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Single-phase and three-phase paints: what is the difference and which one to choose

Single-phase and three-phase paints: what is the difference and which one to choose

Table of contents:

  1. Types of coatings
  2. Advantages and disadvantages

Fans of manicure should be aware of suchnail coat, as gel nail. This tool is in many ways superior to the gel or acrylic. we can say that they are very stylish look about the last two types, as well as keep their resistance, but very much damage the nail plate. Gel polish more gentle, but no less attractive-looking cover, which is why every day increases his popularity. Gel polish, regardless of its type, not only does not harm the nails, but also helps to strengthen it and prevent delamination.

Types of coatings



Today we know two kinds of lacquercoverage: three-phase and single-phase. Knowing the technology to use every means possible to choose a convenient option for themselves. First of all, when choosing a gel varnish should be guided by two main principles:

  1. Availability of free time. For the application of the three-phase coatings used several means: basic, color and finish. Single-phase coating, as can be seen from the name, is a full-fledged agent in one bottle. Therefore, using a single-phase polish, manicure done easier and faster.
  2. The financial side. It is not difficult to guess that by acquiring three-phase coating, you will spend more money, as the need to purchase once the vial 3 different coatings instead of one.

Based on this we can conclude about the advantages of a single-phase three-phase coating before.

Advantages and disadvantages

Single-phase varnishesSingle-phase varnishes

However, too early to draw definitive conclusions becauseand that the single-phase, three-phase and coatings have both advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, it is as prepared by spray coating to the nails. Only proper preparation will ensure a proper result.

It plays an important role and the one who isManufacturers Select nail you. There are many unscrupulous manufacturers producing substandard, and sometimes even harmful lacquers. Therefore it is important to buy cosmetics, in particular nail varnishes, only trusted manufacturers, such as the Masura, which are popular among professionals and amateurs.

Let's talk first about the benefits of a single-phase coating:

  • Easy to use. You do not need to understand complicated technology application phase coating.
  • Polymerization and UV LED-lamp.
  • Security for the nail plate and the surrounding tissue, due to the absence of many harmful chemicals (toluene, formaldehyde), contained in other types of coverage.
  • There is no need to purchase a means for removing the adhesive layer, since the adhesive layer is not formed in a single phase coating.
  • There is no external differences from the complex three-phase coating.

Gel polishGel polish

All the above advantages make the single-phasenail the ideal choice for both beginners and professionals in the field of nail services. But like any tool, single-phase coating has its drawbacks.

Firstly, the coating on the three-phase stability,anyway, will exceed a single-phase, through the use of base and finish. These two layers provide a tight bond covering all components of the nail plate. Therefore, the three-phase coating will find its followers among those who does not like to frequently update manicure. Although, I must say that if you want you can always extend the stability of the single-phase gel nail using a finishing layer, designed specifically for him.

The second drawback is the single-phase varnishinability to give free rein to their imagination. Due to lack of the adhesive layer will be difficult to decorate the nail that is so popular today. Here, perhaps, all the information about the differences of three-phase and single-phase coatings, knowing that you will be able to choose suitable for you nail coating easily.

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