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Treatment of nervous tics in children

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Nervous tics - a fairly commondisease, it occurs in every fifth child under 10 years. Although each parent is not prepared to address this problem. Nervous tics - neurological disease, which is often accompanied by functional disorders: attention and perception disorders, including spatial perception, coordination disorders.

Interesting Facts

Children's talent

Children's talent

Let tics significantly impair the quality ofthe child's life may become a cause of ridicule in the kindergarten and school, it is known that among the people who have left their mark on the history of the world, many suffered nervous tics. Furthermore, most of these people - recognized geniuses such as Michelangelo, Napoleon, even Alexander the Great. If we look at Russian history, there is the most famous person - Peter I.

It turns out that the tics in a sense givechild an advantage over their peers. Moreover, it is absolutely precisely established that, cured of nervous tics, and the person loses his talent. Here is this mysterious disease.

Intrigue nervous tics

personal injury
personal injury

Predisposition to nervous ticsIt inherited - it is proved by Japanese researchers. The DNA found a gene that is responsible for the development of the possibility of rejection. It can doze off for a time, until the baby will take some stress - this is not necessarily negative emotions associated with significant events, such as divorce of parents. The starting point may be, and much less a global event, even one that will cause positive emotions. In addition, the tics may occur as the effects of communicable diseases, and as a result of serious injuries.

The intensity of nervous tics fickle. Moreover, even a child can make tics disappear for a short time. However, the reverse side attempts to control nervous tics - increased their intensity for a short period of time after the control period. The same effect is observed when a child is something very intently interested or perform any work: tiki first stop, and then come back with even greater amplitude of muscle contraction than it was before.

Faced with nervous tics in childrenit should be remembered that seriously aggravate the disease watching TV, forced preservation of the same body posture. Treatment of nervous tics in children should be comprehensive. Despite the fact that often the tics do not interfere more than a child, and others, they should be treated, because the inadequate reaction of peers to the disease only worsen the stress and therefore the disease.


Sleeping baby
Sleeping baby

Comprehensive treatment of nervous tics include:

  • psychological methods of influence;
  • physiotherapy;
  • medical treatment;
  • surgery (in the most severe cases, such as the syndrome of Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome).

The root of the nervous tics in the pent-up emotions,alarms, so the first thing doctors advise to normalize sleep and rest, to smooth the emotional background of the family, organize a healthy lifestyle, eat right.

Now a little more. What does it mean to smooth emotional background in the family? It means to save the child from the contemplation of family quarrels, abuse and any manifestation of negativity, though not in relation to him, every day to please the child, organize recreational activities.

It is especially important for the child to the parents notfocus on his behavior manifested in particular. Moreover, we can not in any way express their dissatisfaction with the child about the nervous tic, including upset, cry, feel sorry for the child, "do" out of it invalid. Moral pressure will worsen the situation, because the child is not able to take and get rid of nervous tics, they appear against his will.

Because power is required to eliminate sweets,of daily activities - computer and TV, you need to spend more time in the fresh air, but at the same time make sure that the child is not too tired.

Psychological correction
Psychological correction

The next step is psychological correction - it can be done individually, in groups such as children or family members when a person unhealthy psychological climate in the family.

If the above treatments are not broughta positive result, prescribed drugs to reduce anxiety, decrease in the degree of intensity of involuntary movements. Additionally prescribed vitamins and nootropics to improve brain metabolism.

It goes without saying that in the absence ofthe result was determined to "first aid" in the form of lifestyle changes for the better, in severe disease and in the progression of the disease, despite the measures taken, must be the observation of a neurologist.

Treatment of nervous tics in children
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