How to store cosmetics

How to store cosmetics

Table of contents:

  1. Detergents for body
  2. Creams for the face, body
  3. Decorative cosmetics

Many of us neglect retention rulescosmetics. And for good reason. Spoiled with cosmetics released shelf life can seriously spoil the appearance, cause allergic reactions and other ailments. Lets you look at how to store cosmetics at home.Note!Before starting to use one or another cosmetic product, be sure to carefully read the instructions for its use.

Detergents for body

DrawerDrawerThey are generally stored in a bathroom, but in thisindoor humidity. Shampoos, shower gels should be kept tightly closed and in lockers. Liquid detergents stored for about two years, since their composition is already part of antibacterial agents. Shelf life for the body oil is roughly the same, but if it gets a drop of water, the high humidity and temperature, it can become rancid, so it should be put in a cool, dry place. And certainly in the bathroom is not a place of decorative cosmetics.

Creams for the face, body

Face creamFace creamThe most tightly closed containers for cream -tube. If you bought the cream in a jar, then take care that there is not penetrated bacteria. You can not completely remove the protective foil. This cosmetic product should be taken at least clean hands, preferably with sterile cotton pad, sticks. If pests still get in your cream, it can cause considerable damage to the skin, for example, cause irritation, inflammation. Keep the cream should be in a cool dry place.Note!If you use organic makeup, you can keep it in the refrigerator. By the way, there you can put the gels, eye rolls. Pencils for eyes and lips can be placed in the refrigerator for a short time if they are too melted from the heat. Other cosmetics when stored in the refrigerator, probably alter its properties.Do not forget to take into account the individual characteristics of each of you apply the cream, as our industry produces these drugs with a variety of ingredients: essential oils, Exotic extracts.

Decorative cosmetics

Decorative cosmeticsFoundation. This type of cream dries quickly. Therefore, purchase a smaller tube. He is prone to fading, it is necessary to store it in a dark place.FoundationFoundation Pencil. In its application do not forget to monitor the cleanliness of sharpeners. In other pests getting in lead products is inevitable.Powder, blush and shadow better to keep no more than 2 years. Devices for applying them to the face (applicators, brushes) must be thoroughly cleaned. If this is not done, then these funds will fall sebum, resulting in breaking their consistency. They are applied to a worse skin. If at this cosmetics appears white or yellow plaque, it should be thrown out immediately. shadow or rouge crumble - it's a sign that they evaporate from the silicone. Use these tools can be. When exposed to these cosmetic products to direct sunlight may their fading.MascaraMascaraMascara. Since it is often used every day, it is spoiled before other cosmetic products. In contact with air paint it gradually dries up. reanimate mascara can drop if a few dropsliquid eye makeup remover. However, be prepared for the fact that the ink will not be the same as before. Try to revive replace ink with a new as soon as possible.Lipstick. It stores about one and a half years. Signs that the lipstick goes down, folding her lips, bad breath, dry mouth after using it.Nail polishNail polishNail polish. The main drawback of this cosmetic product lies in its fast drying. To extend the useful life nail polish it should be stored in a cool place, but not inrefrigerator. Necessarily it is necessary to firmly tighten the cap. Do not forget from time to time, to remove dried paint residues with a lid with a special liquid. In addition, the varnish was shaken before use to properly move all the components. If there are metal balls, such nail polish will last longer inside. If it begins to thicken, it can be diluted, if you know how to do it. It added a few drops of special thinner, nail polish remover, or heated in hot vode.Ne forget our advice, and you will always remain beautiful and privlekatelnoy.Chitayte also:We select cosmetics for faceHow to choose a facial scrubWhat are parabens

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