnymi are in the truest sense of the word. They include the presence of mild oxidizing agent. This usually -2 1.5 percent.

In bezammiachnoy colors has its disadvantages.

Instability. The paint does not penetrate deep into the hair shaft, and imposes a new color to the existing pigment. Therefore tint is washed off quickly.

  1. Inability to paint the gray hair at homeconditions. This type of paint, indeed, can not cope with this problem. An exception is the staining dyes without ammonia in hairdressers. Masters added to them to secure the special gels.
  2. Inability to lighten. Absence of high ammonia content and peroxide leads to the fact that the clarifying several tones becomes practically impossible.
  3. Furthermore, these paints are usually considerablymore expensive than their stable counterparts. Semi-permanent means much more effectively in the hands of masters. Only with the help of a professional colorist can reach the desired shade.

How to dye your hair bezammiachnoy paint?

How to dye your hair bezammiachnoy paint?
  • Hair should be dry and not a very dirty. It helps to perpetuate the color pigments. On tresses should be foams, mousse or spray. Paint can react with the means for styling or fixing.
  • Further staining procedure is different fromstain-resistant paint. Means applied to the hair over the entire length and left for 30 min. under the cap. Then washed with water and shampoo. Apply on hair balm.

In some cases called bezammiachnymipaint hides the usual permanent. Therefore, you should carefully read the composition. The presence in the paint amines and sodium benzoate is that it is the same as that of ammonia hair dye.

Some hairdressers believe that bezammiachnoypaint can help improve the structure of the hair. She is not only beautiful, but also struggling with fragility and tarnish. Remember that before you buy you need to be sure to familiarize yourself with the paint composition. Amines and sodium benzoate in it, in fact, is an analogue of ammonia. This means that the hair will receive a portion of aggressive chemicals. This has a negative impact on their structure and appearance.

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