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How to teach a child to speak

There are a few rules that will helpteach children to correctly pronounce sounds and build it. These items will stand in good stead, not only for children with retarded speech development, but also in time. So, how to teach a child to talk about?

  1. Mom has a huge role in the development of the baby inall respects. It provides your baby full development. At constant conversation with his mother to see the baby must articulation, hearing the correct accent.
  2. No need to talk with your baby at anyphilosophical topics or to discuss urgent problems, to provide him with a constant dialogue. Suffice millet comment on all their actions. This baby will be able to relate with the sound effect of its value.
  3. Do not talk to the kid on the fly,throwing words over his shoulder. When a child sees mom articulation with the pronunciation of words, lip movements, facial expressions and gestures, he quickly realized what was going on. Overall the image of speaking to fix in his memory. The kid will try to restore the image, putting his lips, as a mom, when speaking.
  4. Closer to the second year of life of the baby is not necessarycommunicate with him, lisping and softened. The child should hear the normal tone of your voice. Talk with your baby okay, clearly pronouncing the sounds. New or difficult words try to say a little louder and more clearly, that the child was able to easily understand your speech. At the same time look into his face, showing its articulation.
  5. Replace difficult words just do not need. Do not create collective image, calling, for example, all hats caps. The child needs to know that the cap - a cap. A scarf - scarf.
  6. It is not necessary to omit in his speech verbs. Most often mothers ignore verbs when commenting on a particular situation. For example, seeing a dog on the street, usually say "dog". Accumulating in the memory only nouns and adjectives, the child will have difficulty expressing their desires. For example, instead of "I want the ball" would only say "ball". Parents in this situation is difficult to understand to buy the kid a ball, if he sees a ball or simply remembered the picture of the book.
  7. Talking with your baby, you should not usehis speech huge compound sentences. The child is difficult to cover all the words at once, so an adult it is not clear to him. Suffice it to say: "The car goes" or "Dog runs".
  8. It is necessary to pay attention to the signs of various subjects. The child will accumulate characteristics, so it will expand vocabulary.
  9. Well, in his speech to contrast subjects. For example, the cat runs, a bird flies is night or dark, the day is bright.
  10. speech perception by ear is also beneficial. Juvenile Fiction presented a comprehensive range of stories, rhymes, stories, songs and many other works. Read your child not only at bedtime, but during the day, sitting comfortably on the couch. There is also a specialized literature for children with the wrong development of speech. The speech therapist will advise you through several editions. These books contain not only the story of history, but also a variety of exercises for the development of articulation. Literature is replete with colorful epithets and beautiful expressions that will accumulate in the child's memory. Later, the baby will be easier to find the right words to express their feelings, feelings or needs.
  11. Invent a variety of games with words, soundsor syllables. You do not need to specially dedicate time. You can play, for example, walking or public transport. Lies is a training game that mom or dad says to the kid, "La la la", to which the latter has to answer: "Ti-ti-tit." What can I say everyone chooses himself. However, not long baby will occupy a gym, but 5-10 minutes is enough to practice your language skills. Words can be played with two-year child. For example, naming an object characteristic, child should answer, what is at stake. You: "Green" baby "tree."
  12. Fine motor skills are very important in proper developmentspeech. Experts even call our hands, "the second question authority." Well developed motion plasticine pens, salt dough, a variety of rubber, plastic, pupyrchatye, soft toys. You can sew small bags of cotton cloth and pour to cereals, pasta, sand and more. This simple and very cost-effective way to help not only to take a little mischievous, but also contribute to the development of fine motor skills.

On the child's language development is influenced by manyfactors. For example, you ate a bilingual family, then do not panic, if a two-year toddler has not started yet "normal" talk. Such children have a mixture of several parent languages ​​hinders the development. How to teach a child to speak correctly in this case? Simply select one language, and to adhere to the above rules.

Terms of training child

Terms of training child

How to teach a child to speak
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