New items beauty industry

New items beauty industry

QNET - largest direct sales company, andonline trading in Asia, working in the market since 1998. The QNET portfolio - more than 20 brands, from personal care lines to educational programs. The emphasis on the development of the company makes products designed to improve the quality of life: and the beauty's Skin products for the face and body, supplements, nutrition programs, tools for the house. Innovative products that the company sells, specially designed by leading laboratories around the world. QNET has attracted specialists from France, Germany and Switzerland for the development of reliable, technologically advanced and effective products.

QNET offers the best products in the following areas:

  • Personal hygiene and cosmetics
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Improvement and Energy
  • Tools for home
  • Luxury watches and jewelery
  • Holiday packages and travel club membership
  • Books and media projects for personal and career growth
  • telecommunication facilities
  • Training

One of the unique product lines CareIt is exclusively provided by QNET, - a series of face care for all skin types PHYSIO RADIANCE, suitable for both men and women.

Physio Radiance Replenish Pack

Physio Radiance Replenish Pack

Developed laboratory specialistsLaboratoires Robert Schwartz evolutionary formula for maximum skin rejuvenation is used in the composition of assets PHYSIO RADIANCE and contains the main active ingredient - otritsatelnyi? hydrogen ion (H-). Otritsatelnyi? hydrogen ion is known as shallow? Shii? an antioxidant in the world. Being much less than the nanotube, it is readily absorbed and reaches deep into the skin. Ion hydrogen Nei? Centralizes harmful recompense? Corollary free radicals that damage the body's cells. This allows you to effectively inhibit estestvennyi? the aging process. Otritsatelnyi? hydrogen ion is also dei? it exists as an activator of the energy in the skin cells. It provides free electrons to help generate cellular energy without becoming free radicals.


Another revolutionary product to care for themselves,presented by - the patented anti-bacterial gel Bio Silver22 with SilverSol Technology® technology. BioSilver22 Gel provides not only a thorough disinfection and sanitization of the hands and body, but also good? kozhei care? taking into account all the realities? sovremennoogo? life.

Brille Premium FamilyBrille Premium Family

The company's portfolio is represented by QNET Seriesprofessional oral care Brille Premium mouth, designed for integrated care. Brille system from the company QNET - a revolution in the care of Mr. semei dental health?. This brand new concept was created by British dentists and is intended to resolve any problems with the teeth of each family member: sensitive teeth or gums, anti-caries, teeth whitening, children's teeth. Brille Premium Series is made from natural ingredients and contains no harmful additives.

Couleurs Lipstick 17Couleurs Lipstick 17

The most beautiful beauty-products company QNETIt is considered to be a collection of decorative cosmetics Couleurs. This brand was created for those who like to experiment and seeks to emphasize their individuality. Credo Couleurs - diversity. The collection includes a wide palette of shades of lipsticks, eye shadow, blush and powder. Couleurs With makeup, you can create the perfect image, without the slightest difficulty and choose the color of the mood, character and tone of the skin. Cosmetics Couleurs - this quality and beauty without compromise!

Couleurs BlushCouleurs Blush

QNET buy the company's products can be electronically store (

The head office of the QNET, which is located in Hong Kong,It supports more than 25 representatives and agencies around the world, more than 50 stores, as well as localized and / or franchises. The company has offices in the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Georgia, India, Morocco, Tunisia, Vietnam and the Philippines. The Russian office was opened in 2014.

Currently, QNET is a member of the AssociationDirect Selling Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. QNET is also a member of the Hong Kong Association of healthy eating and the Singapore Association of manufacturers of food supplements and other organizations.

QNET active sponsor of sporting events around the world, including in

Formula 1, football, badminton, tennis and manyother sports, and this is due to the company's firm belief in the fact that like the sport, passion and teamwork reflects the philosophy of QNET. In 2014, QNET has signed a partnership with English football club Manchester City (MCFC) and is now the official partner of the direct sales of this famous club. And more recently, the first racket of the world in the past, tennis star Martina Hingis became the representative of the QNET brand in India.

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