Hair loss: how to strengthen the hair?


Hair - one of the main advantages of women,so reducing the amount of hair creates psychological discomfort in the head. It is not always possible to correctly diagnose because the causes of hair loss are many. There may be external factors that affect hair loss: poor environment, weather conditions, the impact on hair chemicals - dyes, perms, and internal factors: the lack of vitamins, disturbances in vital organs, blood circulation is poor. All this leads to the weakening of hair follicles and then to and hair loss.

Hair loss: how to strengthen the hair?

Now, there are many methods to combat hair loss. A radical method is hair transplantation, but it should be used in advanced stages hair loss and if other means do not help. I hope you are not going to reduce it to such a state, so let's talk about the early stages of hair loss, which can be controlled with folk remedies. Home treatments can be combined with the services offered by the modern cosmetology: vitamin complex for hair, a special diet, massage the scalp, hair restoration treatments and mesotherapy. Also for the treatment of hair is often used herbs, which you can buy in any pharmacy.

What will help with hair loss?

To make an accurate diagnosis is necessary to get a completemedical examination, as the cause of hair loss can be a disease such as diabetes, anemia, thyroid disorders, and that's not all, many other diseases can indirectly influence the hair loss.

Only the home remedies do not give one hundred percentguarantee that your hair will stop falling out, there will need medicines. It is important to get treatment in a few months, and only then judge about the result. The composition of such products should include ingredients: amineksil - stimulates the supply of nutrients to the roots, aminoproteiny - accelerate hair growth, orange and lavender essential oils. Essential oils are generally very beneficial for the hair, you can add a drop of oils in shampoo, it is also suitable oils of rosemary, cypress, pine and hops.

Why does hair fall out?

Androgenic alopecia, scary name, notDo not you? And actually it called an excess of male hormones in the female body, because of what can happen, and hair loss. Such hormonal disruptions may occur during menopause, pregnancy and puberty. Self-medication in this case, it is impossible to do, strictly follow the doctor's advice - not to be trifled with hormones!

Hair loss: how to strengthen the hair?

The doctor will have you testing and it candetermine what elements in the body is insufficient. Of great importance to beauty and durability of hair having magnesium and silicon. It is not necessary to stick to strict diets - they can be the direct cause of hair loss. It is better to just stick to proper diet: eliminate from the diet of fried, smoked and spicy, but the fish, sea kale, eggs, meat, vegetable oil and soybeans as the contrary can be made more frequently in the daily menu.

Sometimes it happens that the cause of hair lossIt can be transferred stress. Here are the main method of struggle is a positive attitude and the elimination of negative emotions from your life, as well as stimulating the growth of follicles with massages and treatments.

How to strengthen the hair? Make a massage!

With a mild hair loss will help the skin massagehead - it increases blood circulation, due to which the roots get more power. Make it easy, simply take a massage brush with non-acute ends, and three times a week for twenty minutes massaging her head, the emotions from the procedure should be only positive.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy - a procedure designed specificallyto severe hair loss. It is done by a subcutaneous injection of nutrients that penetrate to a depth of hair follicles. When mesotherapy irritated and active points on the face, which also improves blood circulation and metabolism in the scalp.

Home remedies for hair loss

Good to be with cosmetic mask of clay orsea ​​salt. To this end, the clay or salt as it should have been attributed to wet hair, wait 20 minutes and then rinse the hair with regular shampoo. These components for the masks have cleansing properties and give the hair follicles "breathe freely".

Even our mothers and grandmothers usedMask of cognac and rinse hair with lemon juice to combat hair loss. You will need one tablespoon of brandy, raw egg yolk and honey polstolovoy - Apply it all for an hour before washing your hair, you can wear a hat on his head in order to better penetrate the material roots. You can also rinse the hair after washing with water, which diluted juice of half a lemon. To stimulate hair to grow faster is recommended that a mask of grated onion and honey. This mask apply on half an hour, then rinse hair thoroughly.

If you have a very strong loss, the aidmask comes from the red pepper. Here is her recipe: take red pepper and pour 70% alcohol in a ratio of 1:10, give brew a week, filtered, and then the resulting mixture was diluted with ten parts of water. The infusion rub a few times a week in the hair roots can be even at night.

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These tips will help you gain strong Thick hair, Surprises you with its beauty and splendor, instead of power loss.

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