Hairstyles on long hair for girls. Hairstyles by spit


Long hair girls - it is very beautiful. At the same time, many mothers find it difficult to care for long hair. To avoid such problems did not arise, take my daughter beautiful hairstyles. Especially for long hair them there is great variety.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair girl

Hairstyles on long hair for girls

Option 1

Hair comb and collect on top formtail. The tail should be done so that on each side remained loose curls. Then you have to separate the strands. You can do this in two ways: by forming a triangular or square base. The remaining free hair divide into equal parts and secure with a rubber band at the base.

Each strand of hair is divided into 2 parts. From one section take one of the strands and twist in the flagellum length of several centimeters. To do this, place a lock on the index finger and performs rotational motion, twisting it into a bundle. So did with the nearest part of the adjacent strands. Now, twisted flagellum intertwined with each other, forming a braid. But if each individual strand you spin to the right, then you need to weave flagella to the left side. So do the rest of curls, twisting them to the base of the center of the tail. The resulting pigtails to stretch an elastic band under the tail.

Now take a strand of her tail and perekin'tefingers, so that it is held between the index and middle finger. You will receive a loop whose ends must be threaded through the rubber band at the base of the tail, adjusting the length of the loop. So you need to do with all the hair, forming such a circle loop. If you still have hair strands, hide them under a beam. Can not form a bundle, and leave the tail, using several strands.

option 2

Hairstyles on long hair for girls

Comb your hair divide by flat sideparted on the left. Form 4 of the same tail, which will be directed to the right side. 2nd and 3rd tails split into 2 parts. Put them in a checkerboard pattern and tie rubber bands. The tail, appeared in the middle, split in half and attach to the side with a rubber band. Then braid two pigtails and secure them with rubber bands.

Option 3

Hair comb and divide by the straight sideparting. To curls strongly pushilis not, apply a styling gel, spreading it over the entire length. Select a lock of hair on the opposite side of the parting. The width of it should be from temple to ear. On the other. Hand of parting do the same. Parting from the resulting strands should be symmetrical.

The separated strands to be divided into 3 parts. However, these portions should be about equal. Start spinning the first part, gradually adding new hair strands, twisting them to the total weight. Similarly, tighten the rest of the 5 strands.

The hair on the back of his head split into 2 parts. Each of the pieces assemble into a ponytail to accede to 3 twisted strands in the flagella, and fasten a rubber band for hair. The large tail and twist the harness towards the face and turn it into a bundle. A beam of secure thin rubber band. Similarly to arrive and with hair in the other. Side parting. Sticking tips, fan and secure with hair gel.

Hairstyle for girls long hair braids on the basis of their own hands

Before you start to do her hair, spray the hair with water from a spray, it turned out to be accurate and clear.

Hairstyles on long hair for girls

Divide hair parted into 2 parts. One side of the tie in a ponytail that locks do not interfere in the process. The side on which the hair is loose, divide into 2 pieces and tie a rubber band bottom of these parts. In the remaining part of the dissolved hair highlight strand 2-3 cm and set it aside. The same lock, scroll to the side of the face. From this strand must begin weaving, rounding it. It is formed from a semi-circle to the back of the head. Now work with the hair, located under the bottom strands. Now that you have a long strand, dedicated semicircle. It should be divided horizontally so that you can begin to weave braid. Pigtail braid, gradually adding locks. Tat is necessary in the direction of curvature, which is allocated at the beginning. When you weave braid, add a very small amount of pryadok of the remaining hair to be enough for the outer curl. Weave continue to occiput. At this stage, you need to take locks that had been postponed during the division of the hair, with the middle part of the heads of the parting. So continue to weave to the top of the forehead, and then turn the direction braids, weaving in strands of her hair in the middle of the forehead. Continue to spin toward the back of the head. Weave braids finish, including in her remaining hair. At the end of the braid can classical or French braid (optional). On the other side of the head do the exact same round.

Believe me, creating hairstyles for longhair girl, quite a fascinating process, although sometimes requires a lot of time and patience. But the result, certainly, will please both you and your little princess.

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