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How to put your child to sleep

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  1. The biological clock
  2. How to help your little one fall asleep?
  3. Posture
  4. We sleep with his mother
  5. A few tips on how to put the children to bed

Dream - this time, when the forces of the bodyrestored, so this holiday is of particular importance in the life of each of us. If you deprive a person of one of the phases of sleep, it will gradually go mad. For children, sleep is even more important. "When you sleep, you grow up" - everyone has heard this phrase as a child by his mother. But what to do if the baby does not want to sleep? How to style your baby to sleep?

The biological clock

The biological clock

Every time the baby to sleep. Everyone knows that babies sleep for almost half of the day. Older children already pay more attention to environmental protection knowledge. Further more. The older you get, the less sleep. To help your baby, it is necessary in the first year of life to enter sleep and wakefulness. Of course, not all at once out, but enlisting the patience and again patience, you can achieve success. Create your own special ritual bedtime. When the baby gets used, even in a new strange place it will be easier to get to sleep after your special ritual. Mode - a special order, to which the baby gets used. He knows that for what it is, and therefore feel confident and calm. Mode is very good help in traveling and moving.

How to help your little one fall asleep?

How to help your baby sleep

How to help your baby sleep

  1. Music. In stores you can find special collection of music to sleep: lullabies, or more often instrumental classical music, which soothes and allows to sleep. You can choose to perform any lullaby. Children love it when mom sings for them.
  2. "Wrap". Often the child is too uncomfortable delivers the free space around it. In the mother's womb was not much space, so often the cause of restless sleep is precisely freedom. Put your baby on his knees and wrap it tightly in a diaper, if he can not sleep. Tightly wraps the material and the mother's warmth will help the baby feel "at home" and relax. The same technique helps with mourning. But it acts "wrap" only the first six months of life baby.
  3. Cosmetics with lavender and other aromatic herbs. The fragrant scent of lavender relaxes and allows you to forget in a peaceful sleep.



Save a sound sleep will help correct posture. As a child must lie in his crib? Is it worth it to shift from a barrel on the back, or vice versa?

When the baby lies on its back, then heproperly position the hip joint is formed and strengthened back muscles. In this position easier to part with the gas after a heavy meal. The negative side of this position include the risk that the baby may suddenly awash with vomit or saliva, and also the fact that the baby can latch stock up.

In tummy sleeping is dangerous. This posture increases the risk of suffocation during sleep.

The best position is the position "lying on its side." To deformed pelvis, should lay the baby is one, then on the other flank.

We sleep with his mother

We sleep with mom
We sleep with mom

Often the problem is that the kid does not want toto sleep in his room. Excessive maternal custody has "a disservice". The longer you delay the "tragic" moment, the more the child will get used to, and the more difficult it will be to move from a parent to his bed. The best option, of course, is when the baby is taken in parental bed only for feeding, and then put it in his own bed - the best on the flank, but small children often revolve in his sleep and turned over, so if you follow the position of his body , you do not have to sleep at all.

Shifting the baby from her bed shouldkeep in mind the difference in temperature that occurs during migration. If the baby only ate and slept, the rapid cooling of the body it can lead to hiccups. It is necessary to wrap the baby in a blanket or cover it with a blanket to warm your warmed recently.

A few tips on how to put the children to bed

put down
put down
  1. Before going to sleep a child should brush your teeth and take a shower. If he can not, then help him do it. Hygiene should be taught as early as possible.
  2. Allow your child to take their favorite toy.
  3. Teach household members to wish everyone a good night.
  4. In particular piety pray together with your baby, if necessary.
  5. Read or tell your child a story at night. Talk with the child about how the day went.
  6. Goodnight and kiss the baby. You can leave the room or a special star nochnichok lamp, if the child is afraid of the dark.

In every age, children require a different number ofSleep. It should be kept in mind. Mode helps you organize children's everyday life, and will allow you to plan your life. One way or another, but in his own children to bed placed in each family. It all depends on the individual characteristics of people. Therefore, there are no clear rules on how to put the children to bed. In this case we can speak only of recommendations or advice that might be useful one way or another family.

How to put your child to sleep
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