Tone cream at home

Table of contents:

  1. Foundation
  2. Methods for making foundation with his own hands
  3. Preparation of the cream made from natural substances
  4. Production of cream-based blush
  5. Production of cream eyeshadow
  6. Preparation of the foundation powder

Every girl dreams of becoming the ownerperfect skin. Unfortunately, the glossy leather magazine cover is not found in nature. What about young girls? Everyone wants to be beautiful, but acne and inflammation on the face do not contribute.


Various creams

Various creams

Still, you can at least a little closer to the ideal. Here to help young beauties comes concealer.

The main properties of the cream:

  • Elimination of defects
  • Disguise pimples, acne, rash on the face
  • Protection against UV radiation
  • Creating an even skin tone
  • Livor

Today, cosmetic products market flooded with a variety of creams from various firms - manufacturers.

Note!However, the beneficial properties other than as part of a factory foundation has many harmful chemicals, dyes and preservatives.

It does not improve the skin condition.

Methods for making foundation with his own hands

Preparation of foundation

Preparation of foundation

An excellent alternative to the means of becoming well-known brands Cream, made with his own hands. Prepare a foundation at home is quite simple and the power of any girl.

Note!In contrast to the assets acquired in the store, at home no flaws cream. Its use for the skin several times higher than those of conventional tools.

So, how to make a foundation in the home? First, consider the basic ways of manufacturing:

  1. Cream with natural ingredients
  2. Cream blush
  3. Cream lotion
  4. Cream powder

The main property of any foundation -mask the shortcomings and align the skin tone. To achieve this, part of the funds necessary to add coloring element. In case of manufacturing a cream with his hands in the following materials are used as the coloring elements:

  • rouge
  • Eyeshadow
  • Face powder
  • Rice flour

Preparation of the cream made from natural substances

Tone Cream from natural substances

Tone Cream from natural substances

This type of cosmetic products is the safest and most beneficial for your skin.

Natural foundation consists of the following elements:

  • Oil or infusion of aloe vera (50 ml)
  • Jojoba oil (100 ml)
  • Soy wax (5 g)
  • Rice flour (5 g)

Prepare the cream:

  1. All ingredients should be mixed in a metal container.
  2. Give the resulting mixture infuse for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Put on low heat.
  4. With constant stirring, leave the vehicle on fire before the start of the boil.
  5. The finished solution is removed from the heat and allow to cool.
  6. Further, the mixture must be added 30 grams of rice flour.
  7. Mix the cream.

The thus obtained natural cream can be applied to the skin at any time.

The shelf life of the finished mixture - not more than 6 months.

Production of cream-based blush



Ingredients for the cream of manufacture:

  1. Baby Moisturizing Cream (10 g)
  2. Blush (5-10 g)

About blush:

  • it is recommended to obtain ideal proportionsuse the same amount of ingredients. However, the thus obtained color tone may be too rich. In this case, we recommend to carry out some experiments with the constituent elements of a cream and choose the most suitable for your particular skin ratio.
  • The shade of blush is selected depending on your skin.
  • If your skin is red and pinkish inflammation, take a blush warm yellow hues.
  • For light skin suit almost transparent beige blush.
  • Owners swarthy skin tones is recommended to use brick and sand shades.

Production of foundation:

  1. The specially trained agents for the vessel add the cream.
  2. Gradually mix into a small amount of cream blush.

Note!From the amount of rouge added depends on the saturation of the hue of the finished cream.

Production of cream eyeshadow



For the manufacture of home remedy following cosmetic products should be used:

  • Lotion for face ('10)
  • Eye shadow suitable shade (3-4 g)


  1. In a specially prepared container to mix a small amount of lotion and shades.
  2. Apply the mixture on your skin and check the resulting color. If he was too light, add to the mix a little shadow.

Ready cream is ready for use. Keep it may be in a few months in a dark and cool place.

Preparation of the foundation powder




  • Day Face Cream (10 g)
  • Powder (5 g)

Prepare the cream:

  1. On a flat plate should pour powder.
  2. Gradually add cream to it.
  3. Well stir the mixture with a brush for make-up or a wooden stick.

After the cream is ready, check its color. If the shade is too dark for you - add a little more cream. When a light shade of cream you need to add more powder.

Tone Cream homemade - a natural fit for the beauty and preserve your youthful skin.

Tone cream at home
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