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As bedding hyperactive child

Table of contents:

  1. The first signs of hyperactivity
  2. The reasons for the formation of hyperactivity
  3. How to help sleep hyperactive child

Hyperactivity is not for modern peoplea phenomenon unknown and new. According to statistics, every third or fourth family is born hyperactive child. First, parents normally perceive excessive mobility of his child, and unbridled desire to know everything and see everything, but to the school and senior groups Sadovsky excessive "liveliness" becomes an obstacle on the path to knowledge. Child psychologists define supermobile children as a syndrome of motor hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. Hyperactive child is difficult to focus on any one thing - he is interested in everything at once.

The first signs of hyperactivity

Signs of activity

Signs of activity

How to determine whether your babyhyperactive or had just a very lively character? Also in common with normal active child, hyperactivity, manifested in the manner of fast-talking, fast moving, all touch and grab, pull your hands. Such children are unbalanced in their behavior, their mood changes frequently: at one point leaping laughter can turn into loud sobs. Hyperactive children love to be the center of attention, to be in a crowd of noisy pranksters, make the crowd, often showing the makings of a leader. But because of the inability to focus on one thing, they are often scattered, not assembled, and clumsy. Tired and weary day hyperactive child in the evening still in a hurry to learn all the new and interesting - his cognitive activity is in no way weakened. During a night of rest the kids toss and turn, see a variety of dreams, which is also somewhere to run, to learn something.

This disease, or rather, a feature of naturechild, hyperactivity, manifested from the very first years of life. Daytime sleep often becomes a real problem for children too mobile. Often it is very difficult to get them to a regime in kindergartens, not to mention the diet. At the first suspicions of parents need to see a specialist. An experienced psychologist will deliver accurate diagnosis and explain how to put to sleep a hyperactive child to accumulate fatigue, and the baby could happily and cheerfully learn world.

The reasons for the formation of hyperactivity

Causes of hyperactivity
Causes of hyperactivity

Undoubtedly, psychologists do not know exactly what causes the formation of hyperactivity. There are several points of view:

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • The consequence of the social and psychological situation;
  • During delivery were birth injuries.

It does not matter because of what specifically was formedhyperactivity - important time and adjust it properly. Thanks to the assistance of a qualified psychologist, parents unable to quickly and effectively teach the baby to control the actions, emotions and impulses.

How to help sleep hyperactive child

How to help sleep hyperactive child

To ensure a peaceful sleep hyperactive child is not easy, but we must try.

  1. During all of the day, but especially towards theevening, should refrain from contact with the child in a raised voice, swearing and fighting. Do not continually focus on the excessive mobility of the child, he is not to blame for this, just so he was born.
  2. It is important to praise the child, but without fanaticism.
  3. Psychologists advise to introduce less restrictions for a hyperactive child.
  4. A clear mode of the day. 'Cause time - fun time. " The whole day has to be planned: lift, breakfast, walk, etc. Strict adherence to give your child confidence. Even during a trip to a new place the baby can sleep peacefully, if before hammering home again the usual ritual of bedtime.
  5. Active gamesActive gamesIt is necessary to give preference to active games. During walks and child waste of energy that is sure to cause fatigue, so sleep will be stronger and calmer. non-intrusive nature of the team games should be chosen among a huge variety. Although some psychologists say that aggressive game help throw negative energy. If a child wants to hit someone, then let him hit with a stick on the ground, if he wants to throw stones, give him the ball - even threw in a wall, etc.
  6. We must not forget about the children's diet. Harmful food, full of fats and carbohydrates, certainly aggravates the stomach and the body of the child. It may feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable. We need a healthy food: is preferable to use dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals, lean meats, fish. The liver is one of the most homogenized product. Eggs and kiwi - vitamin bomb.
  7. Drug therapy involves the use ofspecial drugs. Tablets and syrups prescribed by doctors, because these drugs have a depressing effect on the nervous system. Apply funds should be after consultation with the doctor, and in strict accordance with the recommended dosage.
  8. Massage has a calming and relaxingaction. Warm mother's hands, gently massaging the baby's body, providing a striking effect. Ignorance of massage techniques does not mean that it is necessary to abandon such a simple and effective means. Let the love for the child directs his hands until they move a little back, hands and feet.

Parents of hyperactive child fallsnot easy. And not just because it is difficult to keep the baby. Other parents and children often complain, and it is always unpleasant. It should be remembered that the hyperactive child is no worse and no better than the rest. Hyperactivity - not a disease. Love, responsibility, care and rigor, taken in the right attitude will help your child to overcome all difficulties.

As bedding hyperactive child
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