Causes of hair loss in women. Hair loss: treatment


Thick and beautiful hair - the dream of every girl. Unfortunately, boasting plush hair may not be a lot, because sometimes the fair sex, faced with the problem of hair loss.

Causes of hair loss in women most commonly associated with disturbances in theorganism. So do not hurry to run to the pharmacy for cosmetic products and consult a physician and trichologist. They will assign you the necessary tests and identify the real problem. The main diseases that can trigger hair loss are:

  1. Gastrointestinal diseases;
  2. intestinal dysbiosis;
  3. Diseases of the endocrine glands;
  4. Genital infections;
  5. Hormonal disruptions;
  6. Infectious diseases of the skin;
  7. Taking antibiotics.

Causes of hair loss in women

Identify the causes of baldness, the doctor will prescribe you a competent treatment.

  • Stress - is another common cause of hair lossamong women. The constant lack of sleep, physical and mental stress, wrong mode of the day, feelings and nervous shock - all this affects the health and condition of hair. The problem may manifest itself immediately, but after a few months, when you already forget about their problems.
  • A sharp change in temperature. If you often use a hot hair dryer, curling iron and sink marks, and even walk in the freezing cold without a hat - it can cause hair loss. Despite the fact that the thermal protection means you use, heat and cold air devices contribute to the deterioration of the health of hair. To avoid baldness, as little as possible, use thermal devices and wear a hat in cold weather.
  • Avitaminosis. When the body lacks vitamins, it affects the appearance. Therefore, do not forget to take special medications and try to stick to a balanced diet.
  • Diets - another reason that mayhair fall in women. If within a short period of time you dropped significantly in weight, which may not be reflected in your hair. After leaving fatty tissue, the body loses important fat-soluble vitamins and minerals necessary for health curls. So do not abuse unbalanced diets. The best way to lose weight under the supervision of a nutritionist, who can write a good diet. During the diet do not forget to drink vitamin complexes.
  • Pregnancy and the postpartum period. During pregnancy, the body sends a large amount of nutrients a child. After birth, a woman's hormonal changes occur, there is anemia and chronic fatigue, which affects the general condition and health of the hair.
  • Acquired forms of hair loss - developdue to prolonged stress strands. Such models hairstyles as afrokosichki, dreadlocks and extensions, perm, frequent coloring, tight tails, etc. can cause hair loss in women. In this case, it is necessary to immediately stop any impact on the locks and start a course of intensive rehabilitation.

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Hair loss: treatment

Hair loss: treatment

  • Coping with hair loss at home you will help ordinary yogurt orcurdled. Once a week, rub the product into the scalp, and after 30 min rinse with warm water. Dairy products are rich in vitamin B, which is necessary for growth and strengthen the hair.
  • Add 100 g of crushed leaves of burdock 1 tbsp. sunflower oil. Put the vehicle in a cool and dark place for a day. Then put on the fire and boil for 15 minutes. Strain the finished composition, and for 10 minutes before washing rub the oil into the skin of the head, after, wash in the usual way.
  • Mix vodka in equal proportions, bitterpepper and burdock. The prepared infusion is recommended to rub the head 1 time per week, leaving 2 hours, wrapped a towel. To enhance the effect, means rinse infusion of peppermint and nettle.
  • Mix until smooth 1 ch. L. olive oil, 2 tbsp. l. onion gruel, 1 egg yolk, 1 ch. l. honey and 1 hour. l. shampoo. Cooked weight to rub his head, put the bag and wrap a towel. After 2 hours, rinse with warm water gruel. The procedure is done on a daily basis to achieve the desired result.
  • Mix in equal proportions extractnettle, hops, hazel and celandine. Add 10 g of burdock, buckthorn, eucalyptus and rose oils. Also put 5 g of pollen. Before using cooked the balsam is recommended to wash your hair in the usual way. Then a little dry hair and slowly rub the skin with circular motions cooked medium.
  • As often as possible to massage the scalp. It contributes to the improvement of blood circulation, whereby the hair follicles to enter the necessary nutrients and vitamins. While shampooing massage your skin with your fingers and brush your hair before going to bed special massage comb.

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Hair loss - a real problem for women, which can and must be fought. If you have tried all the known means of treatment of baldness, but nothing helps, contact your doctor. Maybe, causes severe hair loss kroyatsya in any serious diseases.

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