How to choose a hairstyle for the shape of the face?


Minor details in the form of representativethe beautiful half of humanity does not exist. The condition and appearance of hair among the most important moments of perfection that is an endless struggle. One of the main issues - how to choose a hairstyle that is most advantageous to fit the image.

How to choose a hairstyle right?

Most often, choosing a new hairstyle, womanguided by the principle of relevance, or are guided by pop stars, athletes, models. Such a move, of course, although it carries a certain value, by and large still is not the most accurate. If only a selected person's appearance does not coincide with yours.

The main factors affecting the decision,taken when searching for optimal shearing, are oval face, hair type and condition. Any seasonal trends should be imposed on this basis, and not vice versa. There are minor nuances about which also should not be forgotten. This constitution, height, facial features and the length of the neck. Also, many women are too late to remember that the majority of cuts required to maintain in perfect condition. Those. there is a question of laying. It is one thing - the curls to her waist, having a clean cut, easy to clean in any style. Other - short and extravagant options, which may be hard.

How to choose a hairstyle right?

One of the main tips that focuses on allwho is searching for the perfect haircut - is to stick to the overall harmony. The final image should be holistic. In particular, it should not be at the outstanding volumes, relying on fashion trends, do ultrashort haircut. Contrast ratios seem too obvious and the irrational.

The low growth is well compensated by the addition ofvolume in the crown and high hairstyles and long curls without much pomp. This hairstyle, by the way, come up and if you want to lose 2-3 kg., Utyanuv visually own figure. Also low is more likely to collect hair, focusing on the neckline.

Those who wish to make themselves as visually belowseveral centimeters, experts recommend to think about a short hairstyle or length of hair to his shoulders. About updo will have to forget. But any creative styling here - the perfect escape. Avoid overly smoothed or collected on top of the hair.

How to choose a hairstyle for the shape of the face?

The most commonly recommended when choosing a hairstylefocus on the contours of the face. The most important point here - to bring the form to the ideal. Such is today oval. Anything that's not like him, approaching it through the visual correction of certain parts.

Determine the shape of the face, in fact, it is notso easy. Not all of it is pronounced, and therefore have to produce some mathematical calculations. First vymeryat vertical between two points - limit the growth of hair and jaw line. This number is divided by 3, marked numeral 1. Numeral 2 indicates the vertical from the tip of the nose down to the chin line.

Next, define the form of:

  • Pull the face characterized by the predominance of the figure 1 2
  • Oval and rectangular - their equality and roundness of the chin
  • With the superiority of 2 values ​​above 1 person possiblecall round or square. Narrowing towards the chin area and gives temporal expansion of a triangle, and the reverse circuit - it is, but in inverted form

How to choose a hairstyle right?

Haircuts for triangular face

In this form should clean the upper sidezone and give the lower amount. Often the effect is achieved by the use of asymmetric sometimes even fake bangs. This method is provided by means Swapping front side strand in the opposite direction, so that it hides part of the forehead on the diagonal.

In the missing volume can be chinreceive creating soft curls, ideally - beginning in the area of ​​the ear lobe. Also, it looks great and the option, when the ends of the strands reach the jawline. Such a scheme boasts surround bean.

Most importantly, what should be avoided in the hairstyle for triangular face - to remove back hair (carefully smoothed, with a high forehead and ears). In addition, unacceptable short bangs.

Haircuts for square face

With this form of problem areasIt is generally considered overly broad jaw, giving solidity, and at least a broad forehead. Most often, it is the search for a square face haircut causes most difficulty for women. Although the reality is much simpler than it seems. The key task - to mitigate all the lines. This is achieved by creating volume in the crown area. Any permissible asymmetry. It may be a simple change in the parting and diagonally cut bangs.

The ban is introduced to add volume inneck and shoulders. It is better not to twist the curls. But twist the ends inwards is not forbidden. Also, do not collect the hair on top, opening the ears and face, making thick straight bangs. It is permissible only if the oval shape. These recommendations also apply to a rectangular face.

Haircuts for round face

How to choose a hairstyle right?

Task hairstyle for this form - not onlyand pull to remove the side area, but also to emphasize facial features. With the latter, of course, it is best to consult a competent makeup. But the hair is able to contribute.

The haircut for round face welcome asymmetry, which is notRecommended only oval and any elongated shape. Especially good looks diagonal bangs, which visually extends the face strongly. If the preference is given to a short installation, the front strands should touch the bottom of the chin line.

In any long straight hair haircuts arelook more advantageous than wavy. It is necessary to make the volume of the crown. Unsubscribe have primarily direct bangs and center parting. Also, do not remove the front strands ago.

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Final tips for choosing a hairstyle

Specific recommendations exists not only for owners oval face . They go every hairstyle, not counting the one that has a significant asymmetry in the fringe area. All the rest have to resort to the method of correction to the most advantageous to present themselves.

Another detail that affects the selection of hairstyles - ithair condition and type. Thin curls need the pomp and volume, which provide light waves and shorter hairstyles. But the presence of thick hair any length will do. Professionals advise her profile or to diversify, making several layers of different heights.

If there is a need to divert attention fromspecific facial area, or accentuate it, you can remember about the properties of the front bangs and strands. Thick and straight emphasizes the lips and chin. Asymmetric long and allows you to forget about the irregular shape of the nose. The massiveness of the chin leveled lush styling and hair shoulder-length.

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Choosing the most suitable hairstyle,focuses mainly on individual characteristics, and only after that - by seasonal trends. Decide for yourself what raisin in your appearance you want to bring to the fore, and which parts you want to hide. Also, when you change the image of the repulsive face shape and hair type. This will help you create a harmonious image.

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