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How to remove the cuticles at home

Table of contents:

  1. What is the cuticle
  2. Preparation
  3. classical approach
  4. European method,

The dream of every girl - beautiful and well-groomed hands. To keep your manicure was perfect, it is necessary to monitor the state of the cuticle. To give an accurate type of nails, experts recommend removing it.

What is the cuticle

nail scheme

nail scheme

First we need to understand what is the cuticle, and why it is needed.

The cuticle is the layer of deadthe skin at the base of the nail. It performs a protective barrier function. Naturally protects the nail from getting into its cavity different microbes.

However, much overgrown cuticles not only interferes with the right to perform a manicure, but also gives a bad look to your nails.

Many women wonder if the cuticle protects the nail from getting infections, whether it should be removed?

  • Overgrown cuticle gradually fills the nail surface.
  • Flaking, the cuticle is responsible for the formation of burrs.
  • The cuticle is a natural barrier, so helps slow nail growth.

The skin of the cuticle - dead.

Note!If it is not removed in time, it can grow into the cavity of the nail plate.

Remove it will have to have surgery. The only way out - the constant hand care and timely treatment and disposal of the cuticle.


Tray with chamomile

Tray with chamomile

Before you remove the cuticles at home to soften the skin.

  • To do this, prepare a hot bath. Put it in your hands for a few minutes. To enhance the effect of the water, you can add the following means: sea salt, essential oil, grapefruit or lemon juice.
  • Well dry your hands with a towel
  • Apply a nourishing cream. Remove excess tissue.

Our hands are ready to go.

Cuticle oil

Cuticle oil

Now prepare the nail plate. To this should be applied to the nail surface specialized Manicure oil. It will provide a softening cuticles.

Note!It should be a good rub and leave for a few minutes to absorb.

You can then go to the procedure for removing the cuticle. There are two methods of operation:

  • classical approach
  • European method,

Consider each method works separately.

classical approach

Removing cuticle clippers

Removing cuticle clippers

For work, we need:

  • nail scissors
  • forceps
  • manicure sticks


  • This method is quite travmoopasen, so it is advisable to be careful.
  • Get to work only after the softening cuticles.
  • Remember that you only need to cut the necrotic part. It can be easily separated at mitigation.
  • Tools recommended to disinfect. Wipe them with an alcohol solution. So you prevent infection in the nail cavity.

Proceed to remove the cuticle:

  1. Lubricate the nails with oil. You can purchase a special gel to remove the cuticle.
  2. Take a wooden stick and a sharp end its slide horny skin.
  3. Excess skin must be carefully trimmed with scissors.
  4. Take the tweezers and remove small parts of the cuticle. First, remove the skin on the sides, and then - in the center.
  5. Remove the burrs nail clippers.
  6. Try to grab as little as possible of the skin area. So you can avoid injury and infection of the nail cavity.
  7. After the procedure is recommended to clean the nail plate with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. This will allow the infection does not get to the damaged surface.

European method,

Removing cuticles with a wooden stick

Removing cuticles with a wooden stick

How to trim the cuticles in this way?

Note!The European method of work is considered the most safe for the nail and therefore it is recommended to perform at home.

There are three ways. They differ in the methods of thermal treatment arms:

  • Hot type of work. Held at strong and significant damage to the skin cuticle sprawl. It implies a strong skin steaming.
  • Dry work. special oils and gels are used to soften the skin. It must be used with caution, because preparations for mitigating an allergic reaction may occur on the skin.
  • Wet care. skin softening hand with a heat pan.

Now consider the details how to remove the cuticles at home using the European method:

  1. Treat the surface of the nail nail file and give it the desired shape.
  2. Soften the skin surface in one of three ways.
  3. Apply a base nail oil or gel for cuticles. Hold it on the nails 6-7 minutes to absorb.
  4. Remove surplus funds.
  5. With the help of a wooden stick remove the cuticle. Movement should be directed to the base of the nail plate.
  6. On the surface of the nail, apply cuticle oil to slow growth.

Regular care of the cuticle - the secret of the beauty of your hands.

How to remove the cuticles at home
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