Curling the hair for a long time: carving, chemical and biozavivka on medium and large curls


Some people by nature has a luxurious thick and straighthair, and some representatives of the fair sex rewarded with beautiful and lovely curls. Girls are very contradictory, so you always want to straighten curly hair and straight, conversely, to curl. Beauty salons today offer a wide variety of curling hair treatments. If you want to become the owner of the extraordinary curls or small curls, the hair curling for a long time will allow you to realize his dream into reality and dramatically change the image.

Curling the hair for a long time: views

Curling the hair for a long time

Many of the fair sex mistakenly think that there are only two types of hair curling:

  • short;
  • for a long time.

In fact, there are types of hair curling a lot more. Thus, perm can be classified by the chemical method for the following types:

  • acid;
  • alkaline;
  • amino acid;
  • neutral;
  • wave based on thioglycolic acid.

Curling the hair for a long time
Curling the hair for a long time

By type create curls and curls perm is divided into several types:

  • on pigtails;
  • spiral;
  • using papilotok;
  • Twins;
  • high heels;
  • radical;
  • children's;
  • with a twist.

Quite rightly distinct types of ironsbiozavivka steel and carving. Both methods create curls for a long time characterized by its gentle effect on the hair structure. Many girls give preference to these options curling.

Biowave to medium hair

Biowave to medium hair

Biowave keeps on hair up to six months andvirtually no negative impact on the hair structure. There are many zavivochnyh materials sold under well-known brands. Consult with the master, and he just tells you which tool is best to choose depending on the structure of your hair, their obedience, and the degree of damage. If you have sparse hair, and as a result biozavivki you want to receive the bulk hair, pre-make the cut in the form of a cascade.

biozavivki procedure takes place in several stages:

  1. First, the master evaluates the condition of the hair and wash them with a special shampoo that nourishes every hairs at the molecular level.
  2. The hair is wound on curlers, the so-called bobbins, and treated with a special zavivochnym means.
  3. This means you need to hold the hair in15-20 minutes and then wash off with a neutralizer. Curler thus it is impossible to remove. Master Neutralizer leaves the hair for about 10 minutes.
  4. After this time, the curlers are removed and washed zavivochny material using a special emulsion.

How does hair biozavivka to medium hair, before and after the photo perfectly illustrates.

Biowave to medium hair

After biozavivki within 2-3 weeks of hairIt must be protected from heat treatment and combing massage brushes. And in the first two days after the hair treatments and all you need to ensure complete rest, they can not even comb.

If you decide to make a perm, try to start a wig with curls, and suddenly you do not approach such a hairdo. If your curls to face, feel free to go to the salon.

Biowave has two significant drawbacks:

  • high cost;
  • need for further use of special funds that do not contain silicone, to care for curly hair.

Carving short hair

Carving short hair

Carving is considered virtually harmless tohair. And if before carving stylists considered normal stacking, then today this procedure is recognized zavivochnoy. It is best to look at the carving of short haircuts. By giving hair basal volume on the whole they seem lush and thick.

The main advantage of carving procedures -almost complete preservation of the hair structure. Of course, the hair is still damaged, as special products containing chemicals are used to create curls.

carving procedure is very expensive, and it is best carried out in a professional beauty salon. It is carried out in stages:

  1. On the hair is put a special substance, which is evenly distributed along the entire length.
  2. Then wind the hair in curlers and leave to dry.
  3. In the next phase the hair is washed thoroughly, treated with nutrients and reducing agents and placed in her hair.

How does the carving on short hair before and after the procedure, you can see in the photo.

Carving short hair

The disadvantages include the carving procedure, the following:

  • the inability to make a perm on very short hair;
  • waving, made in such a way will not last more than 3 months;
  • it is impossible for carving process, if the hair is damaged or recently painted.

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Chemical waving of hair: large ringlets on medium hair with photos

Chemical waving of hair: big curls

Perm is a classicone for creating curls. This method of scrolling curls allow you to become the owner of a beautiful and very cute curls for quite a long time. Perm is conducted using reagents and special clamps, often based on hydrogen peroxide.

Depending on the length of hair, you can choose the diameter of the rollers that will fit the size and elasticity of curls future.

The procedure of several stages:

  1. Hair carefully combed and treated with a special reagent, under the influence of which the flakes are disclosed.
  2. Next are wound curlers and leave for a while.
  3. At the end of the set time the curlers are removed and the hair is washed with a neutralizer based on hydrogen peroxide.

While the perm lasts very long, it has several drawbacks:

  • significantly deteriorate the hair structure;
  • hair becomes brittle and lacking in volume;
  • to get rid of the curling results, you only need to cut their hair.

How to care for hair after a perm?

After curling your tresses require careful maintenance. Follow a few simple rules, and your hair will always delight you, and captivate admiring glances:

  • during the first two days after the procedure, the hair can not be washed and combed;
  • after curling is best to wash your hair a special shampoo;
  • to strengthen the hair structure is necessary to use moisturizing and nourishing agents and masks;
  • for shine, use oil that does not require washing;
  • color the hair is recommended not earlier than one month after the curling process.

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Do you want to experiment - boldly gothe salon and make a perm. Beautiful locks will please you, in addition, such a hairstyle does not require special installation. If your hair does not shine health before the procedure they necessarily need a little treat. Choose the right way to create curls and enjoy your reflection in the mirror.

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