How to put the bangs to one side?


We decided to upgrade the boring hairstyle? Just want to change here and now? Perhaps tired of wearing bangs and you decide to let go of her, and now tormented by doubts about what to do with it, until it will grow? The most acceptable and most winning option - bangs to one side. It is suitable for almost everyone. If you want to experiment with the haircut, you can safely choose a shape bangs, So it can be zachёsyvat side. This convenient stowage and positively affect the appearance. Grow bang model also save this way of stacking.

How to put the bangs to one side?

Choose styling bangs to the side

How perfectly suitable modeling spray -this versatile tool. Good assistant will also foam styling gel, cream light: who they like, depending on the hair type and season. For very unruly or curly hair is suitable for laying clay. This tool is sufficiently strong fixing and, unlike wax or cream, not fat, and gives the hair "hanging icicles" effect.

Unfortunately, there are no strict rules aboutlaying proper selection means for each of us separately. So often I have to try a lot of different foams, gels, creams, and others to find exactly their suitable for you. But do not be upset! We have guidelines for the correct choice! So, we know that hair, quickly becoming greasy, it is counter creams and the like emulsions for paving. But for dry hair type cream - it's the best choice.

How to put the bangs to one side?

Undoubtedly, for all hair types best place to start searching with the most light in texture means. This hair is much longer maintain the purity, natural look and shine. On bang enough to put one drop of money. In this case, it is better not abuse it.

Laying bangs to one side: the secrets of success

When we dealt a clean damp hair styling, you can start installing itself. Hair dryer, hairbrush, hair dryer, comb, ironing - someone that loves. Fortunately, it is not fundamentally.

  1. If you decide to style bangs hairdryer, direct the air stream downward.
  2. To add volume to hair, can be in the process of laying a hand to lift a bang and dry your hair at the roots, but from the bottom up directing the flow of air.
  3. Shaping can comb my hair or hands to give the exterior a slightly mischievous look.
  4. After laying do not forget the hair dryer to blow in cold air mode. This will give the hairstyle more hold.
  5. Regardless of the tools used forstacking, there is a great tip for those who do not want to bang laid scattered throughout the day. We need only a sprinkle of its varnish and lightly touching, smooth brush.

Note also that the long bangs "hide"a person with his drawbacks. Short, on the contrary, it reveals and attract the views of others to your lips. So, if you choose a short - you need to remember a perfect outer lips.

How to put the bangs to one side?

Nothing complicated in laying bangs to the side there. Everything is done quickly enough. And this is a big plus not only for those who do not have enough time for myself. There comes a season of scorching heat, when absolutely no desire to forty-degree heat and stand still for half an hour every day under the hot air coming from the dryer.

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Bangs take its place firmly enough amongfashion trends and, as we know, it is not going to leave. So experiment and realize their wildest fantasies, especially since this is not a huge amount of work!

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