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What if I broke a fingernail

Table of contents:

  1. Cosmetic nail graft
  2. Severe nail breakage
  3. Advice

Well-groomed and beautiful hands are a real source of pride of each girl. Perfect manicure and unusual nail designs create a harmonious image.

In recent years, popular nail andstrengthening them in various materials surface. Every second she walks with nails graft. This manicure looks very impressive and requires maintenance only 1 time per month.

However, the graft of the nail could accidentallybreak. For every girl is becoming a big problem. What if I break a nail? Do not immediately panic and file away the remaining nails. The situation may well be correct.

Cosmetic nail graft

to file the nail

to file the nail

No matter what method buildup was performed. Neither material (TIPS, shape, acrylic) does not guarantee the durability of the coating.

In case of failure, many experts recommend completely rebuild the whole manicure. However, this is not absolutely necessary.

Note!At home, you can quite easily cope with the problem.

Consider the simple method restore perfect manicure. It takes very little time, and the effect of it simply amazing.

For work, we need the following tools:

  • Nail file
  • Clear nail polish
  • Super-glue or adhesive 101
  • The bag of tea

Repair nail yourself

Repair nail yourself

Getting started:

  1. We need an empty bag of tea, so he carefully opened and pour the tea leaves. Now cut a strip out of it, equal to the size of chipped nail.
  2. Deal nail nail file.
  3. On the nail, apply a drop of glue and push it to the paper strip.
  4. Top drip even glue.
  5. Wait until the glue dries and apply another layer 1.
  6. Once the glue is dry, carefully cut the paper at the edges of the nail.
  7. Treat the surface of the nail file.
  8. With the help of liquid nail polish remover to remove the excess glue.
  9. On top, apply a coat of clear varnish for fixing.

Note!To prevent ingress of harmful bacteria in the cavity of the nail to be treated in any place breakage antiseptic (lidocaine, hydrogen peroxide).

Severe nail breakage

Refer to the nail salon

Refer to the nail salon

If failure is a serious and a simple patch can not do, it is recommended to treat with antiseptic nail and seal the medical adhesive. This will prevent damage to the cavity of the nail plate.

Next, seek professional help in the nail salon.


Cover the nail varnish

Cover the nail varnish

  • If you have damaged fingernail at a party, ask whether anyone has a clear nail polish. Find a paper towel and seal her place of breakage. Secure the cloth with the help of varnish.
  • Place the fault can seal the conventional transparent varnish and when dry apply a colored coating.
  • Refer to the nail salon. You will perform a professional capacity with natural materials such as silk or bio-acrylic. The coating must be cut at least nail growth.
  • If you notice that your nails become brittle and oftencrack, review your diet. Perhaps it affects just a lack of vitamins. Eat calcium supplements and a variety of vitamin complexes to improve the condition of nails.

What if I broke a fingernail
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