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How to choose a baby sitter

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Being always close to your child, teach himsomething new, to see how it grows and develops - is not that true happiness for the parents? But, unfortunately, sometimes there are circumstances in life when the mother can not always be with your child. Perhaps it has to go to work (or she passionately wants it). Or my mother wants to have free time to pay it myself (too understandable desire).

The situations are different, but the essence of them is reduced tothe fact that my mother needed to help the person who would look after the child during her absence. Well, if close relatives can come to the aid (eg grandmother). And if they do not have such an opportunity? In this case, the parents are thinking hard to hire a nanny. And the first question that arises in this case, is: "How to choose a baby sitter?".

Choosing a nanny in their complexity can be comparedexcept that with the choice of a life partner. How else, after all the child - it is the most precious thing in life! Error selecting may be too expensive. So before you start the search process, you need to

clearly define who exactly you need and why.

outlines the purpose

outlines the purpose

Parents need to think about and discuss the following questions:

  • Why do you need a nanny? Of course, someone may seem that the answer is obvious: to look after the baby, but there may be many variants: the nurse may be with the child all day, if not hour or come for only a few hours a day. And, perhaps, babysitting will be required only from time to time (for example, on a visit to her mother shops, a fitness club and a beauty salon). Or mom will be with the crumbs, but it needs a helper?
  • Do I need a nanny or governess crumbs? You enough, that the child was fed, unwashed and inspected? Or do you want a child engaged in: taught to read, count, write? In the latter case, you need to choose is not a nanny and governess. Of course, the governess services will cost more.
  • What kind of person do you need? For some, the identity of the nurse does not matter - as long as the child is well looked after and did not hurt him. And someone very important to have an appropriate education (eg, teaching or medical), age, and even religion! Therefore, when deciding how to choose a baby sitter, you need to take into account such things.

Getting to the choice

Getting to the choice

Parents are often confused: where to find a babysitter? The best way - to ask the advice of friends. Perhaps someone has already used the babysitting service and can give recommendations. The second way - to apply to the employment agency staff or explore the private messages. By the way, the first and second embodiments involve a risk. We should not think that by contacting the agency can be nothing to worry about. After all, the agency - only mediator. But even if you decide to resort to the services of the agency, a personal interview with the nanny required. Here are some tips for conducting this kind of "casting":

  1. At a meeting with the nurse is better to come to both spouses. It is important for a more objective assessment.
  2. The nurse should be asked to show documentsmedical certificate and letters of recommendation. Do not hesitate to ask the nurse contact former employers. You may need to call them in order to reaffirm its recommendations.
  3. It is necessary to ask in detail the nurse about her pastworkplace: how old were the children, as they are called, who were the parents. If the last place of work are fictitious, babysitting can be confused in the responses. Notice how the nurse speaks about former employers - it can say a lot. Babysitting gossip about past family? This is a huge minus!
  4. Note that, for some time worked as a nanny in families. Too short notice must also be alerted.
  5. Ask the nurse about what would be the approximate schedule of the child. Do not take common phrases, ask for a detailed "plan".
  6. Be prepared questions for the nurse, whowill begin with the words: "What will you do if a child ...". Further variants are possible, for example: "... I do not want to eat" or "... will start to cough?" The nurse should be more or less clear answers to specific questions.
  7. Try to learn more about the most babysitter. Here we have in mind not only her education. Ask about her family (highly desirable that she had children of their own), about hobbies and so on. It is best to look to visit the nurse - home can tell about a person very much.
  8. Talk to the nurse about the moments in a child's upbringing, that you think of principle. For example, on how to respond to the whims. Relate her answers to your views.
  9. Invite babysitter home to explore with your child. Note that if the nurse will be able immediately to win over the crumbs and how the child will react to it. Perhaps a few days my mother would have to stay at home with the nanny - to tell her how to care for the child and help the crumbs to adapt to the new man.

The fully appreciate the quality of the nurse canOnly after she take up his duties. In recent years, very popular hidden video surveillance at work babysitting. If you plan a way to monitor a nanny, it is better to prevent this. The main indicator of the nurse work will be the behavior and mood of the child. If something goes wrong, the parents just feel it.

In general, the universal answer to the question of whetherhow to choose a baby sitter does not exist. Sometimes it happens that even a person who does not have the proper education or extensive experience caring for children, copes with the duties of a nanny. And yet, if you follow the above tips, the risk to be disappointed in the nurse will be less.

How to choose a baby sitter
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