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How to whiten the tips of the nails

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Healthy and beautiful nails can be calledornament of women. Moreover, the color of the nail plate - the status indicator of your health and how well you do them (nails) are caring. Unfortunately, sometimes the nails can acquire a very unpleasant yellowish tint, get rid of which is difficult.

As you can imagine, yellow nails can not look beautiful and well-groomed, so to get rid of unattractive shade should be as soon as possible.

There are several ways bleachingfingertips and the whole plate as a whole. To do this well suited as a home care cosmetics, prepared with his own hands, and professional products purchased in stores.

If you can be called a lover of brightcolors, with which you are experimenting, using various shades of nail polish, then most likely you are familiar with the problem of yellowing of the nail plate. The whole point of a component. The composition includes a formaldehyde lacquer - a substance that adversely affects the condition and structure of your nails.


Tips for nail whitening

Tips for nail whitening

When the tip of the nail yellowing way connected with the internal reasons, but simply the result of poor care, can help cool simple home remedies:

  • Slightly lightens nails peroxide solution of 45%hydrogen, vinegar and lemon juice. In addition, it is useful to rub the nails fresh potatoes, cut into pieces. Such procedures must be carried out daily, otherwise they will not give any effect. These funds are in every home, and they do well with yellowness.
  • Whitening lemon juiceWhitening lemon juiceTry this: Cut a small piece of lemon, and within five minutes, rub its juice in your nails. This procedure not only lighten the tip of your nail, but also soften the cuticle and strengthen the nail plate. Lemon can be called the most effective way to whiten nails at home. Furthermore, it also is quite safe. That's just only one procedure will not bring any results. If you want a noticeable effect, rub lemon nails at least a month.
  • It proved its effectiveness the remedy: a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and glycerol.
  • Marvelous has a brightening effectbath with salt. Take a couple of tablespoons of sea salt and simply dissolve it in warm water. The solution (if you want, of course) can add lemon juice and any essential oil. Such bleaching tray should be used every day for 10-15 minutes. After about 3 weeks you will be surprised excellent results: the nails not only lighten and become more well-groomed appearance, but also great to be strengthened.
  • Great recipe - a mixture of a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice. Such mixtures should wipe the nail, and then gently polish them nail file.
  • Whitening essential oilsWhitening essential oilsWell proven as"Bleach" all kinds of essential oils. You can try to make the bath with the oil of ylang-ylang or jojoba. Every effort is made incredibly simple: typed bowl of warm water and dripped into it a couple of drops of essential oil. Now, lower your nails in the solution, and hold at least 15 minutes. The result will be guaranteed.
  • Excellent bleaching agent - solutionhydrogen peroxide, mixed with baking soda. The proportions should be: two tablespoons of baking soda and one teaspoon peroxide. All this is mixed until the consistency of toothpaste is applied to the nails and about 3 minutes. Just be careful, because if there are sores around the nail, means they worsen. To heighten the effect, you can clean the nails with a soft brush, pre inflicting on it the resulting mixture.

How to whiten the tips of the nails
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