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Harmful if shellac and gel nail polish

Harmful if shellac and gel nail polish

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  1. Difference between the gel and shellac varnish
  2. Beauty Nail and pregnancy

Any girl, regardless of age,social status, and type of activity you want to be beautiful. And it's not just clothes, makeup and hairstyles, and manicure. Make your beautiful hands and nails well groomed and neat in our time is not difficult - this service is available in any beauty salon. You can just cover the usual polish nails, and you can change the length and shape of the nails. However, heavy Naroscheny, plastic nails for a long time are no longer in vogue. A simple, even the most high-quality lacquer oblezet a week. So now it has become very popular cover their own nail gel nail polish and shellac. They are distinguished from conventional varnish coating resistance: they are not afraid of water and kept for two to four weeks, saving both finance and time. Besides gloss polish, lacquer-coated gel, it tarnishes over time, and the color palette of more than great.

Difference between the gel and shellac varnish

Shellac - a hybrid of varnish and gel

Shellac - a hybrid of varnish and gel

What is different from other shellac gel nail?

Firstly, shellac, in fact, has the firstWorld hybrid varnish and nail gel invented by CND in spring 2010, and the gel varnish from other manufacturers - but its analogues. And each company carefully guards the secrets of composition and production technology of its products.

Note!Shellac is considered to be of higher quality, brandproduction means and for its application will be more costly. In addition, there is a complete line of manicure, from tools and ending with the final coating, what can not yet boast of any other company.

Secondly, there is a difference in the principleapplication. If applied shellac nails give a neat shape, as with any manicure, degreased, dried and coated with ultraviolet light in a special lamp. When applying the gel polish zapilivaetsya first surface of the nail plate are mechanical damage to its better connection with the material, and then apply a special fluid. Accordingly, these materials are removed in different ways - for remove shellac enough to put on your nails a special liquidand a foil wrap for a few minutes. During this time, the composition dissolves varnish and it can be easily removed with a wooden spatula. To remove the conventional gel varnish sanding is necessary to remove the top layer, and only then remove the rest with the help of nail polish remover. And in both cases the procedure is to entrust the master, in order to avoid damaging the nail!

Removal of shellac

Removal of shellac

Of course, wishing for a long time to decorate yourselfbeautiful shiny nails are interested in, it is not harmful if shellac and gel nail polish? On the one hand, in addition to aesthetic appeal, these socks during coverage little but protect from natural nails and breaking of the bundle, and, unlike conventional lacquers do not contain harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and toluene.

On the other hand, these procedures have a numbercons. In the case of gel varnish is primarily damage the nail plate by grinding its surface, and the use of shellac nails may be over dried and cracking.

Note!Some scholars are of the opinion that the UV lamp itself has a negative impact - too frequent UV-exposure may cause skin changes.

In addition any long wearing gel varnishesIt leads to the fact that the nail does not receive enough oxygen and loses its own protective layer, because of which after removal of the coating may appear dim, weak and have a yellowish tint. And if your own nails by nature fragile and exfoliating, the situation can only worsen. In addition, illiterate stripping can greatly harm the nails, for example, if you use an aggressive liquid containing acetone or scouring gel lacquer metal rod.

Note!Do not carry out this procedure at home, if there is no special skills, savings on salon finances may take to restore the natural nails.

Beauty Nail and pregnancy

The composition of shellac eliminates toxins

The composition of shellac eliminates toxins

Of course, you need to know if dangerous shellacor gel nail during pregnancy and nursing. After all, women in these circumstances, it would be desirable to look well-groomed and beautiful - but is it worth it! Most experts agree that the use of these procedures are absolutely safe during pregnancy.

Firstly, because the shellac varnish and gel containsonly neutral and components have not contain harmful chemicals - toxins and dibutyl phthalate, whose effects so deleterious that can lead to abnormalities in fetal development. The only thing that can affect the health of the pregnant - is inhaling fumes when applying the composition, but in this case, damage them much smaller compared with conventional nail lacquers. In principle, the expectant mother when visiting a beauty salon in any case it is necessary to take into account the overall health and your own reactions to cosmetic odors in order to avoid nausea, especially in the first trimester. In addition, a woman in a position to be very careful approach to the choice of the means to remove the nail and carefully study its composition - it has in any case should not be acetone. That he just might be harmful not only for its pungent odor.

Avoid breathing vapors composition nail polish remover

Avoid breathing vapors composition nail polish remover

In addition to this inconvenience is another nuance,because of which some Manicurist not recommend to apply shellac or gel nail polish during pregnancy. The fact that this period women hormonal changes. The body can not uniquely respond to any manipulation - hair color does not give the expected result, tanning spots lie, and the usual face cream can cause rashes. Same thing with gel varnish - it is impossible to predict exactly what will be the result of a manicure. Definitely, the danger to life would be no, except for individual intolerance of components of the composition, but the strength and durability of the coating may be in jeopardy. However, everything can be exactly the opposite.

The same is true of nursing mothers. The composition of these materials not harmful chemicals which may get into the blood and breast milk, but due to hormonal metamorphosis It can significantly reduce the time of coating wear. Whatever it was, and pregnant and lactating mothers should carry out the procedure in a well ventilated area.

In addition, it should be referred tothe skilled person, use sterile instruments, because the slightest damage to the nail or the skin at the technology could lead to non-compliance of infection that can be very dangerous.

Consult a qualified technician

Consult a qualified technician

Another lactating mothers should be careful to your manicure, and in the case of peeling is required to remove it, in order to avoid getting gel particles in the child's stomach.

So, as we can see, there is no reasonassume that the use of shellac varnish or gel dangerous for the body. Especially if the service is provided in a good salon with qualified employees who enjoy high-quality materials.

Note!Do not get carried away and cover the nails suchmaterials too often prevent them drying out. It is advisable to give your nails a break once in three months to restore them, but it is an individual process, because the thin, weak nails need to rest more often than strong and sturdy.

Pregnant and nursing mothers shouldconsult with your doctor about the advisability of such a manicure, as well as to avoid allergic reactions. As if there was not, after reviewing all the pros and cons of applying shellac or gel lacquer, a woman can decide whether she should even cover the nail gel polish, and if yes, how it is.

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