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People's Councils are the most controversialthing: their usefulness argue the scientists, professionals and ordinary townsfolk. This is especially characteristic of the category of funds for health and beauty. In particular, the issue of the effect of soap on the condition of the hair is still no single solution was found: someone complains about the product, and who is willing to replace them all the means to care. Who is right?

Commercial hair soap - perfect care or pest?

Most of the claims of supporters of naturalProduct argued that they were used by their ancestors and had no problems with hair, skin, etc. Of course, the challenge is not currently possible, however, required to take into account a lot of nuances. In particular, with regard to soap, which used to wash his head, over half a century and even more time to change the composition of the product. Find tool, absolutely similar to that supplied to the Soviet Union shops today - impossible except to pick up as close as possible to it option.

Secondly, in the past century it has been soTermopribor common, and their use definitely not of a daily character. Thus, there is no main factor which adversely affects the condition of hair. In the summer from the sun's rays are always present protection in the form of scarves or hats, and be sure to tie a warm scarf winter. In the end, if that could damage the thick women's spit, it's genetic characteristics. In addition, food and while it was not like the more natural.

The only significant plus soap onwho can not close their eyes, it is full of antibacterial and hypoallergenic almost complete. The result is that even sensitive scalp can perceive the product more readily, rather than a professional chemical agent. But no one can even guarantee is unique because some of the components of soap affect the scalp is no better than the notorious sulfates.

Commercial hair soap

Reviews specialists

To address the problem from all sides,need to know what people think about this, scientists and those on whom depends the condition and appearance of hair - professionals of hairdressing. As numerous surveys and studies, and those and others in solidarity: soap is no better than non-natural shampoos, having in its composition silicones.

Experts explain their position thatchemical composition of soap or earlier, nor now was not ideal. This is especially true of the acid-alkaline balance, considerably shifted towards alkali. This item is aggressive to the skin, especially if they have a high sensitivity, as it is peculiar to destroy the protective film covering the scalp. For this reason, soap holders like hair prone to oily at the roots. But this does not mean that this product is now only worth doing, and the main element of care for this problem.

Frequent cleaning agent with highalkali leads to the fact that the natural protection of the hair and scalp is no longer produced, destruction reach the inner layers, and the hair becomes dull and brittle. Split ends, density loss, dandruff, lack luster - this is not a complete list of troubles that can be obtained.

The only quality soap,which can occasionally use, according to experts, lies in its ability to completely wash the hair and scalp, eliminating the most superficial water-lipid layer. For this reason soap is used for the same purpose as the glubokoochischayuschie shampoos. This is done 1 time per month, after which the hair is necessarily processed good nutrient mask. Best of all - natural. Such a procedure is shown for people with oily scalp.

Soap as wash-resistant dye for

Commercial hair soap

Given that, as has been found ineconomic soap contains a high percentage of alkali agent easily destroys the outer shell of the hair. This property women have learned to use to their advantage by destroying the soap of an unsuccessful coloring. But here it is worth mention that those hairdressing procedures that were carried out a week ago or more, the product will work worse. And if the hair dye was packed to the bar, laundry soap would be virtually useless.

Driving the action is quite simple: classic soap (fatty acids - 72%) shampooed wet hair so that the product is rubbed into each strand, then he is given 3-5 minutes. on impact. Next hair carefully rinsed with cool water. The procedure can be repeated twice nomylo important to wash thoroughly. After that, it is strongly recommended to put on a good hair nourishing mask and balsam, leaving them for 10-15 minutes. Head to this short period, it is desirable to wrap a towel, creating a thermal effect. The hair is then rinsed again and dried naturally.

These actions are made dailyfor 1-2 weeks, during this period can be increased by 2-3 tones base, significantly slowed the saturation of artificial pigment. However, the dye completely, if it was persistent, do not get washed. This is especially true for a long time applied paint. And after each use soap hair masks necessarily eat. You can use professional tools, it is possible to resort to a natural base oils that also help destroy unwanted paint. It is strongly recommended to carry out the procedure's Skin after such action for a further 8-11 days.

Professionals claim that such a method of removing artificial colors are not worse than the chemical washAnd it relates more loyal to some extent to thehair. But he gives a less pronounced result, so is not suitable for everyone. Raise the base 1 (blue-black) to 7 (medium brown) only soap will not work.

Does soap for hair loss?

Can soap to preventhair loss? To build the null hypothesis, it is necessary to consider its structure, and, on the basis of the received data, to talk about the impact of the product on the scalp and hair follicles, from which depends on the density and hairline.

Commercial hair soap

The main component of soap - animalsfats. They definitely need to put on the count of pluses, because a certain number of them are present in all hair care products, even the most expensive and professional. These ingredients have a protective function: by covering the hair with a thin film, they reflect the adverse environmental shocks - frosty air and scorching sun, exhaust, etc. Externally covered with a substance the hair looks more smooth and shiny.

Fatty acids may also be considered usefulhair, because they are able to protect them from breakage and separation, but only in the case when they contain soap in more than 70%. This product shows the girls with normal or dry hair, and is not suitable for oily roots. Newest better pay attention to the soap category III, where only 64% of these acids, or even less.

Sodium - the one component that, in the opinionMost people, and helps to prevent hair loss. Under this assumption, there is some truth, because the deficiency of this element in the body is really there is a problem of permanent and active loss. But in order to improve the situation, rather occasionally make masks or scrubs the skin of sea salt head and do not forget to include foods that are rich in sodium. Especially since an overabundance of this element leads to hair breakage.

About bases previously mentioned a lot, it definitely can be considered harmful to the curls.

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In the end, it turns out that is not in the economic soapThere is a unique element, which could block the negative aspects of the product. The fatty acids can be found in other care facilities, and to make up the deficit of sodium sea salt. Because hardly soap should completely replace its entire hair care.

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