How to style your bangs?


No makeup, no clever styling notwill give its owner the expected beauty and charm, if it does not bang looks neat and well-groomed. Why is it that actresses and models on the covers of glossy magazines are bang 'hair to hair "?

How to style your bangs?
How to style your bangs?

Rules laying bangs

  • Important means for laying. Probably depends seventy percent of itsuccess. Preference is best to give easy styling products - spray, clay, mousses and foams. For oily or curly hair is suitable water spray or a special clay styling. Mousses and foams - for owners of the direct normal and dry hair. Out of competition is paving funds as a vitamin cocktail, which is often used in hairdressing. It makes the hair more manageable and protects against heat and ultraviolet radiation, as well as take medical treatment nourishes the hair and their nutrients. You can find it in specialty stores for hairdressers.
  • Do not overdo it! It is in our business is very important. Any styling quite the size of a cherry pit, or even less, depending on the length. If it simulating spray - one spray from a distance, so that it covered the whole bang.
  • Just to wet hair! Undoubtedly, the fringe should always be clean andfresh. In addition, all avid "chёlochniki" know, it is not necessary for this to wash every morning, all his hair. Simply wash only forelock, wet towel and apply styling products.
  • Further proceed directly to the installation. You will need a hair dryer and hairbrush with bristles. This brush firmly grasps the hair, making them smooth and shiny. Especially, it will facilitate the works of those who have unruly hair or curly. Owners straight and smooth hair comb so unnecessarily. The air flow from the dryer direct from top to bottom. If you otstrigli bang recently and in this case a novice, you can first, until natreniruete hand, use a hair dryer in the weak power mode.

How to style your bangs?
  • When your masterpiece is complete and the head adorned neatly arranged chёlochka, put in dryer mode cold air and again, "dry" hair in the desired directionwithin a few seconds. It will consolidate the initial installation. This method will give the desired result, and after straightening hair iron. Then smooth the hair comb, if necessary. You can sprinkle with varnish, but at a distance of twenty centimeters from head to lock kept better and bangs are not covered ugly "crust".

What form of bangs to choose?

If you only plan to become the owner of a bang and determine what shape is best to choose, pay attention to some generally accepted rules:

  • For the elongated shape of the face is necessary and appropriate fringe - to the eyebrows or below someone as comfortable. The same length and suitable to conceal high forehead.
  • You have a square or rectangular face? Feel free to choose the oblique long or medium-length bangs. For a round face, you can choose a fashionable bang torn.

How to style your bangs?
  • Arched shape will look great on a triangular face.
  • Bangs down to the eyelashes makes the nose larger. Also, any fringe emphasizes the lips, so you should take care of their good appearance.
  • Those who have curly hair, it is better to give up too thick bangs. Also, a thick fringe will be difficult to resist the installation, if you have the unruly hair and chose a shortened version.

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And remember, there is no sense to be upset if youexposed to rain or any reason chosen form of bangs does not match your appearance. After all, she quickly otrastёt and it can always be upward stab. The main thing is not to lose a positive attitude and give free rein to their imagination - and here you are again looking at 100!

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