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How to bring a hyperactive child

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On the issue of child hyperactivity heard manyparents, but not all imagine what it is. The term is so firmly entrenched in everyday use, that its true psychological meaning lost its clarity and in most cases refers to incomplete or incorrect. So what is the notorious hyperactivity, what are its manifestations and, more importantly, how to bring a hyperactive child, taking into account the peculiarities of his mind and behavior? Consider everything in order.

Myths and Reality

Correction hyperactivity

Correction hyperactivity

Generally, in the home called hyperactivemobile, noisy, restless and fidgety children. This is only partly true. Firstly, it all depends on the extent and regularity of manifestation of these characteristics. It is not necessary for each active child entered into the hyper-list only for the love of fast games or disobedience. All children love to run, jump, play the fool, this behavior is the norm for them and not an aberration. Secondly, if it is a genuine hyperactivity as a psychological and neurological problems that can be set only by a doctor, excessive mobility - giperdinamika - it is not its only manifestation, and certainly complemented by impulsivity, chronic incontinence behavior and inattention.

In medical language is indicated by hyperactivitythe acronym ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Put the appropriate diagnosis can be a pediatrician, neurologist or child psychologist. At the core of the syndrome - an imbalance between the nervous excitation processes (notably predominate) and inhibition (expressed very poorly), which are the main cause of CNS disorders child's activity during childbirth or during pregnancy. Much less frequently (less than 20%) ADHD is caused by heredity or social factors.

Correction is carried out in two hyperactivedirections: medical treatment, psychological and pedagogical work. The latter is of crucial importance and the fact that it is almost completely fall on the shoulders of the family, parents need to know how to bring a hyperactive child, every day smoothing his hyper-status and revealing creative potential.

education Lessons

Lessons education hyperactive child
Lessons education hyperactive child

The main rules of education of hyperactive childrenIt can be represented in the form of step by step instructions, compliance with which, according to psychologists, can help you and your child cope if not all, then at least the majority of the difficulties encountered. Read it more closely.

Step one: understand the characteristics

Features hyperactive childFeatures hyperactive childThe first thing you need to learn mom kid with ADHD,is to understand the specifics of his physiology and psychology. These children often have problems with blood circulation and vestibular apparatus, which partly helps eliminate motion and change in body posture. Due to the excessive excitability of the nervous system of the child reacts instantly to any stimulus, constantly distracted and can not concentrate on one thing. Due to problems with inhibition, he gives the impression of uncontrolled, if the plant and begins to roughhouse, you can not stop, it is absolutely not react to the prohibitions and notes.

Parents are important to understand that a son or daughter arethemselves so not because they are bad and they want to make out of spite, but because otherwise can not because of its natural features. Shouts Punishment will not help and will serve as just another stimulus, which will strengthen the attack giperdinamiki. It gently and gradually teaching your child self-control, calmly explaining his every demand and be sure to be rewarded for its implementation. Be a friend and helper, not a critic and judge.

Step two: establish rules

Setting rules for the hyperactive childSetting rules for the hyperactive childThe fact that the hyperactive child is difficultto control their actions, it does not mean that he should be allowed to all. These children need to be sure to observe the daily routine. Sleep, food, education, entertainment - determine a convenient time for all these activities, and try not to break the developed schedule. Naturally, this is not a per-minute schedule, general enough plan that defines the sequence and approximate duration of each activity.

From the child's hyperactivity can not be expectedexecution of a myriad of rules. Therefore, clearly prioritize and monitor the observance of the most important standards. Overlooked detail. Reward for good behavior. Arguments rather than orders. Try to establish a framework of behavior, rather than give strict instructions to do just that (hyper-children are not sensitive to the details).

The third step: to manage energy discharge

The release of energyThe release of energyExcessive amount of energy needed somewhereput. And if you do not want to shoot regularly fidget from the table to collect the scattered cushions or clothes from the closet, sweep debris loved the service - send gushes locomotor activity to a peaceful course. Put on the baby part of the work on the house, give it in the sports section, or dance club, in the end, get a dog that needed several times a day to walk and do her dressuroy. But while loading dose and remember that excessive fatigue with ADHD children is contraindicated, as well as lack of sleep, it weakens the already not very developed self-control and makes the child almost ungovernable.

Step Four: remove irritants

Calms hyperactive childCalms hyperactive childHave mercy on the psyche of your baby. Do not give him a long time to watch TV shows and movies, playing computer games. Try to organize the living space so that your son or daughter was a corner, decorate it with soothing colors, removing the most distracting things. Hyperactive children are contraindicated noisy activities and large companies better communicate even in a narrow range, with the calm one or two friends.

But the most important answer is to educatehyperactive child - is your love, patience and support. If you believe in a little personality, for the development of which are responsible, and hyperactivity perceive as a pedagogical challenge, and not a sentence, you will certainly succeed.

How to bring a hyperactive child
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