How to choose a hairstyle for curly hair? Top model haircut for wavy hair


The fact that many holders of curls readyby hook or by crook to turn this beauty into smooth curls, it has long been known. There et al. Problem. It lies in the fact that pick up hairstyle for curly or wavy hair just so she graced, and did not look ridiculous, very neprosto.Tolko properly chosen hairstyle, combined with a sound maintenance system will allow to catch envious glances of passers-by, addressed to your tresses.

What is the difficulty of choosing hairstyles for curly hair?

Haircuts for curly hair medium length.

Master able to work competently with curlyhair, worthy of the title of a professional. But, unfortunately, such a specialist is still required to find. What is sometimes necessary to get a dozen salons. And it is not someone's inability to understand the client's desires. In some difficulties present when using takimilokonami.

Curly hair - always quite fragile. They do not exhibit the smoothness themselves have a porous structure, which often involves open flakes and easily wrung. On the one hand, that it provides any hair fluffiness. But on the other - it also makes it impossible to boast dazzling brilliance, speaking about the healthy condition of hair. And even so, it is an urgent reason to eschene recorded on straightening.

3 key factors impacting on the requiredlong curly hair, and the shape of the deemed common constitution, the facial features. Many unnecessarily ignoring the first item, suggesting that it plays no role. And for good reason. Especially in case of hair in shape far from straight.

Haircuts for curly hair medium length.
  • Miniature lean women are bestlook with long locks. Because the strands are twisted, hair always comes out enough volume. And such a "cap" of the short hair at a particular physique is perceived somewhat comical, strongly emphasizing his head. If there is a strong desire for boyish image, hairstyle must be asymmetric and ultra long locks front and very short rear.
  • Women of average height, hit by imeyuschiekrepkofigure can stay on any variations, which ends curly hair reaching shoulder or rise above. But long ringlets to her waist is strongly recommended due to increase visual proportions and adding excessive massiveness of the image.
  • As mentioned earlier, we can not forget about the ovalpersons, as well as its features, which a woman may want to emphasize or, conversely, to disguise. Active curly hair will always be given to the person the amount, regardless of its features. Therefore, the degree of difficulty in the choice of hairstyles times increases for owners of a round face. They are not desirable to focus on the short stacking, to be able to remove the curls in her hair.

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Haircuts for curly hair medium length

Haircuts for curly hair medium length.

Hair down to his shoulders are classified as mediumlength. And with them, even if there are small curls elastic, more options than short. Because almost any type litsauniversalnymi are two models of hairstyles - "Bob" and "square".

Both are eligible for asymmetry, grading and so on. hairdressing techniques. But with the addition of bangs need to be careful. If the total mass of hair with small curls happy, of course, the bang will look the same. And it is not always appropriate. Therefore it is necessary either to prepare endless straightening her or take her to the side and make an oblique cut. If you do not want to pull it constantly, you can pay to make a rare bangs. It will add the image of lightness.

If a short hairstyle on curly hairsimply wash your hair, which, incidentally, makes it different from the same styling for straight hair, with an average length of care required. In particular, the strands of emphasis, which is achieved by using wax or mousse.

Visually "pacify" curly hair medium length capable of not only well-chosen haircut and coloring. For example, light shades glare Ombre and so on. technologies.

Hairstyles for short curly hair

Opportunities to cut nice and short curly hair is much less than to create an interesting styling curls on medium length. That's just it does not mean that the choice hairstyle as such are simplified. Nobody can abolish the need to recall the outline and shape of the face, the general image and even the shape of curls.

Haircuts for curly hair medium length.
  • Owners of an oval face can notworry because everything is simple enough with them. Let curly locks and add volume, they still allow these girls to maintain the harmony of the image. If you wish to emphasize maiden tenderness and softness just do enough elongated bob without bangs. A mild asymmetry of the lower hair line will allow little to muffle their fluffiness. Just shorten the back, gradually reducing it to a semi-circle long front strands.
  • Dinamichnostipozvolit give ultrashortlaying in Halle Berry style. It involves a shorter bangs rare and ragged ends with a total length curls, not exceeding 15 cm. There will need to find a barber who will frizzy hair, how to lay them to maintain the style, not to create the effect ruffled. Often masters advise to buy texturizing gel, which should be allocated individual strands, slightly smoothing them.
  • Haircut for short curly hairholders of a rectangular face may also be a lack of any hint of a length in all areas, except for the front strands. 90% of a styling reminiscent of the "waiter", and the top layer has an arcuate cross-section, the highest point is just below the crown, and the extreme front - line at the tip of the nose. In rare cases, this tactic applies to triangular face. This kind of styling is "skived" lateral zones, especially in the forehead, and soften your facial contours.

What are the recommended hairstyles for wavy hair?

Haircuts for curly hair medium length.

Owners of light waves of life is easier than those whose locks are twisted by small curls. They can easily pick a hairstyle, without fear of excess volume in the head.

The problem sometimes is excessive density,where and wavy hair looks massive. Furthermore, it is necessary here tapering ends, can have recourse to the cascade. This haircut is universal, as will help to create the optimum volume.

A more classic version - ladder. Ideally, it is complemented by a straight and thick bangs. Thus it is necessary to prepare for its daily styling. Otherwise, beaten out in different directions the waves strongly spoil the overall impression.

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Miniature owner wavy hairamazing look with long strands having light grading. This haircut is in itself - a great hairstyle that needs no additions. A light wave through the structuring of mousse will create the most simple and elegant evening variant.

By nature curly hair, in fact -beautiful. Literacy barber afford to give the perfect facet the diamond, and you will only have to support the created model. Remember that in most cases, only a well-laid curly hair are able to complete your look for any occasion!

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