Nettle Hair: reviews. Nettles for hair growth: how to use?


When no longer apply all professionalmeans people are turning to proven popular recipes over the years, especially when it comes to beauty and health. A variety of herbs used for hair even our grandmothers and their thick braids has never been challenged in the effectiveness of the products used.

How useful tincture of nettles for hair?

Nettle Hair: reviews

Although few people like nettle because of its pungency,nutrients in the plant is not less than the rest of the herbs. Its even in the food consumed and the various broths based on it, and can not speak. Of particular note is the high content of ascorbic acid in nettles: this level of vitamin C is not even marked by a lemon. In addition, it contains half the chemical periodic table: here and manganese, and zinc, and potassium, and chromium. Also, copper, silicon, iron, iodine, sodium, vitamin B and K, carotene.

The therapeutic effect that has on the nettlehair due to such a large number of trace elements, broad. It is used for stopping hair loss and, therefore, to strengthen their bulbs. Use the nettles and the purpose of hair recovery, return them to shine, vitality, prevent the disclosure of the cuticle and further stratification. In addition, nettleable to prevent dandruff, and eliminate already existing.

Undoubtedly, we can not forget about a few herenuances. First, a serious problem will require connectivity and other funds:. Nettles only cure dandruff or stop hair loss can not be active. Come and start taking vitamin complex, and refer back to a number of herbs: otherwise the recovery process will be very long, because all natural products are gentle, and therefore slow.

Minimum similar course of treatment is 3-4weeks, and in some situations it is extended until 2 months. Second, we can not exclude possible allergic reaction to a particular component, as evidenced by negative feedback of rare nettles as a medicament for the hair and scalp.

Simple as a prophylactic infusion of nettlecan be used as a general tonic continuously, but with a frequency of 1 times a week. Even the most harmless unsolicited zealous, not to pay the benefit to harm. Prepare the infusion is very simple: 1 liter of boiling water is poured into the pan, which is filled with pre-Article 4-5. l dry nettle leaves. For ease of dosing can be converted into a fine powder by grinding. The pot should be covered with a lid and wrap in a towel or place in preheated oven to 80 degrees, after it is switched off: only need to keep warm. After 2 hours, the infusion can be used for other purposes, and it is possible to enhance its properties if the fluid to dissolve 1 tablespoon honey.

Apply tincture of nettles as follows: after shampooing basin gaining large warm water, it is added a certain amount of the infusion (usually 5 liters of water - 0.5 liters means), and the resulting mixture was washed hair gently massaging the scalp. For procedure is given 2-3 min., After which all in the same water rinsed hair, squeeze a towel and dried without using a hair dryer.

It is important to remember that only need to remove the towelexcess moisture, but do not grind the hair almost to dryness: it hurts them. Such preventive action with the infusion of nettle contribute to the overall strengthening of the hair and the closure of their scales, which gives a smooth surface.

How to grow long hair with a nettle?

Nettle Hair: reviews

  • Strong hair growth activator called nettleimpossible, as substances capable of rapidly awaken bulbs, as in the case of pepper, no. Nevertheless, nettle well strengthens them, which stops the loss of hair and also improves the hair structure, whereby it becomes denser. Therefore, even if the so-called undercoat begins to grow, the natural density is restored. Status of existing hair significantly improves.
  • However you want to say that if the losshair due to internal problems - from diabetes to disruptions of the endocrine system, Nettle does not help. At its best only give results in hair damage from external factors. To achieve this, you will need to take advantage of not only broths, and masks based on nettles.
  • Nettle juice - the chief assistant of a thick plait,It means that the plant should be fresh. It is washed and passed through chesnokodavilku, juicer or a simple home-made press. You can do otherwise and chop nettle knife, turning into mush, but then pre-plant pour over boiling water. Her or the juice is applied to the scalp, gently rubbing. His head wrapped with a plastic bag, on which is superimposed a warm towel. With this mask you need to sit 1-2 hours., And then rinse it with warm water without shampoo. By the way, nettle juice is stored in a refrigerator capable of up to 3 days.
  • also need to use After shampooingnettles, but as a rinse. To this end, the broth is done, which leaves more crowded than previously considered infusion. In a saucepan, brought to a boil 4 liters of water, it lay 0.5 kg of stems and leaves of nettle (you can even dry). Within 15-20 minutes, the contents of the pan should languish at low power (1/3 of the maximum) with the lid closed. Then the pan is removed from the heat and covered with a towel. After 1-1.5 hours the broth can be used: it is allowed to cool to a comfortable temperature, and with the help of hair washed with shampoo. Apply and juice and broth can be 2 times a week. The use of any heating appliances during a hair treatment nettles prohibited.

Beauty Recipes

Nettle - the perfect assistant for oily skinhead, because it normalizes the acid-alkaline balance and sebum production, which ultimately allows you to wash your hair less often. For this purpose, make a mask of the nettle: 250 g of fresh leaves and stems of the plants are ground in a blender or knife crushed. They need to fill up 1 tbsp coarse sea salt (iodized) and add 1 tsp apple cider vinegar. The mixture was rubbed into the scalp for 1 min., Then the hair with a towel and warmed zamatyvayut hairdryer (5-7 min). With the mask to survive 30-45 min., Then rinse with warm water without using the shampoo. The use of this mask is allowed no more than 1 time per week.

Girls with normal and dry hairlike the following recipe: 100 grams of dried nettle leaf steamed with boiling water and mix with egg yolk (1 pc.) and 1 tsp of honey. If there is a fresh nettles, pour water, it is not necessary: ​​just chop and combine with the rest of the mask. If desired, the mixture can add 1 tsp avocado oil or olive oil. By analogy with the previous recipe mask is applied to the hair through a gentle massage of the head, add heat exposure and after half an hour wash.

A dandruff easily eliminated by in 1 liter of waterboil 2 tbsp. dried nettle leaves, then add to it the juice onion bulbs. The mixture was infused for 3 hours, the liquid is decanted into a free container and diluted with clean water before use. Apply it with the purpose of rinsing the hair and scalp for 10-14 days. The ratio of water and broth - 10: 3.

Customer Reviews

Nettle Hair: reviews

Effectiveness decoctions, tinctures and masksNettle against hair health and prove numerous comments left on various portals women and men, to try these recipes.

  • Anna: I never thought that such a penny means can work efficiently! Even colleagues noticed that my hair began to look better, asking contacts hairdresser, which I attended. And my best, "barber" was nettles with my grandmother's garden.
  • Yuliya: I went through so many shampoos - almost all the way prof. Care had time to try, and his hair all fell and fell. My mother told me about a decoction of nettles, and offered to do. At first I reacted skeptically, and after the third time noticed that the hair comb is a lot less. Already 2 months rinse hair and make nettle mask: loss has stopped completely.

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Do nettles will become the best friend of your hair -it is impossible to predict. But even if it did not create a miracle, it will not support unnecessary. The main thing is to observe regularity, without which all efforts would be in vain, and a positive result will not fail to appear after 2-3 weeks. Your hair will tell you "thank you"!

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