New items Perfume 2016 for women

New items Perfume 2016 for women

The image of any woman can be considered incomplete,if it does not use perfume. Choosing the right toilet water can completely change the image of the lady, to tell about her character, tastes and preferences. Each fashion season shark perfume business offering shoppers new flavors. It can be updated as the flavors of yesteryear, as well as previously unreleased spirits. Understand the intricacies of fragrances should every woman, regardless of age. There are points that are worth paying attention. This review will tell women of fashion, what trends 2016 for women perfume worth considering and will help to orient in a variety of flavors.

Pleasures Florals

Pleasures Florals

Pleasures Florals (from fashion house Estee Lauder). It truly is different floral and sweet odor, thanks to the notes of mandarin, orange, marigold, honeysuckle, jasmine and water lines. Underlying all this white cedar, musk and amber. Estee Lauder gave his admirers fragrance, filled with light passing summer, the evening sunset. Suitable for girls and women absolutely any age, but the priority is still young beauty. On all sides round bottle «Pleasures Florals» resembles the unopened bud.

Very Irresistible L'Eau En RoseVery Irresistible L'Eau En Rose

Very Irresistible L'Eau En Rose (from fashion houseGivenchy). This fragrance is exalted to heaven, the oldest note which is used in perfumery - note roses. The fragrance is designed as a universal - any age, any situation will be brightened «Very Irresistible L'Eau En Rose». Do not think that these spirits too cloying. Base perfume - Muscat - making the composition light and airy, and blackberry trail emphasizes freshness. Groupie Givenchy necessarily come to the conclusion that the spirits are made in all traditions of the brand. Tall bottle emphasizes the greatness of roses, she focuses on her royal identity.


Bamboo (Gucci fashion house). One of the most fascinating scents of autumn-winter. It refers to the flower, but it is not very sugary. It contains the single notes of bergamot, orange blossom compound, ylang-ylang, lily, all skillfully matting vanilla. «Bamboo» suitable ladies who like social events and makeup Smoky eyes. Heavy, earthy bottle gives these spirits even more elegance and significance.


Si (from the fashion house Giorgio Armani). Due to the saturated cedar this fragrance can be considered fatal, and May rose and currants give it a romance. In general, the smell of wood-turned east and surprisingly persistent. «Si» - this evening choice self-confident woman who is not afraid to make important decisions. Officially belongs to chypre fragrances (because it is more suited to an evening dress), but «Si» more light and fresh. The bottle of this perfume is different rigor and simplicity of the lines, only the cap issue as sophisticated content contained within.

Black OpiumBlack Opium

Black Opium (from the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent). This fragrance - a modern interpretation of perfume «Opium» 1977. If a woman - the eternal rebel and likes to challenge society, the «Black Opium» is exactly what she needs. All the flavor of unbridled screams: invigorating notes of bitter coffee, pink pepper polished white jasmine, vanilla and orange blossom, and a bottle of dark glass with sparkles like the mafia came from the 20's. «Black Opium» lady gives any confidence, that this perfume can change her life forever. And there is no age barrier, so the flavor of the Yves Saint Laurent suit everyone.

Opium Rouge FatalOpium Rouge Fatal

However, the house Yves Saint Laurent is not limited torelease only "black variation" of the famous Opium. Later, he was released one more provocative fragrance Opium Rouge Fatal. It is the same vial recognizable only in red. Rather, it is the smell of winter, which is revealed in a special way in the cold. At the heart of the fragrance amber-oriental notes, vanilla and vetiver heard. The heart of the fragrance make jasmine, spicy clove and myrrh. Top notes - bergamot, mandarin, lily of the valley.

Jasmin Angelique Jasmin Angelique

Jasmin Angelique - old composition thatIt may well become a new fragrance brand memorable. As for the brand Cologne Absolue, it differs in that produces fragrances confident resistance and Jasmin Angelique no exception. The concentration of aromatic compounds is 18%. Jasmin Angelique envelop flavors shady garden. First of all you will hear Sicilian lemon, galbanum, notes of fig and jasmine. Adornment aroma became white amber and Siberian angelica. At the heart of the composition of Chinese pepper notes, incense and tonka bean.


Goldea from Bvlgari. The new fragrance introduced Isabeli Fontana - Brazilian supermodel. On the creation of the perfumer Alberto Morillas fragrance inspired gold and light. Opens composition blend of musk, orange blossom, sweet raspberry and sunny bergamot. At the heart of the composition sophisticated owner of musk fragrance hears chords, ylang and jasmine, special notes bring a velvety musk, amber, patchouli and Egyptian papyrus.

Cool Water Tender Sea RoseCool Water Tender Sea Rose

Cool Water Tender Sea Rose. Title fully reflects the flavor of its contents: this floral scent, which is at the same time is particularly fresh and light. Before the eyes and gets the image of bathing in the sea at the dawn of a beautiful woman. The first composition sounds fresh pink grapefruit notes. Then you hear a soft spicy accords of rose and jasmine. In addition, the composition comprises separate musk notes. In general, the aroma is intoxicating impressive and its expressiveness, suitable for romantic-minded persons.

Mimosa & Cardamon Mimosa & Cardamon

Mimosa & Cardamon Jo Malone. This unisex fragrance belongs to the eastern group, but at the same time it contains and European motifs, which is a rather daring, but a harmonious combination. It has a spicy, velvety-soft note, which gives cardamom and sweetish notes introduced by mimosa. All this fused together in a passionate composition titled Mimosa & Cardamon.

Cuir CannageCuir Cannage

Inspired by the brand's own leather bagsDior has created a new fragrance, which is based on the sound of leather flower. The composition is elegant enough and will compete with much loved perfume. The fragrance is woven from notes of fragrant white flowers, jasmine, ylang-ylang, leather and powdery chords with some splashes of orange, which together represent a rich sound.

La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe PetalesLa Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Petales

La Petite Robe Noire Ma Robe Petales. Collection of La Petite Robe Noire is replenished in 2016 fresh and invigorating scent of Eau Fraiche, developed by perfumer Thierry Wasser. The bottle, designed in a light shade of green, pistachio notes harmoniously support of the composition and herbal accords. At the same time there was a place for the floral notes of Bulgarian and Turkish rose, almond flower, freesia and jasmine. Please lovers of the aroma and citrus flavors, since the beginning of the sound flavor notes of mandarin, lemon and bergamot.


A novelty in 2016 is the flavor RiRi, whoHe announced the singer Rihanna. In general, the sound heard currant flavor and passion fruit notes, sandalwood and musk, pink freesia and vanilla. pink color composition comes in an elegant bottle with a cap in the form of a ball. It will please fans of floral and fruity aromas. New stands joyful, bright sound.

But not only should pay attention to newsin 2016. It is noteworthy as a perfume, issued in the "zero years", and the classic flavors in the new version. Let's say a few words about trendy fragrances in 2016.

Black OrchidBlack Orchid

Black Orchid (from fashion house Tom Ford). As it became clear from the names of basic note of this perfume - black orchid. Her deep, languid flavor complemented by numerous spices as sandalwood, dark chocolate, amber and vanilla, as well as the interlacing incense, patchouli and juicy mandarin. All this is enclosed in a bottle of black glass with an engraving of pure gold. Because such a large mixing heavy music «Black Orchid» is considered to be the scent for ladies of elegant age. However, many of the works from home Tom Ford focused on adult women. But if the young lady will love this perfume - nothing criminal in this no.

Chanel №19Chanel №19

Chanel number 19 (from Chanel fashion house). Aromas from the brand will never go out of fashion and the season 2016 is no exception. «Chanel № 19" went on sale back in 1970, but this floral perfume is a trend today. It belongs to chypre-wood. His paradox mixing heavy musk, cedar and oak moss notes easy iris, hyacinth and neroli while no one could beat. If a woman feels at the same time courageous and gentle, straight and fine, the «Chanel № 19" is the fragrance that will suit her. At the same time it can be used both during the day, during business meetings, and in the evening, during the social events. The aroma is enclosed in a standard and seemingly boring bottle of Chanel, but it says only its impeccable quality and love the fashion house to the same traditions!

Velvet WoodVelvet Wood

Velvet Wood (from the fashion house Dolce & Gabbana). Expressive aroma. It applies the category of wood-leather unisex and to the genre that is suitable for both men and women. He will remind fans of the flavor of black lacquered wood, thanks to notes of ebony. Enhancing the effect is due to notes of benzoin resin and elite notions of the skin. Despite all this, spicy aroma «Velvet Wood» amazing home. It is for those who appreciate the family tradition, the dynastic foundations, covered with mystery and grandeur, suits and stylish shoes. The bottle is made of transparent glass that allows us to estimate the noble gold liquid contained inside.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (from fashion houseChristian Dior). The lightest spirits, presented in this review. This is a truly ethereal aroma that will suit a young lady. It reminds of spring, blooming gardens and the gentle sun. At the heart of «Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet» nutmeg, orange from Sicily, white peony and rose. Middle notes of peach and apricot sound. This perfume from Dior »appreciate the young dreamer or ladies with easy cheerful character. Flirtatious bow vial only assures this.

Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-BasilicAqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic

Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic (from fashion houseGuerlain). Incredibly fresh even slightly invigorating aroma. He recalls the hot summer and a fountain of emotion. The top notes of this fragrance include clementine, green ivy, bitter orange and a bit of green tea. Highlights of the heart goes to the mandarin, peony, chamomile and basil, and the basis of all amber and sandalwood. If a woman is positive and cheerful, the «Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic» only emphasize it. The bottle of this perfume is decorated with a gold mesh, vaguely reminiscent of Tangerine. Everything is designed in the style of this delicious fruit!

In conclusion we can say that the mainthe trend of the season 2016 - a variety of floral aromas, filled with sensuality and easy flёrom sexuality. Thick plumes is left behind, heaviness in the past. There is no place here and too much pride, the pressure and activity. Pertinent only hint at the strength of character and the desire to achieve the desired. Be sure to remember that fashion fragrances 2016 differ in their characteristics, suitable for different ages and situations, but one thing is clear - they clearly emphasize the bright personality of their bearer. Fashion unconventional perfumes. There is no rigid canons, no one makes a lady in a certain situation, use some toilet water. What matters is that the flavor does not overshadow the beauty of a true lady, but only emphasized its charming elegance.

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