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How to get rid of nail foliation

Table of contents:

  1. Causes of Nail foliation
  2. Diet
  3. Home remedies

Rare girl can boast a strong andBeautiful nails and at the same time to recognize that it does nothing to make them look well groomed. The lack of systematic care affects the nails negatively. Slovenly appearance of nails - it's not so bad. Much worse when the nails start to exfoliate. This causes considerable inconvenience: flaking nail clinging nylon stockings, silk dress, leaving hands and elongated strands. Agree, a little pleasant. And thinned nail begins to bend, form kinks that may cause pain. In such a situation should immediately take the most decisive measures to hide away their laziness, gather into a fist and start to act.

Causes of Nail foliation

Causes of Nail foliation

Many people wonder whether or not you need to contactprofessionals and treat exfoliating nails. No doubt, medical supervision and medication - is heavy artillery, and that "the dead on their feet will lift." In fact, everything depends on the reasons that cause the bundle of nails. In some cases, the nails exfoliate because of the fungal infection, then the doctor can not do without, so to get rid of nail bundle you can only using special ointments and medicines. Fortunately, this is not common, usually causes nail foliation is simple:

  • filing nails with iron saws and traffic "to and fro";
  • low-quality nail polish;
  • use acetone nail polish remover;
  • unbalanced diet with insufficient vitamins and minerals, especially calcium;
  • an overabundance of calcium. Yes, a lot - does not mean good in this case, when an excessive amount of calcium in the body nails become brittle;
  • the impact of household chemicals, when the hostess neglecting household gloves.


The diet of the nail foliation

The diet of the nail foliation

To put nails into shape, enrich theirdiet useful products: fruits and vegetables, dairy products. It is necessary to give up fast food, convenience foods, products containing gelatin. If the nails exfoliate, then the body lacks vitamins B, A, E, and minerals - magnesium and calcium. These substances are found in large quantities in cottage cheese, hard cheeses, fermented baked milk, yogurt. It should be emphasized in the diet of fish, eggs, cabbage, seafood.

Additionally, you can take vitaminmedicines: vitamin each separately or all together in a multivitamin composition. Just remember that not all manufacturers take into account the compatibility of vitamins and multivitamin complexes may be ineffective.

Home remedies

Means to strengthen nails
Means to strengthen nails

At home, you can win nail foliationthrough various baths. Of course, as in all treatment procedures important regularity. If the condition of the nails is that it greatly bothers you, it is better to make baths in the course of two weeks, the frequency - daily. As preventive measures do enough trays for nails once a week.

  1. Often nails exfoliate due to lack of moisture. In this case, the means for restoring the essential structure of nails - oil. You can take castor oil, olive oil, sesame oil, burdock oil, in short, any what is at hand. It should be quite a bit of it: the little drop of oil on each nail. Rub in a circular motion is necessary. After several such procedures nails will look much better, and grow back again nails will be strong.
  2. Another simple remedy - bath with sea salt. You will need one teaspoon of salt per bath. By doing so the bath every day for ten days in a row, you will notice a change for the better.
  3. After a few baths with lemon juice, youYou will be able to notice a great effect. You just have to squeeze half a lemon into a bath of warm water and soak your fingers in it for fifteen minutes. Likewise, you can use the iodine, adding a few drops into the water, or oil that you prepare for rubbing into the nail.

This is the most effective and proven tools from nails foliation.

How to get rid of nail foliation
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