Brazilian hair straightening: reviews. The use of keratin straightening


Keratin hair straightening - sparing procedureunlike other. straightening methods. Moreover, the method makes it possible to strengthen the loose curls. It turns a double effect - improvement plus straightening.

Keratin hair straightening: Methodology

The negative impact of the environment, bad habits - all this becomes a cause of the loss of natural keratin in our skin, nails and hair. Their form becomes weakened.

When keratin treatment, the solute molecules penetrate into the hair structure, enriching them with the necessary elements, protecting it from any harmful effects. Curls are changing for the better, become more shiny and extremely smooth.

Brazilian hair straightening

Manufacturers offering compositions and meansfor straightening hair a lot. The procedure starts with straightening hair free of dust and sebum. Then, from a distance of 1 cm from the roots throughout their length keratinous applied special composition. Then the hair is dried with a hair dryer with a brush, not washing agents. Rounding out this procedure actually smoothing the hair intended for this special utjuzhkom. The entire procedure lasts about 3 hours.

In fact, keratin straightening hair - it is their intensive treatment, keratin saturation - that is, the protein from which our hair is made up almost 90 per cent

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Brazilian keratin hair straightening

Brazilian keratin straightening (CGT) - Not only well pacify unruly fluffy hair, but also make them healthy and incredibly shiny.

Why is it called the procedure "Brazilian keratin hair straightening"?

Brazilian hair straightening

As part of the keratin formula - uniquemedicinal plants from Brazil, as well as many active mineral components, chief among which is itself keratin - a substance that binds existing chemical bridges in the hair structure, and thereby restores its structure. Besides keratin straightening of the special composition also includes substances, preservatives compounds keratin and ensure their active thermal protection as well as protection from the harmful radiation.

CGT drug can be used even on verydamaged hair without any harm to them. Moreover, thanks to keratin and others. Plant components, the hair structure is restored. BKT does not contain any strong chemicals. Action special means so gentle that it can be used for colored hair. In fact, it can be used completely for all types of curls. The composition penetrates well into the hair, restoring them, and the top cover hair shafts with a protective film, preventing further damage.

What kind of substance - keratin?

Brazilian hair straightening: reviews

This kind of high-proteinamino acid called cystine. During the procedure, keratin straightening well envelops the hair and penetrates their rod, ensuring maximum protection. The preparations CGT - keratin - a "liquid form of our hair." Keratin molecule, due to its small size, and easily penetrates deeply into the hair cuticle, helping to improve its structure from the inside. In conjunction with the other. Active keratin substance gives hair strength, shine and elasticity. The substance for the preparation of the CGT take Zealander wool sheep, t. To. It is considered the most environmentally friendly.

Brazilian keratin hair straightening: reviews

  • Julia: I will share my impressions and results. After the summer vacation, I was ripe for hair care procedures and decided to combine it with keratin straightening. My hair was not dyed, the nature of the curly and tired from the sun, dry and thin at the tip. After the procedure, I did not recognize myself in the mirror! The result is stunning!
  • Xenia: Keratin Hair after personally I have become very soft and shiny. I began to dry them faster and easier to style. The hair is much longer stay clean, and it's very nice.
  • Leroy: I set the record for himself after keratin. Laying time reduced from the usual everyday for me 30 minutes to 5 minutes. I let myself sleep in.

Brazilian hair straightening: photo

Brazilian hair straightening: photo

Brazilian hair straightening: photo

Brazilian hair straightening: photo

Make obedient hair, shiny and strong will, such a procedure as keratin straightening volo. This method allows you to not only make the curls more attractive appearance, but also to strengthen them from the inside.

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