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  • Varianty beautiful styling
  • Long hair can bring a lot of trouble theirowner. Frequent shampooing and hair styling - very exhausting sessions. However, the yield is always there. Elongated square on the long hair would be an excellent alternative to the usual hairstyle.

    Haircut - a delicate matter

    In the crazy rhythm of life, when every word,business and literally a minute in the account, there is no time wasted on the creation of an ideal styling in the morning. This is why many girls and women prefer to do a ponytail, braids, or beam. And for those who do not wish to constantly look "gray mouse", but, on the contrary, tends to produce an elegant impression at first sight, stylists recommend to try a haircut "Bob".

    elongated square

    It is worth noting the advantages of the square:

    • Kara - hairstyle itself is universal and will fit virtually any face shape and thickness, length and type of hair.
    • With the extra long shoulder-length hair, you can come up withmany various packings, for example, in the Greek style, or with erratic waves. And if you do not have time, it is sufficient to dry the strands with a round hairbrush, and spectacular appearance is guaranteed.
    • With this haircut necessarily to visit the salonBeauty biweekly to trim only the ends. Long hairstyles will not only look great, but will retain its shape even when regrown hair.
    • On the square, you can not worry about posechennyh tips, excessive or rapid loss of hair dirty. On the contrary, your locks will look healthy and shiny.

    However, inspired with all the benefits of suchhairstyles, do not immediately rush to get a haircut, if you have thick natural curls. Not recommended hairdressers haircut "Bob" and the ladies with a short neck. But the rest of the fair sex can safely take advantage of the elongated square.

    At the height of fashion trends: options for hairstyles

    Kara has always been, is and will be at the peakpopularity. This is the only haircut, which since the First World War era is not going out of fashion. In those days ladies believed that such styling perfectly enhances the beauty of hats and suits for any evening dress.

    In these opinions and special truth. In fact, four of a kind - an almost universal view of haircuts. Although in today's world wear hats, "Bob" hairstyle will look like a winner in any case, among the ladies there are not so many lovers. If you do decide to make an elongated square at the long hair, we offer you several options for hairstyles with photos before and after.

    Classics of the genre

    elongated square

    Regular grooming with straight locks down to his shoulders -classic version of the elongated hairstyle. This square looks very concise and gives its owner a special charm. Hairstyle is perfect for ladies, choosing the right style of strict. Perfectly straight hair, the shape does not require any adjustments, and even ragged tips will not be able to disturb the harmony of classical style.

    Asymmetry is now in vogue

    Elongated asymmetrical bob

    Attention dignity and an elongated square withprotruding front strands, especially a great view from the back hairstyle. Characteristic differences such haircuts consist in the fact that particularly long curls gently frame the face, while the back part of the closely cropped hair is much shorter.

    Asymmetric hairstyle is ideal for girls who are not afraid to look a bit shocking and extreme. Anyway, it is a square with elongated front strands are now at the height of fashion.

    Graduated "Bob"

    Graduated "Bob"

    Stylish and bulk Bob haircut with a slight cascadesuitable for women with thin and sparse hair. The basic diagram of such a penalty is to create a gradation of light to the hair, whereby the hair becomes more splendor. However, with the laying still have to work hard. In addition, the graded square will not approach girls with magnificent curly hair.

    Cara with a bang

    Cara with a bang

    Elongated square on long hair with bangs,which, incidentally, can be oblique, torn or straight, perfectly combined with a narrow shaped face, broad nose and a high forehead. This haircut visually corrects all errors of nature and allows its possessor to look a few years younger.

    In addition, under the bangs can always hideredness and acne, from which so many teenagers suffer. A long or asymmetrical bangs at need can be killed effectively invisible or beat in the installation.

    Varianty beautiful styling

    Of course, the square is not so whimsical in installation, such as,for example, direct or cascade of short "bob" on the leg, but it does not mean that the hair should hang unkempt locks. Options successful placement may be several:

    • Hair dryer and a round brushing - classic way to put your hair perfectly. Start to wind the strand on the comb from the bottom up, with each carefully prosushivaya hairdryer.
    • Dry hair is best laid with a conventional ironing, but do not forget to put it on the locks thermal protection spray.
    • Special Occasion, birthdays and other important events can be an elongated square screwed on curling. For this ideal forceps with a thick base or cone curling.
    • Those who do not want to tinker with stacking and protects hair from the effects of high temperatures, stylists recommend to use large curlers Velcro.

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    The long hair cut allows a woman to alwayslook at height is selected depending on the style of clothing. Perfectly smooth strands, asymmetric curls and thick bangs - there are plenty of options, so that ladies can choose the one that is most liked. Do not be afraid to experiment and change for the better!

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