Mask for hair smoothness: tested recipes and recommendations


Hair Beauty for women is paramount andis in the same position that the beauty of the skin and nails. Very often there is a problem of smoothness of hair - because external factors begin to electrify curls, lose their shape and shine. Are there ways to tame them and make them live a healthy appearance? And only if the salon treatments can achieve the hair smoothness, or perhaps solve the problem at home?

How to make hair smooth at home?

Does the smoothness of the hair comb -professionals argue for a long time. There is no consensus has not happened, but emerged a few interesting tips, which are successfully used by many women. If you urgently need to tidy up fluff, electrified hair, and on the procedure for washing the hair with subsequent drying time, no, you can do the following: a wooden comb to drip 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil or a base, to distribute it on the comb, and a few just go to her hair. If the plastic comb, better to use a base oil or your agent with indelible silicones. Instant smoothness persist for a few hours, and in good condition of hair - the whole day.

How to make hair smooth at home?

In addition to special tools that can improvestructure of hair, not forget about the important but very simple rule, which does not meet all the girls. To the cuticle of the hair during shampooing, and after it was in the closed position, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, although most believe the optimal 34 degrees. And after the elimination of balm or a mask is desirable to rinse with cool (25-30 degrees), water or herbal decoction or infusion of acetic same temperature.

Last nuance and procedures relating tocleanse scalp and hair, and also directly affects the smoothness, is the removal of excess moisture with a towel. Some girls are used to actively rubbing the strands in the hands, believing that such actions will accelerate the process of drying. Perhaps, from this point of view, all right, but the hair of such manipulations him uncomfortable: it increases the probability of failure and scales disclosure, leading to dullness. After shampooing your hair, you can just gently squeeze, blotting with a towel, and when they dry out a bit, break his fingers, to facilitate further scratching. Trying to pass a comb on wet hair as it is not necessary, because the and this action will negatively affect the smoothness and brilliance of curls.

Homemade masks for hair smoothness: Recipes

Most strongly promote the attainment of smooth hair's natural oils and vegetable fats - e.g., chicken egg yolk. Therefore, they comprise at least 50% of allcomponents of a recipe. All of the masks below not only provide visual result, but also have a therapeutic effect, so they can be used to restore even the most dead external factors curls. Apply all these masks to be shampooing, best - at night to be able to as long as possible (up to 8 hours.) Affect the hair.

The simplest mask consists of burdock and almond oil mixed at a ratio of 1: 1, with the addition of avocado oil. Oil mask, unlike most other. mixtures can even be rubbed into the scalp, and not just to distribute in length: on their part noted a positive effect on the bulbs, which increases hair growth and provides nourishment from the inside. Rub the butter into the convenient form of a heated and wet hair. Rinse have twice using shampoo.

A further embodiment does not require too rareand expensive components in the refrigerator, but it will wash away even harder than the oil mask, as honey after cooling solidifies on the hair. The number of components is indicated for hair long just below the shoulder blades.

smooth hair


  1. Egg yolks - 2 pcs.
  2. Liquid Honey - 2 tbsp. l.
  3. Castor oil - 30 ml.
  4. Sour cream - 1 tbsp
  5. Avocado - 1 pc.


  • Honey and castor oil is heated in a water bath andintroduced into the egg yolks, then the mass is whipped with a mixer. Following in the bowl is put low-fat thick cream and shredded in a food processor flesh of a ripe avocado. Mixtures given time, so that it reached room temperature and was carefully applied to the hair over the entire length thereof. The head is covered necessarily insulated bag and a towel. Keep the mask should be at least 45 min., Rinse twice shampoo.
  • The positive effect on the hair in the matter of their smoothness and gloss and provide vitamins A and E. They can be bought in a pharmacy as a singly or together, in a preparation called "Aevitum". In any case they will be a round capsule similar to that contain fish oil. To use them, simply pierce the skin a thick needle and squeeze the contents. Use vitamins as you can with your favorite purchase a mask, and with any home: they do not conflict with any of its components.

Laminating Hair gelatin: Recipes and advice

Laminating Hair gelatin

On this wonderful home procedure is particularlyactively talking not long ago, and it is unlikely someone will say that this was the reason for such attention to gelatin as a component of hair masks. But whatever was to blame, the benefits of the gelatin can not be silent: this is completely natural ingredient, which stretches from the bones and cartilage of animals, is a terrific source of collagen, which allows it to recover the muscles and ligaments, joints heal, recover elasticity and firmness of the skin. Undoubtedly, all of these positive things can be noted, have begun to take into gelatin. But outwardly he acts not worse: after hair masks based on it become dense and smooth, by filling the voids in the hair, as well as the closure of its scales. However, this effect can not be considered fully curative, because it lasts just until the next shampooing. But nonetheless, minimal's Skin properties carries a gelatin that is best seen when dealing with damaged hair: the degree of dryness is reduced, longer electrified strands.

  1. There are 2 basic ways to home Hair laminating gelatin: The first is quite simple and gives a rather weakeffect, in comparison with the second, which is more time consuming and requires outside help. They differ not so much the recipes for masks, as the algorithm of the procedure. For the first method, you will need a warm towel, a plastic cap or bag, hair dryers, and, of course, ready gelatinous mass, of which a part will be discussed below. The mixture in the form of heat is applied to the hair, is distributed by means of a simple comb-comb with plastic teeth, the roots are not affected. Then the strands are collected in a bun, who stabs crab or others. Clamp covered with a hat or bag and head with a towel zamatyvaetsya. Within 10-15 min. it is necessary to heat the hair dryer, but if you are comfortable, extend the time to 20 minutes. Then another 60-120 minutes. like without thermal influence, and then rinse the mask, not using shampoo, but may be treated tresses favorite balm or air conditioning, although this is usually not necessary - smoothness immediately evident. Dry hair is also recommended that no electrical appliances.
  2. The second method is performed using foils andironing for straightening. Gelatin is applied to the hair strands on each of them after treatment agent sealed in foil rectangle, and it is important to make sure that the lower edge is closed by a double bend. According to this technology, it works on the entire head, which can take up to 20-30 minutes, if you do so without help. Then, each packed in foil strands from root to tip you need to go to warm up to 160-180 degrees ironing, and remove hair at the end of the heat treatment procedure with foil under the towel and hold them so still 1-1.5 hours. Wash off the mask without shampoo hair to dry naturally.

Homemade masks for hair smoothness

Traditional mask recipe for laminatinggelatin is as follows: In a bowl combine the gelatin and cold water, bring to a boil in a microwave oven or in a water bath, cooled slightly, but not communicated until the gelatin begins to solidify. After that, the aspect ratio of 4: 1 are connected to the balm for hair or your favorite mask. The amount of gelatin and water depending on the length of your hair: short enough ½ bag at length to the waist and may take 2 bags. You should also take into account the thickness.

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To preserve your hair a natural smoothness,Be sure to observe the rules of care for them: I do not wash your hair with hot water, do not comb strands of wet, often use natural oils to fuel. And, of course, try homemade mask for hair smoothness - it is possible that after the first treatment, you will notice how transformed your curls!

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