The dilute mascara

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  1. How to dilute the ink
  2. What is not used for breeding carcasses

At mascara there remarkable abilitydry up at the most inopportune moment. And this happens even with those tools, which until the end of service life is still very, very far away. Unfortunately, did not prevent drying out, but rather to return the ink just to "life".

In fact, there is not much money towhich can be used without damage to the tools, and also for their own health, to dilute the ink. Before you figure out how to revive the makeup, make sure that your eyes are safe. After all, any means should be used only if you are sure that you do not have him allergic reactions.

If you know that you have tried everythinggiven the means and the ink remained unfit for normal use, most likely, it just ended, and it remains only to throw it and buy a new one.

By the way, you do remember that since the opening of ink possible to use only three months? And it does not matter, you had it fullyto spend or not. After all, with more long-term use in the vehicle accumulates huge quantity of microbes, which can severely damage this delicate area, as your eyes.

How to dilute the ink

How to dilute the ink

Even before you start to reanimatemeans, read, what it consists of. For example, if the component is present among the wax, which means that the carcass to return its original properties will be enough to simply put it into a cup with hot water, and after a few minutes it stay there, shake well.

Most often, after such a simple procedure to the carcass again returned its former properties, and it starts well paint eyelashes. But if there is no paraffin among the components have to use one of the following recipes below.

  1. dilution water

dilution waterPlain water. This is the most simple, but quite effective means. Only here the water is added is not simple, and boiled. Just drip a few drops inside the tube and shake it well. Note that this method is better not to use girls who have very sensitive eyes. After all the water - an ideal environment for the development of pathogenic flora, which causes a lot of irritation. In addition, water provides a very short-term effect, it is possible that you will have a way to plant it every time before use.

  • Liquid make-up remover. This tool is also manifested itself quite well. In an ideal situation, the development, mascara and make-up remover tool must be the same company, but this is entirely optional.
  • Natural oils. These include jojoba, almond and peach kernel oil. Note that a few drops will not do for the composition of the carcass is nothing wrong, but is too much oil can turn into a means of incomprehensible and totally unnecessary substance. So watch out for the amount of oil that you add.
  • The liquid for contact lensesThe liquid for contact lensesThe liquid for contact lenses. If you have at home undue means, feel free to use it in order to dilute the dried mascara. Here there is one point which can not boast of no other proposed remedy - elimination of allergic reactions. After all, the composition of the liquid lens is almost completely identical to the composition of our tears.
  • Eye drops. Everything is as beautiful as the previous tool - no allergies and unpleasant sensations. Not only drops for sensitive eyes exclude any irritation or other unwanted effects.
  • Black tea. Yes, you did not appear! " It perfectly helps to return the carcass to its former texture. Here there is only one condition: the tea should be quite sweet and stir well. You only have to add in a tube of ink droplets and a couple of tea to dip into it the whole brush. Always make sure that a number of "solvent" you pour into the facility. You do not want to mess it up even more?
  • What is not used for breeding carcasses

    As it is impossible to dilute the ink
    As it is impossible to dilute the ink

    It should be noted that the female gender has always been very, very inventive, sometimes so much so that the carcasses used for breeding rather harmful substances.

    The most frequently occurring variant of breedingdried ink - spit on the brush. Yes, there is even nothing to say ... Maybe women just never thought about the enormous number of various bacteria live in our saliva.

    Less frequent, but equallyoriginal way - adding a tube of mascara cologne spirits or brandy. Each of these products can cause severe allergies and even burn the delicate mucous membranes of the eyes. Also, do not use, and vegetable oil.

    In general, no matter what method of "reviving" of dried mascara you choose, keep in mind that he did not have any damage to your eyes. Perhaps it is better not to risk it and buy a new tool.

    The dilute mascara
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