How to choose the best shampoo for hair loss for men and women?


On the well-groomed hair importance to women, saysnot once. Each according to his best to preserve their health, even if not raising a long braid. But if you manage to disguise posechennye tips, add shine indelible emulsions, and the color change without problems, then the question is not so simple hair loss. Many believe that to cope with this problem a special shampoo.

How to choose a shampoo for hair loss?

The beauty industry is developing at a frantic pace. Therefore, almost every problem, come up with different solutions. Often the windows adorn the jars and bottles, promising to solve the problem navsegda.Slozhno say which shampoos Hair loss is the best. Probably, there is no uniform for all means that never received a negative comment in our side. The perception of the human body is too difficult to predict all of the claims. But by studying the comments of the majority of shampoos that are in demand, it is possible to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

For example, it is noted that the mark pharmacy often givelonger-lasting and high-quality result than the professional tools and products of the mass market. However, it does not mean 100% result.

Shampoo hair loss Vichy: reviews

The basic principle of operation of such shampoos -providing an irritant effect. That it allows to activate any biological process in a particular area. With regard to the scalp, hair follicles stimuliruetprobuzhdenie. For this reason, with most agents targeting braking process hair loss, Noticed discomfort. Among them, burning and itching of the scalp. They should wash its hands after a while. But if this does not happen, the tool should change, or having to choose a different composition.

On the components included in the product, it should beto pay special attention. Moreover, not only those that are present or absent, but their order. Few people know that in the list of ingredients is important. One element that lies ahead, has a larger dose than following it. So when abstract emulsion with argan oil entices its promises, it takes a look at the composition. If this is the oil is somewhere in the end, it is in the early stages settled alcohol silicones, long lasting effect, especially therapeutic, should not expect funds.

Softer effects are shampoos,based on broths or extracts from nettle and burdock. These herbs have long been used to maintain hair density, so their effectiveness in this matter beyond doubt. Aggressive, but at the same qualitative influence is seen in shampoos, which contain the extract of pepper. They cause the blood flow to the scalp. this remedy will not work with high sensitivity.

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Shampoo hair loss alerana: reviews and specific product

Shampoo pharmacy brand "Alerana" popular because often appear on the TV screen. How much really good product, it is possible to judge from the comments of users.

Many young mothers experienced the problem hair loss postpartum found salvation in this shampoo. Given the number of reviews is by the new mothers, it is worth noting that the main impact from the product - in the follicles, whose activity fell due to hormonal fluctuations. Especially good effect was combined with funds from the balm of the same line.

Action to comment and representatives of the stronghalf of which have a widow's peak in adulthood. New hair for a period of application does not appear, therefore, density, as once, did not have to wait. But in those areas where there is still dormant follicles, the hair became stronger, adding volume.

However, there were also negative precedents. Despite a rather interesting composition (and sage, and tea tree oil, and wormwood) in the pharmacy facility found drugs targeted to the heart. And in cases of individual intolerance they can lead to shortness of breath, itching and swelling.

In rare cases, from the same shampoo it notedstrengthening of hair loss even with a simple touch of a hand. But each situation is unique, so you can not put a unique stamp on the product.

Shampoo hair loss Vichy: reviews and specific product

Mark "Vichy" is widely represented in mostpharmacies, and because it often turn consumers in search of beauty products with healing properties. As for shampoo for hair loss, "Vichy", it seems, the producers were able to create a really good product. Most of the women who used it for a long period, was struck by that stop active hair loss really succeeded. But, like other funds, there were several important points.

Shampoo hair loss Vichy: reviews
  • Best of all product manifests itself in conjunction with an active massage of the scalp, to require 2-3 minutes. Without it, the results of the application have been less noticeable.
  • Waiting for change in the situation in the first weeks is not worth it. First, in general, you can wind up the number of curls, pull-down when shampooing. But this moment of time, it should not be feared.

Although some women have bought it on the advice ofdoctors, to protect yourself from the side effects are not always possible. "Vichy" with Amineksilom not recommended to persons with cardiac nature of the problem. This drug, which is part of the product, has a hypotensive effect, and is also able to induce tachycardia.

Shampoo hair loss for men: Features

In fact, baldness is not dependent on sex. It is associated with variations in one of the hormones - dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, the means that are suitable for women equally and can be used by men. Attention should be paid to the composition only.

It should not be present SLS. Among the essential ingredients doctors say thymus extract, cystine, cysteine, nozitol, glycol distearate, methionine. But the two most important components - finasteride and minoxidil. It is their role in the war for hair growth is the primary. They are present only in pharmaceutical facilities. However, not all the products with their contents can be easily obtained in any of pharmacy.

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I would like to focus on the fact that inan attempt to deal with a specific problem, the primary task - do not pick up a set of tools, and determine the root cause. Often you can come across negative reviews about hair loss shampoos, ampoules, oils and masks. Often the problem is not really in the shampoo, andfactors contribute to revitalization of hair loss. And no matter how spectacular and expensive no matter the product, it will not work on them. For example, if the hair loss is caused by severe stress. It is required to affect the nervous system, rather than on the hair follicles, which is characteristic of a cosmetic, even therapeutic, agents. So the first step - a visit to the doctor.

If the diagnosis is not revealed seriousdiseases that can be a precursor to hair loss, based on the information given in the article, you can pick up a suitable means. The main thing - to pay attention to the composition. In conjunction with a course of vitamins and massage you return tresses healthy and lively appearance.

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