How to remove hair from yellowing? Helps Shampoo against yellowness of hair! Reviews are impressive!


Probably, the blonde at least once in a lifetimerepainted every girl. That's just the hair color is not the easiest. It must be constantly maintained. Therefore, owners of light curls are often tormented by the question of how to remove the yellowing from melirovannyh or fully bleached hair.

How to remove the yellowing hair folk remedies?

Most soft methods are those thatIt involves the use of natural ingredients. They, like other variants are based on chemical exposure, but more careful not to damage the hair scales. As a result, often, in addition to the removal of unwanted pigment has achieved and strengthening curls, giving them shine and strength, and sometimes even prevent hair loss.

How to remove the yellowing hair folk remedies?

It is worth mentioning that not all casestraditional methods are. If the yellowing begins to appear some time after the visit to the barber, perhaps it will be possible to eliminate. But in the case of an unsuccessful campaign in the salon or home experiments, it is likely that it will not work.

  • One of the easiest and affordable ways eacha mask on the basis of honey. Immediately it should be ready for that and to apply, and it will be difficult to wash off at the expense of consistency. A small amount of product, the volume of which is chosen according to the length curls and density, it is necessary to heat it to become liquid. The easiest way to do it in a water bath. Then you need to give it a little cool, preventing burn the scalp and evenly distribute throughout the hair mass.
  • Top Always wear plasticfilm or a shower cap, and on it - a towel. Have to wait about 3 hours, and if a pronounced yellowness -. Then all 5. After that, the mask is washed off with warm water, applied to locks of shampoo for colored hair. Net moisturize curls conditioned and dried with a towel. Conditioning or supply means is required, since honey is able to dry them.

If a yellowness was the result of improperly performed staining procedure that took place to be in the current day, after returning home should try kefir mask.

  • 100 ml. this fermented milk product, which, by the way, better to take the stale, add 35 gr. (1 tbsp) of glycerin and alcohol tinctures of calendula. Both tools are readily available in pharmacies and are low cost. This also mixed into the egg (yolk), lemon juice (1 pc.) And 1 tsp alcohol. Due to such a structure mask can give the side effect of dryness. Therefore, after the honey, the hair will need to energize.
  • The mixture is applied to dry strands. After that, be sure to head zamatyvaetsya film which covers a warm hat or a turban from a towel. Make a mask stands in the night, because she duration - 8-10 hours is required Rinse it with warm water using shampoo and good. balm.

How to remove the yellowing hair bleached toning?

The most frequently used in the fight against any unwanted pigment method is toning. Its main difference from the usual coloringIt is to use smaller percentage lotion activator and a soft toner composition preparation. Most often this semipermanentnye paint containing no ammonia. They are not always harmless. Therefore, even such a procedure should be carried out only 1 time in 2 weeks.

How to remove the yellowing hair bleached toning?

For information on how to remove the yellowing or Streakedbleached hair by shading, and what should be a mixture of in each case, it is necessary to ask the barber. But to understand the issue, too, really alone, but professional advice is no substitute.

Each professional brand that producesdyes resistant apart tubes of the main drug aids exist. These include oxides (oxigent, lotions activator) and mikstony (offsets). The presence of the first mandatory, the second - in the case where the base color is not enough to achieve the desired. In particular, this refers to changes in temperature.

All presented in a tone selected storesOswald circle where opposite colors eliminate each other. Under this scheme, a yellow pigment removed purple, red - blue, red - green. On the other hand there are also a bunch. Thus, in order to kill the yellowness, you must purchase a tube of purple mikstona.

corrector dose is never equal to the volume itselfpaint, if there is no desire to get his shade on his head. On a standard 60 ml. the dye is measured a few cm., following the "rule of 12". It states that this number is subtracted from the number of basic colors. Balance is the dose mikstona attributable to the total volume of 120 ml. of paint and oxide. But this is only a tentative scheme, which in individual cases may not work.

Tinting is carried out at the lowestexisting percentage lotion activator. A number of manufacturers have special oxigent for tinting paints. For example, it is 2.7% Matrix. In the line of permanent dye mix correctors, oxides, paint different companies can be in toning - it is impossible. As well as connecting the two lines together.

Shampoo against yellowness Hair: reviews and comparison

Properly conduct toning yourself, themore without first consulting a professional can not each. Therefore, manufacturers have taken care of consumers by releasing special shampoos against yellowing hair, reviews which are quite contradictory. The product is based on that same purple mikston, mentioned above. But already added in the right quantity.

According to the comments of women, all of them with differentdegree of intensity of dried hair, and the cost does not matter. Therefore, as such a difference in whether it would be budget Estel, or middle class Bonacure, no. Cope with the task they are also almost all on one level. The light brightens be removed, but does not help with the painting initially unsuccessful. And the only advice that can be given - to hold toning, and then to maintain the result shampoo. Moreover, it is impossible to overdo. Some girls said that blondirovannyh hair appeared instead of yellow - purple pigment.

How to remove the yellowing with Streaked hair or prevent its occurrence?

These above suggestions are relevant not only forblond curls. The yellow pigment is able to climb even blond hair down to level 6. As a precaution, you can adhere to the following rules:

How to remove the yellowing with Streaked hair or prevent its occurrence?
  • Try not to get involved in oil masks. Organic fine hair, not exhausted colors. And if you already have set foot on the path of the use of such funds, have to go to the silicones, and "chemistry." Oil perfectly washed away the paint, especially its cool tones, which are themselves less stable. The result becomes unwanted yellowness or reddishnesses.
  • Maximum protect yourself from the use of chlorinated water. This is another factor that changes the temperature of the hair, and not in the direction desired. Filters for water nice solve this problem.
  • After staining, select appropriate care. In professional stores a lot of money, focused on blondes, including the division of the temperatures. consumer confidence earned Products brands Matrix, Bonacure, C: EHKO.
  • Since shampoos, as already mentioned, it is not alwaysIt operates as it should, there is another way of toning. In the usual amount of hair masks add 2-3cm purple corrector, and leave the mixture on your hair for a few minutes. Just try not to overdo, if your hair is at the level of 10 tones.

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In order to have your locks are not acquired yellowness, should not forget the timely toningWhich may be carried out under conditionsown home. It is also advisable to consult with the mother about care. He will help you find the right solution. At home, you can maintain the effect of using masks and various special funds for hair.

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