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How to teach your child to potty

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  1. No diapers anywhere
  2. At what age?
  3. No profanity
  4. Something does not fit
  5. Cleanliness is very important

Explain your child how to go to the potty,quite entertaining and responsible process. But above all - patience is the education of my mother. You must realize that your baby is no worse and no more stupid than the rest, and he, of course, also be able to learn to walk on the pot. It is only necessary for it to be ready for it in physiological terms.

No diapers anywhere

No diapers anywhere

We live in an age of highly developed technology,without which each of us can hardly imagine its existence. And when the family have a child, young parents understand the value of another modern invention - diapers. When they are near at hand, my mother removes herself from the need to constantly change and wash diapers, use some gauze pads and so on. Yes, right folk wisdom that is always good to get used quickly.

But be that as it may, and to refuse such"Blessings of civilization" at one point still have to, because the use of diapers for life does not work. Here the question arises: how to teach a child to potty? And when all start doing this? Perhaps as early as a year or two, and maybe two? In any case, every kid is different and every process of toilet training will happen in its own way.

At what age?

At what age to accustom to the pot

At what age to accustom to the pot

Specifically identify a time when it is neededto start teaching your child potty difficult, because the kid has to reach a certain stage of development. The first step is to be sure that the child is sitting well and is trying to control the muscles responsible for controlling the bladder and bowels.

This usually occurs between the ages of one tothree years. The child feels some discomfort due to the fullness of the rectum. Many kids have not emptied from 1.5 to 2 years, as it was before. In other words the bladder is able to hold enough liquid. This suggests that the baby is ready to learn to go to the potty.

In early enough to seat the child on the pottyevery two hours, literally 2-5 minutes. It would be good to pot was always at your fingertips. He is all the time in the field of view of a baby, and it will be easier to get used to it. The most convenient period of training is considered to be the summer. After all, you can always take a walk on the nature, the cottage to her grandmother any number of shorts, pants and do without the help of diapers.

Practicing kids accustom to the pot, you must always remember that it should be done:

  • after a meal;
  • before going somewhere to get out;
  • before and after the sleep.

No profanity

Mother's patience
Mother's patience

Do not scold your toddler if he didIt does not work, because it tries and needs your support. No need to force to force the child to sit on the potty, and even more so to punish. Otherwise, it will just take it as something unpleasant and leads to a bad mood mother. If we do not like your child to do something that you're trying to teach him better three weeks at all forget the pot. Babes who love pokapriznichat need more time to get used to a new subject.

Closely watching your child, youlearn to understand, when he wants to use the toilet: it can drastically change the mood, he can submit original signs - to pull off his pants, to compress the legs, to publish any sounds. All differently.

A good example to follow are the eldersbrother and sister. After all, most of the kids are very fond of saying that the kids were able to do a little bit older. Well, if you have an only child, you can go to visit his friends, too, where there are children who have already passed the stage of familiarization with the pot.

Something does not fit

The child does not like a pot
The child does not like a pot

Two years later, the life of the kids themselves are beginning toask to be seated on the potty. If the kid tried a few times and still refuses to pot, then the fact there are certain reasons. Maybe he just did not like the subject itself, maybe he is cold, uncomfortable in size and is simply not appropriate for your child. After all, even little children have their own tastes.

Try to change something. Think any case, the baby did not feel uncomfortable every time attempted to deal with their own affairs. If you allow the material from which made the pot, try to decorate it with something.

There are pots of music that soundafter the kid did what he wanted. This will turn the process into a very exciting game, and crumbs want to do something again to hear a fun melody.

Maybe try to put it on an adult toilet? This should arouse the interest of the child, because he is doing something, like adults.

Cleanliness is very important

Changing diapers
Changing diapers

Instill your child from childhood anxiousattitude to cleanliness. Change often dirty diapers, clothing - and then from an early age the baby will have a negative attitude to the wet diapers and sliders. And this will help in the future to get used to the potty and toilet. It is usually given to girls better than boys.

You should always sincerely rejoice thatbaby got to go to the potty. Believe me, feeling your approval, the kid will want again and again to please his mother luck. And another thing: teach him to walk to the bathroom in different places, not only limited to his apartment and the usual pot. In this case, going to visit or for a walk, you will not need to take the diapers.

Accustom the baby to the pot - one of the mainevents in the development of the child. It is necessary to treat it with great responsibility, patience, and give a lot of strength and perseverance, but do not forget about the desires of your baby.

Keep each step of their baby,Praise him for his achievements and do not scold, if something did not happen. After all, the little man needs help of a loved one in the world. Remember always that you need to be as gentle as possible, more gentle with your child, then your efforts will not go in vain, and together you will succeed.

How to teach your child to potty
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