Henna Hair: shades


Women always want to transformation. And often the most beautiful woman changing hairstyle and gorgeous hair color. In order to surround you started making compliments, it is not necessary to go to an expensive stylist. Become delicious you can help one very good proven tool - all familiar henna. This is the case when an old friend is better than two new ones.

Henna Hair: useful properties

Henna - a natural colorantObtained from the dried leaves of lawsonite. It has long been used in the East for the rapid healing of wounds, as a good antiseptic and an excellent cleanser. But more often Henna is used for hair care. After all, this really is a natural product - the safest to use and does not cause any allergies.

Henna Hair: useful properties

Henna has a conditioning and softening properties, and removes dandruff, Adds shine to hair.

The main advantage of henna is considered that using henna can get the most luscious shades of hair. At the same time no one even thought comes that you dyed your hair.

How to apply henna for hair?

  • Henna Hair Coloring can take you from one to several hours, so no rush should not be here.
  • Made for coloring mixture is best put on freshly washed and slightly-dried hair.

How to use henna for hair?
  • After painting, rinse thoroughly with water, the hair,better to add it in apple cider vinegar. Apply shampoo after dyeing with henna is not recommended, about two days. In this case, the color is better secured.
  • A mixture of henna hair dye It is done according to your desires: there are many ways that can help you not only to cure the hair, but also give hair a beautiful and bright shades.
  • Typically, the mixture for dyeing do with the addition of boiled water, but many prefer to mix henna with yogurt. Due to this fact, a a brighter shade of hairSince in an acidic environment better pigments released. It can also be used and whey.

Henna for hair with yogurt
  • For henna painting very long hair the concentration of henna powder - 75 grams per half-liter of kefir.

Henna for hair: a variety of colors

Shades that are obtained with the use of henna, are astonishingly varied. For getting different shades various components are added to the henna.

Henna for hair: a golden hue
  • Fair golden honey-colored at coloring hair with henna It can be achieved by adding paint rhubarb, saffron, camomile, or turmeric. Turmeric It is added to the composition with henna. Saffron boil in a small amount of water for two minutes, and then add in henna. Rhubarb is a good chop, and then the fire for twenty minutes, then strain and also add in henna. 2 tbsp. l. dry camomile brew in half a cup of boiling water and let it brew for half an hour.
  • Bright red cherry color at coloring hair with henna They are seeking the addition of henna beet juice, Elderberry or cocoa powder.

Henna for hair: red tint
  • Chocolate color hair obtained if to pour in henna ground coffee, tea or walnut shells.
  • 4 h. L. cocoa added to the henna will give your hair noble shade of mahogany.
  • The reddish color when dyeing hair with henna happens if you add in henna instead of water any warmed red wine, or infusion of hibiscus.
  • For getting a darker shade hair always pour the yogurt in henna.

Henna Hair: chocolate color

Henna combined with basma Hair: shades

Basma - is also a natural powderBut from other leaves - indigo. Proportions add basma in henna depend on the desired color and the original color of hair.

  • For the hair bronzing taken Basma 1 part powder and 2 parts henna.
  • For bright chestnut hair color - 1 part Basma and 3 of the henna powder.
  • For dark brown Hair color at coloring hair with henna and basma - 1 part Basma and henna as much.

Henna and Basma hair: shades
  • For beautiful blue-black hair color - 2 part 1 part Basma and henna.
  • After painting, henna with basma curls can be made lighterFor this wash them with water with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.

From the first time is sometimes difficult to achieve the expected results, so if the shade has turned out not quite the same, do not worry, you will help mask vegetable oil. Apply to the hair a little warm oil, soak for half an hour, then rinse them with your favorite shampoo. It is perfectly neutralizes the color.

Henna and Basma hair

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Natural hair colors obtained by using henna, how rich that can satisfy the most exacting taste. Act, are changed, and your life will certainly change for the better!

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