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Why parents do not understand children

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  1. Everything flows, everything changes
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Confrontation "parents-children" isclassic. Psychologists are convinced that this will not prevent anybody. The fact that there is a clash of views, concepts, judgments and opinions of the two generations. All this forms a vicious circle.

The question "Why do parents do not understand the children?" Is not correct. Parents understand, but with respect to their position in life, and the foundations of morality.

Understand - this is the key to everything: happy family, well-being at work, successful interaction with the outside world. Not understanding something, man seeks to master the information available to him, performing searches and investigations until the truth. Without an understanding of harmonious coexistence is impossible in this world.

But back to the fact that parents do not understand their children. Is it really? What is the reason?

Everything flows, everything changes

The complexities of adolescence

The complexities of adolescence

With changing times and customs. At the time of the cave was quite simple obedience and performance of their duties. After the age of children to endow humanity became almost equal rights with adults. introduced the subject "Rights of the child" in the modern world in the curriculum of elementary grades. Yes, over time, the younger generation is becoming more opportunities for personal formation and growth. But is it really for the benefit?

Universal permissiveness and promiscuitymodern youth like concrete wall separates the younger generation of their parents. The ability to listen, but do not hear, is found everywhere, and teenagers she perfected at the professional level. We do raise children who do not want us to understand. How is it because we are all the time and dedicate them? Very simple. Paying attention to the material side of the educational process, we forget about the psychological. We are easy to buy a child a toy than with him to do something with their own hands. We are sorry for the time, time that can be spent on the pursuit of material goods. Hence the lack of understanding of the children's parents, and vice versa. Where to get an understanding, if some of us even talk quietly with your children can not?

There are certain types of family education. That is the nature of the training depends on the welfare of the family. Sure, everyone is different, so everyone will choose something for yourself that may not be acceptable for another.

Why parents do not understand kids? Replies lot. But, as mentioned above, parents understand children, but in their own way.

Why it happens

Psychological care of the child
Psychological care of the child

Parents have already passed all the stages of development andformation, which only have to overpower their children. Errors relentlessly accompany humanity on their life path. The main concern and duty of every parent is to protect their offspring and ensure that it is normal and proper development. Young people do not have the life experience of their parents, so many do not know and can not imagine. Analytical mind is inherent not everyone. Therefore, people tend to learn from their own mistakes. Parents just want to protect, insulate, protect their children from possible errors. Blaming Mom and Dad in a misunderstanding, a child ten years will understand how he was wrong in relation to their parents. But it will be too late. This understanding and awareness is called experience, practical experience that most other inquiries appreciated by mankind.

And more ...

A misunderstanding between parents and children
A misunderstanding between parents and children

Often you can find a simple unwillingnessI understand your child simply because it is still small. Such parents are to retirement age his child will find it baby. It is necessary to change the educational position, attend training or a psychoanalyst to help solve the current situation the most "bloodless" way.

Why else parents can not understand your child? Just because they do not reckon with its opinion. I remember saying, "Children and the fish do not have the voice."

Some parents are willing to implementunfulfilled dreams in their children. This type of education denies the understanding and perception of the views of the child as a full and correct. Wish kid is not taken into account. Right only that his parents want.

How to deal with it

Talk with your teen
Talk with your teen

At the first sign of progressive misunderstandingyou need to hold a conversation in the family. Do not be afraid to talk with their children. Calm balanced tone parental voices, measured the rate of conversation will help identify all the contradictions that hinder a happy life. It should listen to what the child says. Initial denial serve a barrier to understanding and prejudge the outcome of the conversation. Argumentation plays a very important role. In tandem with the tranquility she is able to persuade and explain even the most absurd things. Therefore, for the sake of family well-being is to be patient, to banish misunderstanding from his home.

Why parents do not understand children
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