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How to increase the appetite of the child

How to increase the appetite of the child

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  1. What is your appetite?
  2. Causes of poor appetite in children
  3. Ways to improve
  4. the bedrock of

Many mothers and grandmothers are interested in how to improvethe appetite of the child. Growing body requires large amounts of energy, but where it will be taken, if the baby can not be forced to eat. Thus, we consider the problem in more detail.

What is your appetite?

What is the appetite

What is the appetite

Before understand how to improve theappetite, you need to understand what that word is. The roots of "appetite" goes into the Latin language and the translation sounds like a desire, a desire, a need. If you try to explain this concept on the part of physiology, it is a feeling, arising from the fact that the body needs food intake. In denial of this need, appetite turns into a feeling of hunger. The work of each organ of the digestive control a certain part of the brain - the food center, with excitation sections which, digestive system begins to receive impulses, resulting in the production of saliva and gastric juice, indicating the desire to eat.

Causes of poor appetite in children

The reason may be inflammation of the mouthThe reason may be inflammation of the mouth

What is the reason that the child does not eat? There are several:

  • Each child has his own appetites, and heIt can not be the same as another. By the way, if mom or dad as a child reluctant to sit at the dining table, it is unlikely that the baby will behave differently.
  • Any health problem: stomatitis, teething, Inflammation, colds, or evencommon cold. Every mother thinks, how to raise the appetite ailing child, but it should not do so as an unwillingness to eat - is a kind of defense of the organism, whose forces are fully focused on the fight against disease and the protection of the liver - the most important cleansing organ. As soon as the child starts to recover, the appetite will recover on its own.
  • Incorrect parental behavior. The child should not be taken as a dining table arena in which fighting developed. Eating should take place without the notations and penalties.
  • Nervous experience associated with discord in the family, death of a loved one, a new stage of life, or a quarrel with a friend. All this could adversely affect the level of appetite.
  • Seasonal fluctuation - winter is more energy-intensive, therefore, eats the child at this time a bit more.

Ways to improve

The only fruit as snacksThe only fruit as snacks

Some tips for parents:

  • Never ask for to the kid ate everything that is in the plate.
  • Do not express any emotion at the refusal of the child from eating the food, just explain to him that the next opportunity to eat at it appears only during lunch or dinner.
  • Cancel any snacks during the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be mixed only with fruit consumption.
  • If you have prepared exactly dish fromthe use of which the child constantly refuses, do not force. Just tell him that you know about his opinion and put the cooked product to all other family members. The lack of reaction to the protest will force the child to think about.
  • Encourage your child to the routine - eating food at the same time gradually leads to the emergence of interest in the process itself.

Teach how to behave at the tableTeach how to behave at the table

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the finer points of etiquette:

  • Try to keep the family sat at the table as a whole.
  • Learn a beautiful table setting.
  • Buy an attractive dish for the child.
  • Try to keep the conversation at the table relate only to the good and pleasant.
  • Serve only delicious food.
  • Do not allow your child to indulge in the table - this behavior should be punished by removal from the table.
  • Do not give your child too much food. Full plate can cause the baby fear that it will be forced to eat it all.
  • Menu necessarily be varied, useful and tasty.
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