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How to make hot manicure

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If you did not get to grow on nailshands because they constantly break down and exfoliate, it's time to treat yourself to a hot manicure. Unlike conventional manicure, its "hot" embodiment further includes a bath with warmed nutrient composition in which 10-15 minutes immersed fingers. During this time, and nails, and skin time to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients. Nails after this procedure have become stronger, and your skin - very pleasant to the touch.

Where do the hot manicure

Where do the hot manicure

So how to make hot manicure is not very difficult,you can not go to the studio manicure and pedicure (or beauty) and to make it at home by yourself. However, the first option (when you will be doing manicures master professional) has some advantages:

  • the work will be used specialnourishing lotion, while at home or take any usual cream or any vegetable oil, and thereto is added all useful "by eye";
  • cuticle treatment and nail plate will also be carried out professionally and carefully;
  • after the master bath will make any type of manicure that you like (hardware, European or trim);
  • Hot manicure includes also massagehands with the same nourishing lotion, which was used in the heated bath (do hand massage itself is not as nice as it does when the master).

Hot manicure in salon

Hot manicure in salon

At home, hot manicure, too, can be done in two ways:

  • using the special trays, which heats and then automatically maintains a cream or oil temperature at the desired temperature (about 40 degrees);
  • heating the oil or cream in a water bath.


Hot manicure at home
Hot manicure at home

First of all, you need to prepare a tray orthe capacity in which you will warm up the nutrient composition (which is the temperature constancy necessary to improve absorption into the skin of nutrients, and depends on the result of hot manicure).

Then, try to trim cream required (can betake any quality, but add the vitamins A and E, a pair of drops of sea buckthorn oil, almond and apricot). Better, of course, buy a special lotion for hot manicure, which includes a lot more nutritional ingredients than in the home "cream".

Pour the cream or lotion in the bath and allowed to warm up to the required temperature.

Hot manicure yourself
Hot manicure yourself

Now you can start the procedure itself:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and carefully remove the nail varnish residues available;
  • nail file gives nails the desired shape;
  • if the cream or lotion is already warmed up, lower your fingers in the tub for 10 minutes (just two hands, as do hot manicure, first on one hand and then on the other, is not very convenient);
  • then gently rub the lotion in calendula, cuticles and skin of the hands massage;
  • delayed or remove the cuticle;
  • if you wish to degrease the nail plate and apply colored nail polish on it.

Use hot manicure

Use hot manicure

Hot manicure can be recommended as a treatment procedure in a few cases, for example if:

  • you decide to restore your natural nails after artificial increase;
  • your cuticle is damaged;
  • nails exfoliate, break down or you have a habit of biting when nervous;
  • the skin on the hands is very dry and unpleasant to the touch;
  • appeared pimples.

Contraindications to the use of hot manicure can be: open wounds on the fingers, fungal diseases, diabetes, cancer.

How to make hot manicure
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