Shelf life of mascara

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It is important to understand that the shelf life of mascaravery different from that date. Sometimes at the facility indicates just two options: the time after which the ink will be used is hazardous to health and the time which means it can be operated after first opening. Let us examine in more detail.

Always on every product should be listed expiration date, and ink there can not be an exception. There are some types of designation shelf life:

  • It contains the date of manufacture and the date by which the tool should be used. There do not have to assume anything, everything is clear;
  • the date of manufacture is not specified, but it is the last day of the period of use. If it was even do not try to use the tool;
  • indicate the time and date of manufacture, in which the ink becomes unusable after.

If the vehicle has lain long enough in yourbeautician, be sure to check, not whether it has expired term of use. Do not expired? Then you know that you can paint her eyes only if the vehicle has never been opened.

Best before

The shelf life of mascara

The shelf life of mascara

The most common term use and storage of the carcasses indicated on the tube and the designated number and the letter M. The number indicates how many months tool can be used after you have opened it.

Even if you are only printed ink weekago, but you can see that the shelf life has expired, dispose of it without hesitation. Because otherwise you can greatly hurt your eyes. Believe me, it is better to spend the extra money on a new facility than to fight for the health of their own eyes.

It is generally believed that the optimal timeUse mascara after its opening - three months. Then, in the tool accumulates a huge amount of bacteria that use it just becomes dangerous. If suddenly, even before the end of the three months you have noticed that you have shown signs of an eye infection, forget the mascara altogether. At least until the moment when the eyes do not fully recover.

In the dry carcass shelf life is much longer, ie about a year. Still, it is best not to use it for more than the first six months.

However, not all is just to rely on the termswritten on the tube. If you see that the ink began to dry up strongly and even crumble, it says that there were first signs of its unsuitability. Of course, you can restore it, but use only harmless methods.

If you realize that the carcasses appeared completely incomprehensible and unpleasant odor, has changed its consistency - must stop its further use.

How to store mascara

How to store mascara

This tool is the most perishable of all cosmetic products. But the very term "exploitation" of the carcass depends on how well you apply it:

  • The tube should never be based on heat orcold, or just under direct sunlight. The best place to store - or bedside locker. Wrong way - keep all the cosmetics in the bathroom, it starts very strongly spoiled by excessive moisture.
  • Always check that the tube was closed as tightly as possible, just so it will not get unwanted air.
  • Do not wipe the excess mascara on the edge of the tube, betterremove the excess with a clean paper towel. Otherwise dried mass does not give seal the bottle, gets into a large amount of air, which will shorten the normal use of the funds.

The most important rule when storing ink - it is not necessaryafraid to throw out spoiled and old. It will come out cheaper to buy a new facility than to treat the eyes from the effects of the use of an expired product.

Shelf life of mascara
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