Hair color for green eyes: how to choose? The green-eyed girl: photo

Green eye color is considered to be the rarest andmysterious. There are many shades of it. Many girls want to focus on the eyes with the help of make-up or hair color. The correct tone strands complement your image and give it brightness. To select a color is not just enough to imagine how it will look on you. It is important to be guided by the basic rules and principles of combination.

How to choose a hair color?

If you have green eyes and red hair onnature, it is not necessary to change anything. This image looks pale and innocent, but at the same time very attractive. If you want to change, experts advise to change a little shade of red, make hair lighter or darker. You can choose hair color with shades of red. Remember that the tone should look as natural.

With green eyes harmonize virtually allshades. But in order that the image was complete, and bright hair stylists recommend to paint in black and juicy, saturated colors. They are beautifully emphasize the mystery and charm of the green eyes. If you prefer hair color with a reddish tinge, will need to carefully monitor their makeup. It must be performed carefully and tastefully. Do not choose the color in which the red color too much. Some of them look very unnatural, and even vulgar. Discard the crimson shades.

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

Remember the 2 main rules that must always be guided in the selection of hair color:

If you have healthy skin without defects,inflammation can safely paint hair in dark shades, red and copper colors. Also allowed black and plum, which are also well in tune with all shades of green eyes. But keep in mind, that are too dark tones enhance the visual age of the person.

If your skin is not perfect, it should stopon the choice of light-colored hair. Choose a color from the palette of gold and pale light brown. But at the same time it is not recommended to take too bright colors, such as platinum and ashy blonde. They decolorized face, the image will turn pale and dull. Combinations of light shades suitable only those girls whose eyes are very light green, almost gray.

We take into account eye shade

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

It is important to choose the most suitable colors for the tone of your eyes, then they will look impressive and attractive.

If iris are reddish,yellow or orange blotches, red suit with shades of copper, chestnut color, and the whole gamut of color with red inclusions. These eyes will look harmonious with all the extravagant hair shades. So we can safely experiment.

Bright green and grassy even eye colorextremely rare. And if you are happy owner of your eyes, choose shades of honey among the scales, gold, srednekashtanovyh and reddish tones.

Eyes the color of swamp occur many timesmore often than bright green. Also uncommon combination of gray with green and hazel. Stylists do not recommend girls with eyes painted hair in all shades of red. It is best to opt for black, neutral earth tones, dark-light brown color. If your natural tone blonde hair can be colored in wheat color or platinum blonde. It is important not to discolor the face to the skin is not merged with the shade of hair.

If your eyes are very light shade of green to gray approximate try highlights in blond tones.

If the eyes are dull green color you want to add the image brightness. Hair is recommended painted in black with blue or dark brown shades.

If a lot of gray hair stylists recommend to paint in black and dark brown shade in the eye - "bitter chocolate".

Staining in several shades and beautifullooks in combination with green eyes. Remember that with a combination of all shades is important to combine the most warm and natural tones, that the image was soft and harmonious. Joining colors possible by coloring, highlighting, etc.. Circuits shades combinations. It would be the best painting shatush, balayazh, flamboyazh. It allows you to connect your types of shades and highlight brightness and a unique image of the girl with green eyes.

Looks nice combination of 2 colors thatThey differ from each other by only one or two colors. It looks natural. You can take any shade of warm colors. If you want to dye your hair in bright colors are combined with shades of brown with copper. painting "Ombre" looks feminine and fashionable. It has become popular recently and relished many girls. The roots are colored, for example, chestnut color, and then, a smooth transition to the gold at the very tips of the hair. Beautiful, impressive and extravagant looks Ombre with flame effect. In this type of hair coloring tip painted in red or red.

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What is your skin tone?

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

For hair color in harmony with the eyes and face,and conceal flaws and focused on the merits, at its choice should take into account skin tone. For example, peach, creamy skin tone perfectly with the golden hair tones because these colors are warm. Cool skin tones - white or pink. In absolute disharmony are a combination of warm and cool skin tone hair color and vice versa. Such combinations should be avoided. Otherwise, the image will look unnatural and ridiculous.

Olive skin has a yellowish tint, hairmust be in its several shades darker. Suit bronze and caramel color. Too bright colors will look unnatural and too light will make the image of a dull and gray. The most successful colors for olive skin:

  1. All shades of brown
  2. brown tone
  3. Plum
  4. Black
  5. Maroon and their combinations with brown
  6. The black
  7. Dark brown, chocolate

Hair color for green eyes and dark skin. The most suitable in this case are all dark brown tone and chocolate. In combination with the skin will look great and dark shades of brown and a little lighter, such as milk chocolate. Also will look harmonious combination in Ombre or highlighting.

Hair color for green eyes and fair skin. When you have pale skin and green eyes the color of choice will be the easiest. And if the dark skin coloring forbidden in too bright colors, they fit best for fair skin. Effectively look and bright colors and golden honey. The most successful shades:

  1. Brown medium or light
  2. Red and all its shades, even the most extravagant and colorful
  3. Copper shades and combinations thereof
  4. The black
  5. The dark red color and color gamut
  6. Warm shades of gold

The green-eyed girl: photo

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

Hair color for green eyes: how to choose?

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The choice of hair color for green-eyed girls are verybig. Consideration should be given shade the eyes and skin, before you opt for any particular color. It should also choose the right makeup, a haircut, or select a few options hairstyles. Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment, choosing your ideal image.

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