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What to take a child in summer

What to take a child in summer

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With the arrival of summer, many parents beginthinking, where would attach their child, so that it held this time of year is interesting and useful. In accordance with the opinion of psychologists, the children during the summer must be constantly busy with something. As idleness is a real threat to the health and mental condition of the child. Of course, not rely on the many years of your child in this matter.


When deciding what to do with a child in the summer, it is not necessaryexclude simple summer walks, the more they have, the better. Incidentally, they may be thematic. The main thing that they participated the whole family, so you can build relationships.

Walk with your child every day

Walk with your child every day

If your child is still very young, just starting toto know the world, you can go along to the park, there are girls like picking flowers. Suppose, even if it's simple dandelions. But boys behold representatives of the insect world. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the interests of the child. Taking a walk in the park, you should not forget to explain that there are flower beds, which can not be cut short, and those that grow on their own. The last can be collected together for the bouquet home.

After the park you can go to the playground, where the baby will spend time in the circle of their peers. This will help them quickly learn socialization skills - or rather, where his toys, and where strangers.


If the child does not want summer to go to kindergarten, thefrequent walks with him to the playground, you can show him how to be interesting and fun to spend time with other kids. And after a while he will understand that it is much more interesting to interact with their peers, play cars, run or jump into the classics, rather than spending this time at home.

At the playgroundAt the playground

To draw with crayons will also be helpful, so you can explore the new animals, while older kids can learn letters and numbers.

School-age children, which will remainhome during the summer holidays, can find a unpleasant adventure, get involved with the same friends, "in distress" in the adventure that can end very badly. If your child will spend the summer in the city, is thoroughly prepared for summer vacation for him. If you entertain a child can only visit the city with your family, you should not neglect it. For example, you can go to a local botanical garden, the whole family, where you will spend time not only fun, but also useful.

Botanical GardenBotanical Garden


If you have the opportunity to send a child to the grandmother in the village, it is a great option. Oh, something our grandmothers know exactly how to follow the mood and health of grandchildren.

At the age of 15 to 18 years will be useful to go the whole family on a journey, so you can restore a good relationship with his son, to find out what your child lives.

With a child younger go to the sea. Oh, there may be sure to spend time usefully. If the whole family to go to the sea due to financial problems you can not, you should tighten belts and to send the child to rest in a summer camp. According to psychologists opinion, all children aged 8-14 years have a year to spend time away from their parents, it contributes to the development of their autonomy, communication with the same age.

In the campIn the camp

Putting a child in a camp, parents shouldworry about, that it was properly configured from a psychological standpoint. You should explain to the child that he is going there not because you want to take a break from it, and to improve your health and learn new people. You can puzzle it for a purpose, for example, he was in the camp should learn how to swim, to get acquainted with the guys, physically fit.

If a child is interested in learning foreign languages, you can send it in language summer schools, where every year in the summer attracts the representatives of other cultures.

Note!Too overload the child classes are not worth it, because the summer - it's time to rest, your child as an adult in need of a rest.

Train in a playful way

Train in a playful way

Of course, the rest in the camp will not last 3 months. So upon returning home the child will need to find again interesting to do.

New beginnings



An excellent option is to find a hobby, even if such a child does not. For example, the girls really like to dance, and boys cope quite well with it.

If you have a cottage, then you can offer a childmake a mini-garden, where it will grow their plants. Perhaps his garden even faster will bear fruit than yours. Of course, to assist in the cultivation of plants, because without the proper knowledge and experience, this task may seem daunting child and not bring proper enjoyment.

great masters

great masters

For children 4-7 years can come up fascinatinglesson in creative imitations. First, let's gather up the materials, it can be cones, acorns, leaves. And after one using plasticine or glue make funny animals or other figures.

Note!You can teach your child to be considered on a summer residence in the form of the game, making it, for example, at the time of picking apples or flowers at the cottage.

In the country

In the countryNote!If you were thinking has long been working tohave a pet, that summer - the best time. The child will be able to deduce the dog for a walk, watch your pet and have fun. Thus, it will become more responsible and independent.

Domestic help

Domestic help

You can go along to the playground,to pull his body out there. It is ideal for the whole family, because sports are always helpful, and the beginning of the year will be in your child's healthy habits, their daily schedule.

Options take the baby - weight, can bego to the amusement park, picnic, camping, organize theme parties, and so on. The main thing to dream and fantasize! Make summer - the most beloved and long-awaited period in the life of a child, devoting his time to it!

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