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How to develop the ability of the child

Table of contents:

  1. Classes in kindergarten
  2. If the parents are not teachers and educators
  3. The task of parents - to determine what a child inclined!
  4. Mugs, sections of music schools and studios - whether they should attend?

No parents, who would not want to be proud ofsuccess of an adult son or daughter, but there are mothers and fathers who absolutely nothing to do not. If you do not belong to the second, then think about how to develop the ability rebenkav in a particular area, you should not when he goes to school, and especially not when he will finish it, but much earlier!

Classes in kindergarten

Classes in kindergarten

Many parents rely on the development activities inkindergarten. Are they right? Theoretically, a child attends a kindergarten, will indeed be ready for school. Caregivers purposefully develop the child, teach him to work in the classroom in a team and individually. But, if you really want to give a child a very good base, is not enough. Not only because it is just a half-hour for children from two to three years; about an hour for kids from four to five; and about two hours for children from five to six years. Rest of the time is reserved for games, walking, eating, relaxing.

If the parents are not teachers and educators

Read a book a child

Read a book a child

Anticipating the question some parents: how they can help their child if they do not have teacher education? It is because of their incompetence and they allowed the child's development to chance, hoping only for teachers but teachers. In fact, they can help the child to make a serious step forward, and that's what this should do:

  1. Many read the child, try to instill in him a love for books.
  2. Often talk, though not only on everyday topics. In terms of interviews include questions that would have expanded the horizons of the child.
  3. Do not allow your child to sit back: hold it useful leisure pursuits. Let paints, sculpts, designs, in other words - "thinks"!
  4. Teach a child to perseverance, to teach him to focus on any one case.
  5. Do not forget to praise him for any "invention", "discovery"; to promote his work.

The task of parents - to determine what a child inclined!

Transmission capacity
Transmission capacity

Sometimes, the child is still in school, and his futureprofession is already defined. For example, it is obvious that it will become an athlete, as already has a reward; or him are perfectly foreign languages ​​- as a translator; won the Olympiads on the exact sciences - it is waiting for a technical profession or perhaps a career scientist. As it turns out only when the parents noticed the child's ability in time in a particular area, and sent all their efforts on their development.

Learning at Home with child
Learning at Home with child

Many of the same father and mother, not really knowing how todevelop the ability to have a child, or even how to identify them, rush to extremes: they give the child into all sorts of clubs and schools are turning to the private teachers - and all else seems to them a little. A child receives as much information that it simply can not "digest" of it so much demand that he physically can not cope with the tasks and, ultimately, it is nowhere success! Parents are disappointed: so much effort, so much time, so much money, but the child never praise. That is why we must not try to give a son or daughter go where go "all" - we must try to determine what it can outperform their peers, where he will have good results.

And the role of heredity, too, can not be heredeny. If the parents are musicians - perhaps the child an absolute ear for music and he will surpass the success of their own. Or someone from the parents - athlete, why your child does not become a successor of the "Olympians" dynasty if he inherited excellent physical abilities?

Mugs, sections of music schools and studios - whether they should attend?

children's clubs
children's clubs

Be sure! You do not have to repeat after someone from the far the most wise parents "teach anything there!" Will teach, be sure to teach the child the following:

  1. Patience and hard work. While other children are simply "walk" in the courtyard, your child will be to train and learn the basics of the art, thereby advancing in the development of their peers.
  2. To work in a team. It's one thing to sit to paint the house, where no one will see or criticize your drawing, the other - among peers that do not always make nice comments; but they also will admire if their mate is really something out very well.
  3. Compare your achievements with other people, adequatelyevaluate them. Typically, moms and dads are touched by anything that shows them their children: drawings, crafts, tumbling, etc. Teacher and trainer devoid of sentimentality: they are judged on the basis of the exhibition or competition, where it will be immediately clear how well the child is engaged.
  4. Strive to win, leadership in any business. Success inspires others: want to imitate them - to become as nimble, strong, savvy, skillful.

Each child has their own abilities. Parents also still time to identify them, as some classes have an age limit - may be too late!

How to develop the ability of the child
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