What are the best make-up brushes

What are the best make-up brushes

Table of contents:

  1. "Golden" selection rules
  2. Material for brushes
  3. The size and hardness
  4. Choose a brush

Refined exquisite makeup is difficult to reproducewithout a set of brushes, which are uniformly and correctly to shade all the colors, as if the artists. Very often women skimp on good brushes, limited use of applicators that come with different sets of cosmetics. But the "morning masterpiece" can accomplish not only the make-up artists, but also ordinary beauties, having the quality cosmetics and brushes.

"Golden" selection rules

Types of brushes

Types of brushes

cosmetic accessories market offers legion brands of this product and the weight of different brushes, each of which serves to apply only one kind of cosmetics.

  1. For powder. This category includes large, round and very soft brush made of natural pile for mineral loose powder. Large brush size designed to bronzer. Small round brush - for blush shading. Brushes with bristles of two-color (artificial and natural) is used for cosmetics with a liquid consistency. A brush-whisk well removes the excess powder from the face.
  2. For the basics. This brush with synthetic bristles that are easy to apply foundation. Round handle, short, shaped like a heel, ideal for crumbly mineral powder.
  3. For the shadows. This kind of brush is divided into three subspecies: the large base is applied under the shade, with a pile of different lengths - for decorative shades with different shades, which are applied on the corners of the eyes. For shading uses a brush with short soft bristles. Crease easiest to draw the small brush and shade boundaries between different shades - dense.
  4. For blush. These brushes may be rounded or cut at an angle. Their flattened helps beautiful blush shade that is most natural to emphasize the cheekbones.
  5. For eyeliner. Brushes with synthetic bristles and a rigid curved thin tip. They are easy to "fill" a neat point in eye liner.
  6. For make-up eyebrows. Brushes of hard natural or synthetic fluff, like a brush for eyeliner. They can be painted or covered their eyebrows waxed.
  7. Small brush correctors of synthetic materials easily camouflage skin imperfections "tonalnika".
  8. For lips. These brushes are made in the form of cat tongue to gently lay lipstick. They can also create a smooth contour of the lips.

Makeup brushes
Makeup brushes

This required minimum is necessary to get to your make-up was not worse than that of Hollywood makeup artists!

And now need to choose the right material forBristle ... How to determine which hand is best for makeup: synthetic or natural yet? What should be their size and the relative stiffness of the product?

Material for brushes

Material for brushes

Depending on the composition of cosmetics, which youuse, make-up artists are advised to choose natural hair to dry and granular cosmetic products (powder, blush or dry shadows) and artificial - for liquid kinds of decorative cosmetics (foundations, foundation), because synthetics do not absorb the product.

From natural materials, the following types of pile used for makeup:

  • Sable and columns - elastic hairs golden brown. When applied shadows perfectly drawn eyelids, it is very soft and tender to the touch.
  • The squirrel - squirrel brushes are soft and smooth, do not scratch the delicate skin of the eyelids and superbly shaded shadow border.
  • Pony - a tight and sleek brown fur. Good at drawing a make-up on her eyes and face.
  • Goat - slightly wavy, voluminous and slightly harsh black fur. Good and uniformly powdered face masks.

The size and hardness

Size of brushes for make-up
Size of brushes for make-up

For any portion of the face, which willapply makeup, you can find a suitable brush size. Brush should be free to lie in the hand, the bristles will certainly need to choose a flexible, but not rough or harsh, in order not to traumatize the skin. According to the above recommendations, and his eyes and face contours define the sizes and types of brushes.

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