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Despite the fact that used for pilingsTermopribor from year to year is becoming more complex and the assurances of manufacturers, safer, frequent use of them causes damage even the strongest hair. Therefore, as in curling, and at normal blow-drying it is important to choose the right indelible thermal protection. How to do it? What is the difference between the spray, foam and emulsion? And what is considered the best thermal protection?

Thermal protection for the hair in aerosol format

sprays Group, perhaps the most extensive: in this way it appeared the earliest versions thermoprotective funds, and then presented the producers of mass-market category. It is believed that they are suitable for any type of hair, but the hair stylists insist - it is not.

Thermal spray for
  • As part of any thermofilter hair sprayIt is an alcohol, which evaporates after the spraying, but this does not exclude its influence. For this reason, aerosols intended only to normal dense hair, as well as those that are prone to fat.
  • Typically, the average level of protection above,additional product has a mild or normal fixing. There are also combination options that not only protect the hair, but also prolong the "period of their lives."
  • spray attractiveness of its ease of use: it is rather difficult to overdo it, so to cope with the product is not even a professional.

Thermal hair use

Means in aerosol format, have anycosmetic brand, but who turned out to create a better termozaschiotu hair? Reviews can help consumers choose an attractive option in each of the categories - the masses and prof.

Thermal protection for the hair in aerosol format
  • ElmiraAfter a long search came to CHI Iron Guard -Product answered all my requirements: with him the hair is denser, more obedient, more shine, not contaminated at all. Aroma standard cabin, disappears quickly. Utjuzhkom I use every day, and I see that the condition of the hair is not deteriorated.
  • ValentineI rarely use hair dryers, curling irons do not touch,why buy an expensive thermal protection not want: to choose the middle price range. A friend advised me to spray drying, simple Got2B. From unambiguous advantages - a wonderful fruity aroma. Sprayed Spray well, from the negative effects of the dryer protects. But it was enough to take the risk sprinkle dry hair and start to twist them like strands found unpleasant stickiness. The verdict - only on damp hair for blow-drying.

Barrier creams

This group can include various kinds ofmousses and foams possessing's Skin and protective properties. These products are mainly producing professional brands, and in the mass market segment, there is hardly a couple of positions.

Thermal protection for the hair in the form of a cream
  • Thermal in cream format, depending on thethe composition can be oriented as prone to oily hair and to dry. Since it is necessary to observe caution, since it is easy to go too far, and heavier hair, and contaminate them. At the same time, such thermal protection is not precisely will dry because alcohol is not contained therein.
  • Creamy thermal protection is better to distribute on damp hair, and if the spray can be sprayed over the entire length, the cream is better to lead from the tips up, without touching land at the roots (3-4 cm).

What to choose?

  • Thermal effect of smoothing the hair, a hair iron, have Matrix (Design Sleek, thin hair) and Kerastase (Nectar Termique), as well as in Kaaral (Dazzling).
  • Thermal in cream curler, curl has the effect of fixing - from Cutrin, Gliss Kur, John Frieda.

Regarding the choice of consumers, everything is clear - among professional brands universal love Kerastase awarded, among the mass-market products - Gliss Kur.

Thermal protection for the hair in the form of a cream
  • Alyona: Girls who decolorized hair, understand,how difficult it is to maintain blonde in attractive way. On leaving I bought up, but still suffer thirst for experimentation. As a result, acquired in unison thermal Kerastase and Bonacure. Heaven and earth! And there, and there - Professor, but what the effect is different. Kerastase has a strong flavor, the consistency of light, the hair does not stain, making them supple and smooth. Bonacure in use raises no objections, but the next day I'm going to wash my hair, but usually do not do it more than 2 times a week.
  • Daria: In all that is associated with the care, I trust onlyprofessional brands. Therefore, thermal protection and addressed them: hit "the apple" immediately by buying Matrix Iron Tamer - this beloved brand new me. Lotion specifically for thin hair - does not weigh but lightly smooth. Distributes drop by curls in dried form, after shampooing, wait for them to completely dry and start pulling utjuzhkom. Hair slightly compacted, felt lively and smooth.

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Serum emulsion

Last form factor - emulsion mainlynature of the oil. It is said that most of this is not thermal protection, namely whey butter or thick hair styling, has a protective effect. It is interesting, professional and mass-market brands are on a par.

Thermal protection for the hair in emulsion form
  • Thermal-emulsion is a thin, weakened hair as it often has a larger proportion after components which do not only create a dense shell, and is fed inside the hair.
  • You can make the oil thermal protection for the home hair, simply resorting to any of the base oils: almond, avocado, peach. But best of all will work argan.
  • The disadvantage of this thermal protection - needcarefully dosed product because too far with it very easy: drop rubbed in his hands, after which they are passed on damp hair. On dry, you can only process the tips and smooth pushing portions, barely touching them.

As the consumer reviews, thermal protection emulsion format - the most frequently purchased product, and is often no relationship between quality and cost.

  • InnaBefore blow-drying the hair always use oilfrom Gliss Kur - a few drops at length to the waist and stretch the curls easier to retain gloss and tips do not stick out in different directions. But using the method specified by the manufacturer (sprayed directly on the hair) do not recommend - will simply bonded with fatty sticks. By judicious application - ideal thermal protection for ridiculous money.
  • Yana: Leave-care in addition to picking upmain, from the same brand, so settled on the shelf protection L'Oreal liss ultime. Gel-like consistency, zhirnovat on long enough to blades 2 drops, pounded in his hands. Can also be used on dry hair, but very carefully, and be sure to give 3-5 minutes. soak. Through the efforts of this product with frequent perm tips I cut only once every six months, rather than every month as before.

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And yet, some heat protection for hair best? Customised to your requirements and initial data. Remember that it is very thin and weak hair needs the same light texture, without additional high fixation and girls with thick and dense should look to mousses, creams, etc. In this case, good thermal protection should be present panthenol and vitamins. However, the maximum effect can be obtained only in the case where masks, balms and conditioners matched for hair care, also have security function.

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