How to make facial masks with gelatin of wrinkles - with milk, coal and other components?


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  • Almost all of the hostess ever, yesgelatin used for making jelly and a variety of desserts. However, this cheap and affordable product can with no less successfully used in the home cosmetics. What useful properties has skin gelatin with which it combines a part of masks and how they are used to fight wrinkles?

    Why gelatine masks are useful for the skin?

    Why gelatine masks are useful for the skin?

    With age in the female and male bodythere is deficiency of collagen - the protein responsible for the maintenance of youth and skin elasticity. In stores you can buy all sorts of creams and other cosmetic products, which contain this important matter. However, their effect to combat the signs of aging of the skin is minimal, since collagen is included in their composition in the form of large molecules that are unable to penetrate deep into the dermis.

    Gelatin, in turn, is the resultprocessing the connective tissue of various animals, and contains a collagen in the split. Due to this circumstance facials based on gelatine are capable of providing the following action:

    • softening;
    • clarifying;
    • smoothing;
    • firming.

    With regular use of gelatin as athe main component of facial masks you can not only get rid of wrinkles and other skin changes that appear with age. There are chances to improve its color, display freckles and age spots and narrow pores.

    How to prepare a mask with gelatin of wrinkles?

    In order to prepare a cosmetic mask,gelatin should be taken in the form of a dry powder or plates. First, it must be diluted with warm liquid - boiled water, juice or milk. Dilute the product with boiling water can not be, as in this case, he instantly loses its beneficial properties.

    Gelatin must be filled with pre-preparedliquid at room temperature or slightly above the rate of 1 h. l. dry product (or plates 3) for 6-8 h. l. water or other components. Next, the mixture should be left about half an hour, the gelatin can swell. After this time, the capacity of a swollen substance is necessary to put on the stove and reheat over low heat until until you have a homogeneous slurry consistency of sour cream sparse.

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    So you can prepare a basis of gelatin formask of wrinkles and other problems associated with aging, and not only. When the mass has cooled, it added various ingredients and gently applied to well-cleaned and steamed face, avoiding the areas around the eyes. Rinse it home cosmetic product must be plain water.

    Recipes for face masks on the basis of gelatin

    Recipes for face masks on the basis of gelatin

    Prepare a face mask with gelatin from wrinkles and other problems you can in the following recipes.

    With milk

    This procedure is perfect for food andsoften the skin of a mature woman. It gets rid of wrinkles, it gives the dermis its firmness and elasticity, and improves the complexion. For dry skin, use fresh cow's milk. If you have oily skin is better to take kefir, yogurt or sour milk.

    To prepare the substrate of the beginning 1 hour. L. edible gelatin powder or 3 of its plates (above we described how to make a base for the future of masks). It is necessary to add 1 hour. L. milled oat flakes. Owners of the skin, prone to fat content, it is better to take the pancake flour. Next, add the milk product according to your skin type. As a result, you'll have a paste, the consistency similar to sour cream. This mask should be applied every 3 days, and sustain for about 15 minutes.

    Since charcoal

    This tool is more suitable for young skin that suffers from a large number of black dots. She deeply and effectively cleans the dermis, helping to get rid of the tiresome problem.

    Prepare the basis of 1 h. L. gelatin powder and stir into it a pre-pounded tablet of black coal. The resulting slurry is applied only to problem areas, such as the T-zone, then waiting for the mask hardens and dramatically remove one jerk.

    With banana

    Gelatin with banana mask to effectively tighten your skin, make it elastic. With regular use, this means improved facial contours.

    It is also necessary to prepare the substrate of 1 hour. l. gelatin powder, but give it does not need to cool. Straight into a hot mush should add sauce made from the pulp of a medium-sized banana using a blender. Next, the resulting mask is necessary to cool to room temperature and apply on face for 20-25 minutes. The procedure is desirable to be repeated 2-3 times a week. Mask wash off with clean water.

    In the absence of a banana, you can replace itother fruits or berries. For example, owners of a dry skin are ideal melon, avocado, tangerine and apricot. For skin prone to excess fat, it is best to use the berries: currants, cherries or strawberries.

    With cucumber juice

    Whitening Mask give the face a more youthful and well-groomed appearance, and deliver us from age-related pigment spots or freckles.

    To do this, rub the cucumber on a finegrater and wring out well, or squeeze the juice from them with the help of juicers. The resulting liquid, use cucumber for making gelatin bases instead of ordinary water at the same ratio - 1 tsp.. a powder or a gelatin plate 3 - 6-8 tsp.. juice. This mask can be applied to problem areas or the entire face. The procedure is best carried out in 1 3/4 times of the day, the mask maintaining at least 15 and not more than 25 minutes, and then washing with warm water.

    Reviews of the fair sex

    Reviews of face masks on the basis of gelatin

    Judging from the left to the open spaces of the Internetreviews, the mask for the face of the gelatin is highly effective cosmetic product. The result of its application is usually seen already from the first time. The facial skin of young girls becoming much cleaner thanks to getting rid of blackheads. In mature women have a lifting effect: the skin becomes elastic, improves its color.

    However, in order that you joined those who leftpositive feedback about the masks of gelatin, it is necessary to remember the following. Masks of this substance give impressive results only very conscientiously cleaned skin. Therefore, before applying them to recommend to put on any face cleansing mask. So you will be able to properly prepare the skin for a while, until the gelatin is swollen base.

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    In order to soften the signs of imminentaging, not necessarily stocking expensive cosmetics care with some exotic ingredients. Plain gelatin, bought at least a regular store, able to do a good service to anyone who is an unequal battle against wrinkles, pigmentation changes, with black dots. Masks with the natural collagen source capable of providing a surprising effect, especially when you consider the cost of our "savior".

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