Hairstyles for oval face short and long hair


Attractive woman consists of manysmall details. Not the least of them is properly chosen hairstyle. She and correctly superimposed makeup, can completely change the image. Factors influencing the choice of hairstyles, there are many. But one of the most important, according to the majority of stylists and hairdressers, considered to be the shape of the face.

How to choose haircuts for oval faces?

Owners of an oval face - reallucky. In most cases, they have no problems with applying makeup, there is no need for selection and duty sculpting accessories. In addition, the girl with the oval face shape perfectly adorn any hairstyle, including extreme Iroquois.

Hairstyles for oval face short and long hair

If she is the owner of thin and notcan boast of excessive hair density, which are poorly kept folding and can easily start pushitsya, any haircut graphic quality was not for her. They require daily maintenance of complex and poorly keep their shape.

Where necessary, first, layered embodiments. Visually, they always add volume and, moreover, does not weigh down the hair, lifting them at the roots. The length can be any, but the types of short hairstyles look more attractive.

Owners of thick hair should choosehaircut has sharp and crisp lines. Or do hairstyles with tapering ends. Also graphically hairstyle great for those who have pronounced cheekbones, thin lips and almond-shaped eyes.

Larger features, softness and roundness, decorate haircut to the lack of strict lines. For example, soft cascadeOr asymmetrical bangs. If the hair is short, then with a touch of carelessness. Especially interesting is elongated bob with bangs rare. Also, it can be a long bob with short strands of a person.

Special attention to the shape of the nose. If the tip is long and sharp, it is not necessary to choose the ultrashort haircut. It exposes the facial features, and non-winning emphasize even more visually lengthen the nose.

Also, preference should be given oblique bangs andbiased towards the parting. And when you create a placement is recommended more frequently resort to stacking large ringlets. Protruding ears perfectly cover up the square, and beat hard chin strands or waves in the face.

The only thing that stylists are advised to avoid whenchoosing a hairstyle for oval face - too long hair. Optimally to grow their blades. Spit to the waist, of course, women's pride and adornment, but the beauty of a person with the right, perfect lines, it is able to distort a few.

Short haircuts for oval faces

Hairstyles for oval face short and long hair

The most good options haircuts for ovalform shall be considered ultra variations. This is a rare case, even when cutting the hair, "a boy", there is no risk of losing femininity and sophistication. On the contrary, there is some elegance and restraint. It is worth remembering that the hairstyle of this kind has all chances to add its owner a good 5-10 years.

Diversify a haircut can be by doing it withasymmetry of one of the parties, or by adding long bangs to one side. Winning looks butch, carried out not by a scissors and a razor. This creates the effect of negligence, it gives street chic image. Minus - a haircut will have to adapt. With business suit, this option is irrelevant.

The clear leader among short haircuts foroval face - bob haircut. Fashion for her asked Victoria Beckham. Since it combines every type of person. Owners of an oval shape is very lucky. For them, this haircut - an ideal option.

You can bob without bangs, to make the nextto face the strand longer than the others, and the bulk of the profile. Or add straight or slanting bangs the back of the hair is significantly shortened, reducing the reverse ladder to the longer front.

Tips stylist for a short hairstyle for oval face:

  • Concentrate volume in the crown area, reducing it to "no" to the ends
  • Do not overdo it with the density of bangs to choose asymmetric version
  • Pay attention to the shorter bangs with tapering

Haircuts for oval faces: photo

Hairstyles for oval face short and long hair

With long hair owners have an ovalpersons, as already mentioned, the special relationship. Locks to grow to waist should not be. Enough length slightly below the shoulders. Even in this case, there is a wide range of varied and interesting hairstyles, but also fast pilings.

Excellent choice - quads. Girls with high cheekbones and sharp may prefer graphically variant does not reach the shoulders. With softer facial features desirable bangs and light asymmetry. Complete the square ladder or gives hair layering, shortening each zone of 2-3 mm.

Excellent and cascade will look with an obliqueparted and fake bangs. You can advise owners of fine hair because it adds visual volume and density. Its only drawback - protruding strands of hair styles.

If you want to have long hair, it is necessaryconsider options with a smooth cut and thick straight bangs. It is necessary to avoid a possible calibration, the asymmetry and negligence. The best option - clean lines, perfect smoothness, length. On the other hand, it will add an additional couple of years.

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To haircut does not add the age,You can make a soft cascade. The maximum length of the rear part is necessary, and the front strand reach the chest and have a smooth transition to the bulk. This hairstyle will focus on the face and does not require much effort during installation. It is enough to pull the curls brushing, slightly twisting the ends inside or straighten them utjuzhkom.

Oval face does not need to be adjusted asother forms. Therefore, a haircut for him - not a method of correcting certain deficiencies and harmonious completion of an image. It is therefore not desirable that it was too extravagant. Stylists are advised to choose a more open and easy options to make the most advantageous to apply your face shape.

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