How to choose cosmetics for moms

How to choose cosmetics for moms

Table of contents:

  1. New life - new needs
  2. What is required of a young mother

Every woman before becoming a mother asTypically, for a long time I use cosmetics that meet all of its needs and is ideally suited to your skin type. But subsequent pregnancy and childbirth make you think about the new means to care for themselves. The fact that, experiencing exciting stages of his life, changing not only the women, nursing mothers and cosmetics must meet a new special needs. Use should only be trusted cosmetics brand, thoroughly tested, high quality and sold in tested children's stores.

New life - new needs

Applying cream on her stomach

Applying cream on her stomach

Hormonal changes, toxicosis, stressoften change even the skin type. And what can we say about allergies? It is during pregnancy and immediately after most women started worsening, and allergies can occur as a reaction to the previously used and quite harmless means of caring. Moreover, many pediatricians are also firmly of the need to revise its cosmetics in this time period. Baby just born, it is very sensitive to everything, and no one knows how little the body can react to the various means used by his mother, because come first tactile contact with her baby. Feeding, bathing, lulling, games, petting - all it takes is the maximum time in the care of the child.

Naturally, these funds should bebuy good children's stores, such as children's store Ship, that specialize in products for children and their mothers, and offer a diverse selection of encouraging reasonable prices.

What is required of a young mother

Feeding babyFeeding baby

With the advent of yet another young family memberIt raises the question of special cosmetics and care facilities for mothers, such as special funds for personal hygiene, disposable panties, cream for stretch marks and so on.

Everyone knows that breast milk - the bestfood for the newly born child. No need to talk about its beneficial properties and advantages even to the best infant formula. However, the woman's breasts in the postpartum period is subject to adjustment and change, and that feeding took place as comfortable as possible, special tools have been developed for the chest pads, lining nipple, bras for nursing mothers. How to choose the right all this?

Cream against stretch marksCream against stretch marks

  1. Means for intimate hygiene should be chosen withspecial care, we are talking about the health of postpartum women, when all the organs and systems are restored. It has antibacterial properties and to be hypoallergenic.
  2. With regard to disposable panties, they must be made of cotton, which is breathable. Furthermore, they do not have seams and swift body.
  3. During this period, necessary sanitary napkins. Pay attention to their absorbency (because postpartum women copious). Give preference to products with natural, breathable surface and anti-allergy properties.
  4. Chest pads absorb milk thatmay leak during feeding or during a break in between feedings. They should have a smooth, well-absorbent surface with a layer of hypoallergenic and protect the breast from irritation. The main task of gaskets for chest - to prevent leakage of milk on the surface of the garment. They make good use of special bras for feeding.
  5. Breast may have flat or inverted nipples, insuch a case the child can not be breastfed in full. To the baby was comfortable, special linings are used for nipples. They are made of special latex or silicone materials. The advantages of their use include the normalization of lactation and reducing injury to the teats when feeding. Better to choose silicone. Covers of this material more delicate and subtle. In addition, it is important to correctly determine the size of the pad: it must be neither too large nor too small. Please note that during feeding nipple should be fully extended.
  6. Cream of stretch marks should have moisturizingeffect and contain vitamins, special attention should be paid to security. Look for the label on the package that the cream can be used during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Fortunately, today, thanks to the variety of products, it is easy for women to preserve youth, health and fine appearance even in the post-natal period.

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