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Fever in a child

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Fever in a child - protectionthe body's response. Most often it occurs during colds or infections, are also frequent cases of temperature rise in serious damage of the skin (burns, trauma), teething. In children excitable temperature may rise by overstimulation of the nervous system, neuroses or mental disorders. increase in body temperature also contribute to allergic reactions.

What temperature can be considered dangerous

What temperature can be considered dangerous

In the first few days after birth is considered to be the normal temperature of 37.0 - 37.5, measured in the armpit. During infectious diseases maximum temperature can reach 39.5.

With increasing temperature, the majority ofmicroorganisms that may lead to disease, lose their ability to reproduce, which stops further development of the disease. The body kid himself must learn to fight off viruses and infections, preventing it from doing so now, you doom a child to permanent health problems in the future.

All of the above refers to children withnormal health. Therefore, if the baby is no tendency to seizures or central nervous system is not affected, and the disease clearly has an infectious nature, the temperature should start to shoot down only when it reaches 38.0 - 38.5 degrees, or at bedtime.

Generally, the temperature is measured in the underarmdepression, here and in the inguinal fold of the temperature must be the same, while the rectum is above 7 degrees, and the mouth above 0.5 degrees. If a child has already occurred against a background of seizures raise the temperature, it is necessary to begin to shoot down immediately after a slight increase to 37.5 degrees.

As it is necessary to do if a childthere are chronic diseases of the respiratory, circulatory, cardiovascular system, and so on. Typically, about how to behave in such cases, with children, in individual conversations, says pediatrician. You need to shoot down the heat to children under the age of five months of age, as in this age rise in temperature is not typical. At the first opportunity, call a doctor, he will be able to identify the causes of the disease and prescribe treatment correctly.

The child must be your own thermometer,which should be kept in a constant state of cleanliness after each application must be cleaned with alcohol or soapy water. It is not necessary to measure the temperature, if the child is excited, bundled up in a warm blanket or a diaper, in these cases, the thermometer readings can be a bit exaggerated.

What you need to reduce the

What you need to reduce the baby's body temperature

What you need to reduce the baby's body temperature

When a child's temperature began to rise,do not rush straight to the medicine cabinet for antipyretic drugs. If the temperature in the room for about 20 - 22 degrees, the baby should be easily dressed, this will contribute to the care of excess heat from the body.

Fever in children leads to the fact thatthe body takes a lot of moisture, so it is necessary to restore the balance. To do this, you need to give more in the form of drinking water or weak herbal tea. Drink do not need large portions, but often. Infants of water give a teaspoon, as well they should be increasingly applied to the chest. A good result gives the body rubdown. For this purpose, water having a temperature about equal to body temperature.

In containers with water and wet cotton clothwipe her child. Be sure to wipe the place bends (elbow, popliteal, inguinal, armpits), paying special attention to the feet and lower leg, can only wipe his forehead and temples. Continue sponging, and changing the napkin wetting for 15 - 20 minutes. Do not use cold water and rubbing alcohol, as this may cause an even greater increase in temperature. In the water you can add a little vinegar.

Rubbing the body must be carried out in the direction ofto the heart. Wet wipes wrapped calves and leave them to dry, then wet again. You can also allow your child to take a cool bath.


Drugs to lower the temperature in children
Drugs to lower the temperature in children

If there was a necessity in bringing downtemperature, they are the most popular means of products based on paracetamol. In the commercial networks of pharmacies you can find various options for such drugs. If for various reasons, the use of paracetamol contraindicated, it can be successfully replaced with ibuprofen. In addition, it reduces the temperature for a longer time than paracetamol.

Amidopyrine, phenacetin and antipyrine havestrong toxicity, and is not recommended for consumption by children. Up to 15 years of age should not take aspirin. Analgina in general should not be taken as an antipyretic, since it inhibits the formation of blood, can cause allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock. Use this medication only in extreme cases, prescribed by a doctor.

Drugs in the form of syrups, tabletsand solutions begin to operate in half an hour, while the candle - after 40 minutes, but candles are longer. They make good use of the night, as if the child refuses to drink the medicine, or if vomiting occurs by increasing the temperature.

Syrups and chewable tablets contain a largenumber of fragrances and dyes that may cause allergic reactions. Before using the medicines carefully read the instructions, if there is indication of the exact dose depending on the age or weight of the child pay special attention to this, change the recommended dose may only doctor.

If you are using different types of medications simultaneously with the same drug substance (suppositories, tablets, syrup) should summarize the presence of this substance, it appeared not to overdose.

Repeatedly taking drugs that lower the temperature only after 4 - 5 hours after the last administration.

The temperature is not the cause but the consequence ofof the disease, knocking it can not cure the disease itself. Therefore, if a child has a high temperature stable, or when it is held in the aisles of 37.3 - 38.0 a long time, be sure to consult a doctor.

Fever in a child
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